Sport, Justify Failed A Drug Test Before He Raced İn The Kentucky Derby, Report Says - Cnn

Sport, Justify Failed A Drug Test Before He Raced İn The Kentucky Derby

Triple Crown winner Justify failed a drug test before he raced in the Kentucky Derby, report says

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Triple Crown winner Justify tested positive for drugs just weeks before he won the Kentucky Derby, The New York Times reported. It took the California Horse Racing Board more than a month to confirm results, and it opted to drop the case, the paper said.

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Horrible FaithMKarimi KentuckyDerby RaceHorse Painting by my father Carl Köhler (1919-2006) Horse racing is one business Trump has never tried and went bankrupt in. Maybe it is time for “Trump Racing” *whew* at least it wasn't vaping So Justify should be forced to give up that win!! There will be a drop in his stud fee

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Justify Failed a Drug Test Before Winning the Triple CrownBob Baffert guided Justify to the 2018 Triple Crown, but a month before the Kentucky Derby, the horse failed a drug test that could have ended that campaign before it began. Woah! Show me a racehorse that’s not on drugs they’re always one step ahead 99% of the time I’m supposed to be mad at this horse despite all the ones who have been dying lately?! No way. I don’t even care if Barry Bonds or Mark McGwire is the owner. I’m just happy it’s alive.

Justify failed drug test before Triple Crown win: New York TimesChampion racehorse Justify failed a drug test shortly before winning the America... Bob Baffert should go to jail and they should take away the Triple Crown period!! TripleCrown Horses HorseRacing he should have called me. i’m the clean horse piss guy Didn’t know there were republican horses willing to cheat to win a race! My new thing of the day. Oh or was it horse owners, republican, demanding the docs/staff cheat to win, so trumpian

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