Trudeau Won't Visit Trump. Most Canadians Don't Want To Cross The Border Either

Trudeau Won't Visit Trump. Most Canadians Don't Want To Cross The Border Either

7/7/2020 11:34:00 PM

Trudeau Won't Visit Trump. Most Canadians Don't Want To Cross The Border Either

When Canada's prime minister opted not to meet President Trump this week, it sent a message about his country's mood: Most of his fellow citizens want to keep the border closed over coronavirus fears.

David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Imageshide captionDavid Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses a news conference last month in Chelsea, Quebec.David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesWhen Prime Minister Justin Trudeau turned down an invitation to the White House this week, it sent a message in line with the current mood in Canada: This is not a good time to travel between Canada and the United States — with the coronavirus still surging in parts of America — to meet with President Trump.

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The White House had floated the possibility of an event with Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Wednesday to mark this month's start of a new trade deal, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Mexico's leader is already on his way.

Mexico's President Weathers A Torrent Of Criticism Over Meeting With TrumpOn Monday, Trudeau's spokesperson, Chantal Gagnon, said in a statement that the prime minister would remain in Ottawa this week"for scheduled Cabinet meetings and the long-planned sitting of Parliament."

Trudeau said last week that Canada was discussing with the United States whether a summit"makes sense." His administration was troubled by the threat of new U.S. tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum, he said, adding that"we're also concerned about the health situation and the coronavirus reality that is still hitting all three of our countries."

Canada has reported more than 107,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and more than 8,700 related deaths as of Tuesday, according todata compiled by Johns Hopkins University. However, new daily numbers have fallen to levels seen in March, while new cases in the United States are surging above the country's April peak. On Tuesday, Canada counted 399 new cases, compared with nearly 50,000 in the U.S., according to

Our World in Data, a research project at the University of Oxford.The U.S. and Canada have partially closed their shared border since March to prevent the spread of the virus. The rules do allow for diplomatic trips and other travel deemed essential. Read more: NPR Health News »

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I don't blame you Canada Trudesu is asking for Trump's sanctions. Good move by PM Trudeau. And yes, keep that border closed! He’s just afraid of BLM demonstrators shouting him down ... Good for you , follow science plz , US has no leadership right now, keep your ppl safe . He’s so virtuous I don’t have animosity towards Canadians, I wouldn’t let us in at all. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace and to many Americans are infected

I support their decision as long as this doesn’t affect the flow of premium MDMT coming from Canada. Smart! I would not blame Trudeau if he wanted to build a wall to keep us out. Thanks to Trump, we are ugly, trigger-happy Americans. VoteBlue2020 to restore America’s reputation in this world. Mar3sons This move will actually have a significant economic impact in Canada, as this is peak tourist season and US travelers are Canada’s largest market. This being the case, the majority of its citizens support this in order to protect public health. Imagine that.

Who cares?! I don't. Yeah...corona virus...sure. Didn’t this guys wife get the virus? Shouldn’t we be banning HIM from spreading the virus to the USA? 😂😂 These libtards are so ridiculous Build a wall and make America pay for it!! Oh the IRONY!! If I had any say, I wouldn't have Americans w/property come through. More than likely it is in or near a small town. In BC, we're asked to make sure any towns we want to travel to want our business. Or want to stay safe. 5.1 million pop. 183 deaths. BeKindBeCalmBeSafe🇨🇦

Hey, it’s Socks Blackface 😀 Not so America first now huh. America is a pariah 👀 The day of reckoning is here. Karma is real. Oh joy! KikiAdine I can’t really blame them. 💁‍♀️ 1feralkat Good for you Prime Minister Trudeau!! Common sense prevails 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 'Most Canadians...' rely on CNN for their info. Keep the border closed until they open their eyes, ears and minds.

