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Trevor Noah’s America

Five years into helming The Daily Show, Trevor Noah has answered his early doubters with relentlessly upbeat comedy that doesn’t pull punches—about the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. struggles with racism or a social contract in need of repair.

9/15/2020 8:30:00 PM

“Where I come from we weren’t tricked into believing we had rights.” Trevor Noah isn’t kidding around about police aggression. The South African comedian says recent events have exposed the social pact between white and Black America as counterfeit.

Five years into helming The Daily Show, Trevor Noah has answered his early doubters with relentlessly upbeat comedy that doesn’t pull punches—about the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. struggles with racism or a social contract in need of repair.

Sept. 15, 2020 8:30 am ETTrevor Noah is telling a story about race in America. Not about George Floyd or Philando Castile or Sandra Bland, and not in front of a TV audience of millions. It’s a personal story, and Noah, a shameless insomniac, is revved up, having been awake for several hours scrolling Twitter, chatting with his South African brain trust on WhatsApp, jotting notes for an episode of The Daily Show (currently known as The Daily Social Distancing Show) airing that evening. Although the world has witnessed the late-night host morph during the pandemic, from a tailored-suit-wearing preppy intellectual to an Afro-wearing, hoodied intellectual,...

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This guy is a clown, a clown that doesn’t make you laugh. Recent events have exposed the social pact between Trevor Noah and Black Americans as counterfeit. Word. We are basically living in a racist republic bolstered by a police state..☠😷🇺🇲 Trevor Noah whose father is white and mother is black used to make his mom walk behind Trevor, who passed as white in South Africa. As a joke Trevor once reported his mom to South African police and had her arrested.

“Where I come from we weren’t tricked into believing we had rights.” The COVID-19 makes everyone stay at home and stimulated the contradictions! It’s a truth that we have been telling white america for over 400 years Trevor!but they have insidiously turned a deaf ear to our words of truth,from the pains of our reality living in America is our land now as much as it is white america. America has been a $3 bill for awhile

The fucker brought hatred from South Africa, trying to turn America into like South Africa once a great developed country turned into a shit country by people like this guy ..based on all the 'peace treaties' with the REAL Americans. Again with this guy... come on. MDomino07 Love you Trevor!!! You are amazing!!!

Good grief! Another headline about this clown? Trevor Noah comes to the US to host a prime time show and become rich. He is not an American, he is here as a guest. His experience is as a privileged rich black man, he stokes the flames, but lives outside the conflagration. He is from South I would love to hear his comment about the aggression against whites over there. Because for some reason, he never mentions it.

Another notable nobody given sanctimonious elevation due to higher amounts of melanin compared to some and lower amounts compared to others ....what an expert ! Cause you didn’t, this is America, you can be whatever you want here He can go back now . If he finds America so contemptuous, he should return to South Africa.

Where he comes from, the government is literally taking peoples land on the basis of race. Oh, and crime in South Africa is far worse. Good luck having the the police show up there. Instead, he believes a false narrative - and cannot offer any data to support it This is recycled from a month ago. I wonder why WDJ is doing that 🤔

LarryLo70415933 NBCNews NBCBLK CNBC ABC CNN dallasnews nytimes AOC washingtonpost 🌹🏡💲💰🍦🏀🥎⭐❤️✈️🎺 The liberal left is destroying America And I believed that BS until 1970. I thought we had grown. I came up a military brat. We were the first segment of society to be integrated. NCO's live together in base housing. People of different races, origins go to school, stores, gyms, pools, church together. No problem.

People been hating on Trevornoah cause his not a racism Nonsense There's always South Africa, but it's close to being declared a failed state. His logic is rubbish too. Three different tweets from WSJ in a comedian who chose to come to US. Why don’t you highlight that fact? Why is America starting to hate on Trevor all of a sudden, is he touching on sensitive racial issues that are becoming apparent daily or are they getting bored and seeking fresh blood...tge gut is funny, he wouldn't have got that gig if he wasn't...

Psycho elitist Why is America starting to hate on Trevor all of a sudden, is he touching on sensitive racial issues or are they getting bored and seeking fresh blood...tge gut is funny, he wouldn't have got that gig if he wasn't... Then he should get the hell out of America immediately Imagine emigrating to a new country and then complaining about it. Why move here? Canada is nice.

