Trump abruptly taken out of briefing room as White House goes into lockdown following a shooting

President Donald Trump was abruptly taken out of the Briefing Room on Monday during a daily session with reporters.

8/11/2020 1:15:00 AM

'There was a shooting. It was law enforcement shot someone, it seems to be the suspect,' President Trump said after being abruptly taken out of the Briefing Room.

President Donald Trump was abruptly taken out of the Briefing Room on Monday during a daily session with reporters.

USA TODAYWASHINGTON – President Donald Trump was abruptly taken out of the Briefing Room on Monday during a daily session with reporters because of a shooting near the White House.The president was in the middle of his opening statement when an aide came to his side and took him off podium. Trump returned after a few moments and reported that there had been a shooting outside the White House.

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"There was a shooting. It was law enforcement shot someone, it seems to be the suspect. And the suspect is now on the way to the hospital," Trump said.Secret Service shot the suspect outside the fence, near the White House, he said."You were surprised, I was surprised also," Trump said.

Reporters inside the White House indicated the building was on lock down. Reporters at the White House reported law enforcement outside the building.Trump professed little worry about his own safety: Read more: USA TODAY »

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PANICK-STRICKEN AND A LAPSE IN COMMON SENSE! (Hey guys, come get me when it’s snack time, look bigly serious.) That place use to stay open for visitors everyday some years ago rage of ppl Shouldn't he have taken longer to come back how they know it was only one suspect this just seems really odd like Donald pandering to the camera odd.

Since elections are nearing expect these type of of sponsored dramas. He will use all the hooks and crooks to retain in power. Person’s who is involved in this to be brought to justice and any sort of conspiracy should be examined. so they can just shoot ?!! The questions asked of him by the media was absolutely pathetic....they step all over themselves like fools.....

We all love Pompeo,Bannon,Rubio, Cotton ! The CCP is the world ’s largest terrorist organization and rogue regime. It is also a behind-the-scenes supporter of other terrorist org . A global village without the CCP is more peaceful and happy! Let's all take down CCP. Free China! Note to law enforcement: try not to shoot someone who doesn't seem to be the suspect. lyingTrump BlackLivesMatter BlackTransLivesMatter IStandWithJeremyCorbyn Covfefe19 trumpvirus boycottfacebook TrumpIsALaughingStock

BunkerBitch will be trending in 3...2... I thought big tough guy would run, er waddle out there to take down the suspect!

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Trump Says He'll Deliver Acceptance Speech From Either Gettysburg Or White House'I think anything you do on federal property would seem to be problematic,' said Senate Majority Whip John Thune. 'while he is asleep and dreaming' you forgot to include. Or Nuremberg PA! Gettysburg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Trump Removed From Press Conference After Shots Reportedly Fired Near White HouseBREAKING: Trump was abruptly whisked away from his press conference by Secret Service. Minutes later, Trump returned, saying there had been a shooting outside. Coward They had to change his Depends. Just someone exerting their 2A rights.

Trump evacuated from briefing room due to shooting outside White House premisesPresident Donald Trump was abruptly pulled out of a press briefing on coronavirus by an unidentified aide on Monday evening, just minutes after he began speaking. Pizza Hut had arrived. I wonder if he briefly thought he was getting arrested?