I don't blame them a bit! TrumpIsANationalDisgrace I wouldn’t visit Trump either, can’t say I blame him. Miss u Canada!! I agree , why should Canada have to go through this Smart man! This ‘mood’ extends to most civilised countries round the globe. Well...Trump is finally closing the borders. Spoiler alert, Mexico isn’t paying for it. 132k Americans already did.

but they get 75 percent of their goods from us. Yayyy!!😁🇨🇦 I would like to thank you very much MR PRIME MINISTER TRUDEAU for the payment that you gave ( one time) this WEEK (ťues.July 7) for the senior,it certainly came in handy for a few bill. Old AGE pensions are not much and PRICES keep going up so every little bit HELPS🐻💝🐾🍁

CuntyLiberal Most canadians do not want anyone from the US to enter Canada either. Keep the border closed. 💀🤡 modeknit I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t want to open up to this shitstorm either. Canadians are strange. They want to the US-Canada border closed for people but not for goodx too happy to keep shipping stuff to the US assuring Canada a huge trade surplus.

Yes we do Smart man! At least Canada has a smart President The irony is off the charts. All this time Trump wanted closed borders and now he's got them, just in reverse. Omg!!!! What a bunch of racists!! How dare they keep people out!! See how stupid that sounds! Never thought in my lifetime that I would see Nexicans try to keep Americans out of their country!!!


If it was just the political collapse we would take as many of you in as possible...but contagious viruses, we can’t help you. Too risky and we have worked so hard to get control over it. Can’t say that I blame him Well... smart move... because right now USA is not a safe place to visit... LittleNail43 Wise choice virus or no.

Can’t blame them one bit. The world is openly mocking Donald Trump. They see him for what he really is: weak, dangerously incompetent, insincere, ill-informed, and incapable of world leadership. Not a loss smart move Wuss Good idea. Borders need to remain closed . How EMBARRASSING 😩😩😩😩 But I don’t blame him one bit. If I wasn’t already here I wouldn’t come here.😭

Uh, they're not 'surging.' They're about the same. Testing is just picking up more because we are testing more. Look around. Survivability is much improved. Been to Canada. Don’t care if their border is closed. Canada doesn’t want Americans, Europe either. I wonder why. It sent the message that Trudeau can't leave the house because of the bracelet around his ankle that Trump put there.

Thank you trudeau Plus the end of Trump's single term is near, so he doesn't have to kiss the fragile authoritarian's ass anymore. With 17% of Americans already wanting to invade Canada & Trump desperately seeking an enemy he can fight to keep power, gotta wonder if Canadians calling out to track & report anyone with US plates really want to wake the dragon.

Can_ada 🇨🇦 deAdder got it right... Seriously? What idiot would buy this crap with US having the lowest covid mortality rate in the world? Oh yes, your readers. Damn straight. Absolutely. Thank you very much. I heard it’s called the TrumpVirus, and it’s not going away some time in January 🤔 lkbond I Wouldn’t.

Smart move by Trudeau. US is not safe. Going around Trump is not safe. Too many secret service agents have tested positive and too many of Trump's inner circle. Close ur borders Canada.. Hell, build a wall and make Trump supporters pay for it. They are the ones that spreadn covid As an expat Canadian, I’m nonplussed. Keep it closed. No need for visiting the milquetoasties up north.

You couldn’t pay me enough to meet with trump! So does that mean Canadians won't be crossing the border ij Bellingham, Wa, leaving boxes in the middle of the Costco parking lot? On a serious note, I feel sorry for the ones who won't be able to refill gasoline cans and won't be able to get earlier diagnoses for medical tests.

That’s not the only reason he should stay away from trump. Not going to validate your stupidity, Donnie JUSTIN FAKE-DEAU As an American, I don’t blame you. Smart decision by Trudeau, sad for our countrymen/women who want to get the F* out of Dodge. OMG that beard! Trump's family doesn't want to meet Trump

They should probably build a wall. 😏 Jenn_Pastrak 81% of us will NOT step foot in the USA. Maybe Permanently. Surging yes but very low death rate but is that not the agenda you wish to push. Canada can decide what they want to do, and we can decide what we want to do. That’s called looking out for one’s own Country.