The wsj mag on Trevornoah didnt last 30 seconds before it was in the dumpster. I didnt even put it in recycling... See it however you want, your job depends on it, mine don't and never will Come back home my brother and fight for the rights. Don't be an opportunist. Police kill people green,orange, Hispanic, black or white

So a lot like his comedy. Why are you capitalizing Black but not white? He's a comedian? Right and I'm a Chinese jet pilot. USA TERRORIST TREBOR, should be locked up or sent back to CENTRAL AFRICA where it escaped from. He comes from a corrupt first world country where Black men in power use past racism to oppress white people. Just look into current South African politics where people get elected on the platform of killing white people. He has LITERALLY NO RIGHT TO SAY THIS TRASH. I miss John.

Well trevor you can always move out of the US if you do not like it that much. Many others are keen to becoming US citizens. There is no white or black America, only America. Americans hold that all are created equal, endowed by God with Rights like Life & Liberty. We unite to defend Person, Property, & Liberty, with arms if needed. More U.S. citizens should be Americans.

Whining twit. No -funny comedian. Other than that he’s a real treasure. Capitalism in 2020, divide and earn. That’s all this is. These guys know how to expose the American appetite for anger. Now if he could only be funny He is a liberal operator. Ya know, this guy is reallly starting to grow on me. Trevor Noah lacks the intellectual depth to go there.

Yeah yeah poor baby, it's just so so rough for him. If he were white he wouldn't even have a job with his anti-Semitic and misogynistic history. Who cares Wonder why millions of Africans like himself have immigrated to this racist oppressive country over the last 20 years? Wonder why they do better than most US born blacks?

Mainstream media swamp, bought over journalists making the loudest noise whereas disciplined silent majority are getting ready to speak once again to the stupefaction of the political establishment, the swamp and the cabals.Psychophantic pollsters shall yet learn the hard way. Hey trevor! Compare apartide and your life in South Africa compared to US and then tellme how Trump is racist and not fake cnn talking points. Give examples backed by facts not emotions or anonymous sources.

I miss Jon Stewart. Laughing at Noah - he has moved from SA with it's virtue corrupt ANC gvmnt to a the US. He can always move back eh? 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍 Three dollar queer Utter rubbish. The WSJ should know better than to publish tripe like this. Systemic racism is a lie. An epidemic of police wrongly shooting black people is a lie. And Black Lives Matter, as an organization, is a lie.

ComedyCentral HE A RACIST. PERIOD. Can we keep Elon and send you back? He exposed himself as the opportunistic bigot he is. He made a career in the US without any problems though. SA is not the US. Why it's so hard for them to tell tge damn truth? He’s not being honest and he’s carrying the dirty water for the Dems and their lies. The issue is he may not even know that he’s being fed lies and just takes what he’s told at face value. Hypocrite

Cringe he's right. trump and white nationalists turned america to a dictatorship where people can't live. we're like living in Soviet Yawn... Why are you reporting about this privileged Marxocrat? What does he even know about the subject? He's about as black as Meghan Markle, not born in USA, has 'pretty privilege' ... not buying what y'all are selling

Omg, who gives a crap about what a Multi millionaire has to say about literally anything This is bullshit Really? What rights was he tricked into believing he had but actually didn't? And why does he stay here if it's such a horrible country? people only have rights because Donald Trump has granted them to us.

Sanctimonious foreigner with few comedy chops. This clown would be worth nothing if it wasn’t for making fun of Trump all day. sellout Trevornoah was so funny before he was bought by the powers behind US media! Now he just peddles their bullshit! As a South African, Trevornoah please stop peddling the coming from SouthAfrica card. We dont recognize this new you!

Trevor Noah is an entitled privileged brat You're welcome to leave. Rich coming from a guy who's country are allowing the systematic murder of whites which go unreported in the left wing dominated western media .. Trevor is the best in his business. Funny, smart, and empathetic. Why are you pushing this asshole?

He can go back to South Africa if he thinks he has less rights here. Well you love South African life style so much why came here Trevornoah has no idea what he is talking about, just regurgitating left wing propaganda. leftylies Sad but true. So excited to read it!♡♡ WSJ is quickly becoming garbage activism tabloid...

