Trump abruptly pulled from briefing after shots fired outside White House

BREAKING: President Trump returns to briefing room after shooting incident outside the White House.

8/11/2020 1:19:00 AM

BREAKING: President Trump returns to briefing room after shooting incident outside the White House.

The president resumed his briefing minutes later after a shooting was reported outside the White House.

ByAlana SatlinPresident Donald Trump was abruptly escorted out of a White House press conference on Monday after shots were fired outside of the White House.The suspect was taken to the hospital and no one else was injured, Trump said.Reporters in the room were placed in a brief lockdown. Trump returned shortly after to resume the briefing.

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allinwithchris I can hardly wait for the almost predictable lies to follow !! allinwithchris What a staged and desperate act of attention seeking. I was so hoping he had finally been arrested. It was staged WhiteHouse run, run to the bunker again. Returns after changing his shitty underwear US Secret Service personnel open defend fire on an unidentified man outside the White House. The incident led to the fact that the guards took Donald Trump away right during a press conference.

Don't worry....realDonaldTrump is too mean to die..TrumpRegimeIsVileAndEvil ☹️ TrumpIsTrash 👎 allinwithchris what a sad sack TODAYshow He looked like he didn’t want to leave... but but I was on a roll allinwithchris coward ... So glad Trump is okay. President Distractions..... So many people have been predicting he would play this card, to gain support and sympathy, stir up his already violent voterbase. Disgusting is what it is.....

Must be those peaceful protesters. Not rattled. What a pres. should be. Does not hide in basement. realDonaldTrump Arranca Mierda jajajaja 😅 US Secret Service says the security incident was an officer-involved shooting at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave., near the White House. I bet he told them to rush him out of the room before reporters could ask too many questions, or worse, relevant questions. He's probably tired of everyone seeing him end the rallies by running out of the room like a spoiled child.

TODAYshow I call total bull 💩 on this Trump publicity stunt. The Secret Service would’ve not let him back in a minute later. This man will do any and everything to gain attention. Do not be fooled by this Fraud. Bunker time? He really looks unconcerned as he shambles out. TODAYshow Ahhh they didn’t get him huh 😞

White House Asked if Trump Could Be Added to Mount Rushmore“Do you know it’s my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?” the president said to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem 🤣🤣🤣 Hey if any can help my sis & I even just with a $1 I’m out of work due to the virus & Im struggling to keep my place let alone put food on my table if anyone would be okay with helping me out I would very much appreciate it stay safe & god bless Venmo & Cashapp MattMartins147

Twitter Users Not Happy Trump May Give RNC Speech From Gettysburg Or White HousePeople panned his choices as 'an abuse of power,' 'criminally corrupt,' and 'a choice between illegal or sacrilegious.' Huff..... Doing an outstanding job, keep it up, your boss is proud of you all The irony of people complaining about Trump using a Battlefield Memorial while at the same time destroying historical statues. That goofy smile pisses me off every time I see it. How many others feel the same way?

Trump Says He'll Deliver Acceptance Speech From Either Gettysburg Or White House'I think anything you do on federal property would seem to be problematic,' said Senate Majority Whip John Thune. 'while he is asleep and dreaming' you forgot to include. Or Nuremberg PA! Gettysburg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gettysburg or White House: Trump narrows RNC speech backdrop choices, decision coming 'soon'President Trump says Gettysburg or the White House will serve as the backdrop for his nomination acceptance speech during the Republican National Convention in 2 weeks. Cool... Your supposed to concentrate on Gettysburg, then get outraged, and wait for the next news story. The RNC political event doesn’t belong at either venue. The politicization of the White House or a place as sacred as Gettysburg is totally inappropriate. What’s wrong with realDonaldTrump’s tacky DC Hotel? The White House and Gettysburg are National sites, not Trump property.

Trump Removed From Press Conference After Shots Reportedly Fired Near White HouseBREAKING: Trump was abruptly whisked away from his press conference by Secret Service. Minutes later, Trump returned, saying there had been a shooting outside. Coward They had to change his Depends. Just someone exerting their 2A rights.

Trump evacuated from briefing room due to shooting outside White House premisesPresident Donald Trump was abruptly pulled out of a press briefing on coronavirus by an unidentified aide on Monday evening, just minutes after he began speaking. Pizza Hut had arrived. I wonder if he briefly thought he was getting arrested?