I don’t blame them. And just like that, the Simpsons passed the future prediction baton to South Park. alwaysbsnapping I want to cross the border badly. I want to be safe with my family! But I understand and can't even get upset with them! They have a great leader I understand he is also desperately scrubbing social media of more of his blackface photos. He is a very busy guy.

Good stay in your country I think that’s what Americans want too Right now I’d rather be in Canada too. We sure as hell do!!! keeptheborderclosed ClosedBorders Indeed. Stay away from the US. The president of Mexico will go - he loves the abuse and the insults levelled at his country so much, he doesn’t mind that this meeting could lead to his funeral!

We don’t blame Canada at all. Usually visit 2-3 times a year. Not this year, we’ll be back when COVID is a thing of the past and we have a functioning adult in the White House. 🇨🇦 Oh, we’ll pay for this smugness... FreeNestor1 Canada has a real president! Wish we did! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Republicans are sheltered rubes from the sticks who only hold Productive America back.

FreeNestor1 I’m American but I don’t blame the Canadians a bit for keeping it closed! They have enough sense to not want sick people coming into their country! I think there are a couple reasons Canada wants to keep Americans out. They are both good ones. Justin Trudeau is a CROOK and President Trump and the entire admin HATE HIM !!!!

Ata boy! DebraDuGemini59 The rest of the world is building a wall. And well they should. The USA is a danger to world health. Damn right we do. 🇨🇦 I honestly can't imagine any foreign leader wanting to meet with Trump. They're smart. But Trump can still have a meeting of two... in his bathroom mirror.

Who cares... You can’t blame them for not wanting anyone from that “shithole” country south of their border. There’s no point in meeting with that guy, ever. Plus he’s probably a cesspit of corona by default since he loves that shit so much I would close the trade border too.. way to dangerous for goods to be going back & forth with the virus

Please leave Canada please Cases. Not deaths or hospitalizations. Cases. Talking points!!! When you’ve lost Canada... Only in America can people tear a nation apart and call every white person who never acted racist a racist just for being white but actually openly support a man who wore blackface. Black Face Trudeau. What a cut up

Fine! This simpering twit isn't worth the meeting of, in the first place. Completely understandable. America is a basket case that deserves to be shunned by Mexico and Canada. Thank you Trump-supporting MF-ers. This is what your voting has wrought. Be proud of your support for making America less great.

Don't need racist black face visiting anyways. If Trump did meet with Trudeau the left would use it as proof the POTUS supports blackface and blatant racism Prime Minister Blackface wants to stay home?! JustinTrudeau is a very smart leader and Canada should be blessed to have him. Canada How many deaths?

Perhaps Prime Minister Trudeau would not meet with Donald Trump until Trump agreed to stop the illegal entry of USA people into Canada. The Northwest Mounted Police have been alerted to watch for RED FOXES (coyotes) who bring undesirable USA people into Canada. (Trump Truth) Corona or no corona, the québécois will come to Hollywood FL if permitted, someone bet me

:( sorry we suck Canada! Miss you guys already, but completely understand. Can’t blame them. Ah yes Canada loves their border control. Would be nice if Americans found it half as important. “It’s okay to close borders if you don’t like Trump” Oh, Canada! Save yourselves! It’s too late for US. I wouldn't either.

Let me in 1st! Can confirm... I just miss Québec! It’s a yearly pause for our kids who claimed that the air is more pure and the pancakes are fluffier in Canada! What a mess!! I agree with the decision. I’m American and I wouldn’t let our people into another country. We’re dangerous How will all the liberals move though, oh thats right , its just baseless threats. Nobody cares, nobody is going to Canada. Trump 2020

A new illegal activity is springing up in the USA. Before there were COYOTES bringing people from South America into the USA. Now there are RED FOXES trying to smuggle USA people into Mexico and Canada. With cruise lines on the sidelines RED FOXES are demanding more payola. good. we have real bacon 'This is not a good time to travel between Canada and the United States ...' It's never a good time for a democratically elected leader to meet with Trump. He only likes dictators.

