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Troye Sivan Opens Up About Why Fenty Show Was So Important

The Australian singer-songwriter opened up about getting the chance to be involved with Rihanna's Savage X Fenty

9/27/2021 5:21:00 PM

.troyesivan tells us when he feels the “most powerful” and what walking in the SavageXFenty fashion show meant for him.

The Australian singer-songwriter opened up about getting the chance to be involved with Rihanna 's Savage X Fenty

Sivan opened up on the carpet outsideRihanna's star-studded fashion show,and explained why he was"so excited" and"very proud" to be involved in this high-profile project."I was in lockdown in Australia like three days ago, so to go from 0 to 100 like this is the coolest thing ever," Sivan shared with a smile."I got an email that apparently Rihanna wanted me to be in the show. It was insane. I love her, I think everyone knows that, and I have loved her for the longest time."

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Reflecting on theSavage X Fentyevent -- which has become an annual affair, famed for it's artistic style and body-inclusive message -- Sivan said,"It’s more than a fashion show. It's about so much.""I think, as someone who struggled with my sexuality when I was younger and body image later in life, it’s so, so important," he continued."It’s cool to get everyone together and feel really hot and feel really cool. Just to celebrate that humanity is really nice."

Because the show"celebrates your body," Sivan said that openness can often"go one of two ways" for those appearing in the show:"It can make you panic and feel super vulnerable or you can take power from that and feel really empowered."

"I feel really empowered. When I'm filming a music video, that's when I feel most powerful," Sivan shared, adding that he's still stunned at where his life has led him in his 26 years. "It’s just a fantasy to me still, that any of this is happening."

Being in lockdown in Australia, due to the pandemic, Sivan said he's felt"very, very creative," but it's been a struggle because"I literally couldn’t leave my house.""I felt like a kid again, spending a lot of time in my room thinking and making stuff on my own to the best of my abilities," he recalled."It reminded me of how much I love making stuff and how much I love what I do. And now I have this renewed energy to be out in the world. I just feel lucky to be able to meet all of these people and create all of this stuff with them."

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