Dearest Canada, We don’t blame you. Yearningly, Too Late To Join You Americans judgeMENTALCHK I'd rather chop fire wood with Lizzie Borden that meet trump. Mr. Trudeau is a smart man, for many reasons. 👍 Can you blame them? Hope they don't build a wall, eh realDonaldTrump But what happens to us Americans who own Canadian property?

C19 is of concern. So I understand why Trudeau is not coming. But do you know the objection at home the Mexican president coming here. It's desperation. Hopefully one day all three countries in North America will be equal. Smart! Help is on the way! He can meet President Biden soon! ClaraJeffery Southern beach towns and Florida will miss the money! The I 75, I 79 and I95 will miss them as well.

We understand the lack of barbers, but... doesn't he own a shaver, maybe a razor? Good choice. Meeting with Trump is pointless and not worth the risk. I’m sure our PM will be happy to visit the US anytime after Nov. 4th. OMG We can’t go to Europe. Now Canada doesn’t want us. I am soooo tired of winning

Great Choice ! He's the worst person in the world. SoCaliSteph GOOD! Fuckin Canucks! Until the Bare Naked Ladies can tour again Canada has decided to just stay home and eat Kraft dinners. Big Spin!!! Clever I don’t blame him. And maybe Mexico will pay for the wall after all - to keep *us* out! Are we the shithole now?

Real leadership. Media has got to make a big big deal about it so Trump looks bad Castro would be happy. JustinTrudeau Yes, keep America out, and especially ostracize the orange Traitor in the WH. He’s a blight on humanity and and danger to all who cares he'll have more time to put on his blackface Good!!! Smart Decision

Smart. Everyone should not allow the USA in. We apparently are losing the battle because of the man in the White House. Complete failure Except, of course, all the people needing good medical care. I don’t blame him for making that choice. SenecaWiser It's not a pandemic anymore. Pajama boy Trudeau just looks weak.

Couldn't agree more. Wishing our American friends all the best. Next thing you know, Canada will want to build a wall. Weakest. Leader. Ever. Damn straight! Love you neighbours to the south (mostly) but you’ve got a hot mess and need to do some housekeeping RACIST!!!! Don’t blame you. Gotta protect your own house. Besides, Google Meet is fantastic.

NPR IS A TRASH MAG!!! Who wants Trudeau Canadians would love for him to leave Canada forever. Sad, can’t blame him with the trash can intelligentsia running our country right now. This is definitely their best option. We’re the shithole country. No, Covid 19 is Over... sorry know you needed the mail in voter fraud...

good... Most people don't understand how cases are counted. They also don't understand that mortality is down down down since April. Last thing Trump needs is to be seen with a guy who dresses up in black face Correct. I don't blame you. Help us Canada! Ha ha how about we ship Canada all the illegals we catch crossing our border and in 2021, we'll ask Canadas opinion on unfettered illegal immigration.

the pandemic is just about over thankfully: Even though without the USA’s protection China would colonize Canada

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Trump campaign claims it will protect Brazil's Jesus monument - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Darn it. I was just going to rip that down. Huh? I’m confused.

Trump Approval At 38% In Latest Gallup Poll, Which Shows Historic Partisan DivideTrump garnered his lowest approval in over a year, as 2% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans said they approve of the job he is doing. Whatever... Trump “ 99% of COVID cases are harmless “ 🤦🏾‍♂️

Truck Showing Trump 'Death Clock' For Coronavirus Circles White House On July 4thThe sign showed a running estimate of over 77,000 coronavirus deaths that could have been avoided had Trump acted earlier. Trash I absolutely love this it's too bad it cannot continuously keep going till the end of his presidency.