Fiat Constitution? Fiat Currency. Wait a sec: you started out talking about Trevor Noah, then the next sentence you refer to a comedian. Well who’s the story about? not all whites supremacists. however, in rural community i live, group of whites think non-whites are not human and deserve to be either enslaved or dead. slavery alive and well in georgia, and you may be consuming products from the forced labor of nonwhites.

Is this guy even an American ? glad we are not now where you came from then bro Yeah he’s not bright. It's a different dynamic when you have black majority and white minority Why isn’t the w in white capitalized? Then again, why is the b in black capitalized? Rights are relative in the USA. Why doesn’t he go back to SA where Black are certainly not discriminated?

He is absolutely correct, and those who deny this live in that alternative reality, were they forever march and protest for a return or a place they (African Americans) have never had, or been. He is wrong. This guys an idiot. If he had it so the hell do you become a so called comedian? trevornoah 😂😂😂😂😂😂

That may be true in South Africa but not in the US. He is full of himself and BS. Oh an ignorant mullato with a racial identity complex said that huh? Truly shocking. That is BS. There are some for whom it is not real, and that is trump supporters. It isn’t a race war, its a war against Trump and his morons!

If you’re going to capitalize Black you have to capitalize White. What the hell is wrong with you people? WSJ is starting to lose me. And he's an idiot Who cares what this subject say? There must be an intern that likes Trevor at WSJ to warrant two tweets in three days about a B list comedian from a financial newspaper

Would love to sit at a bar and have a few shots of whiskey and shoot the shit with Trevor... he is beyond 😎 cool 👍 If the USA is not to Trevor’s liking, I’m sure South Africa would love to have him back! CAPITALIZE “White” just as you did “Black”....they are NO BETTER THAN WHITES...GOT IT? ...who His main point is different. Trevor Noah proves the American dream is real. A poor immigrant becomes a millionaire. Thats why America is number 1

Fact.these events highlight the dangers and darkness of pastors whose works have failed to destroy the darkness for light to shine. MmusiMaimane I liked him more as a humble South African - he was nicer & funnier he has had an incredible opportunity to live the American Dream & is but all he does is complain about how terrible the US is yet lives a privileged life - he is too woke & a joke!

Trevor Noah could be the most unfunny person on the planet bar none. NotJoking What a dramatic man. Not funny ever The nationwide popularity of cellphones makes it possible to abolish police patrols. We can change the law to limit cops’ power of arrest to 9|11 phone call complaints The word “Phoenix“ occurs in Nostradamus

It’s not nor never will be counterfeit, it’s simply nonexistent and always was. We’ve always been hated and distrusted, we’ve learned to live with it, and they still try daily to destroy us and for what reason? Ignorance’s is there crime. He got too much privileged in the US. Send him back to Africa and see if he can says these things🙄

He’s not funny, in any way. Personally, I don't think most of us exercise our freedoms (comedians do more than most) and when we do there's usually resistance from the dominate narrative. It hurts everyone, even those who supposedly benefit from a dominant narrative. A comedian should at least be funny sometimes. He is rarely, if ever, funny.

WSJ shouldn’t even humour dumbos like Noah I mean, that’s how the states were set up smh Trevor who? Trevor... Trevor... Can't say as I've heard of him. Is he someone important? Go back if you don’t like it here. He's an antisemite. Trevor Noah gets paid millions to make bad jokes and yet he’s trying to claim America is systematically racist. These people belong in mental institutions. They are sick in the head. Did Trevor say anything about the dozens of whites who have been murdered in SA for being white

Another prime example of why comedians should stay out of politics. He's a complete idiot. His literally blood line is a pact of EBONY AND IVORY. Trevornoah TheDailyShow BITCH DID NO ONE TELL YOUR MULATTO BEHIND THAT BEING HALF WHITE AND HALF BLACK DOES NOT MAKE YOU BLACK IT MAKES YOU BIRACIAL. You want to see funny? watch Trevor's show or you can get depressed with your local news...

What a joke. His predecessors would call him out for being a victim I was just wondering...what does Trevor Noah think. Thanks This guy is a puppet! He definitely benefited from reverse racism. Could? Excuse me I fell for him a few years ago now speak for yourself. I'm one of them!!! Your headline is racist

Yep, he’s terrific ! Great article! Congrats Trevornoah!! MmusiMaimane He is black I wonder if folks would be willing to see his talent if he looked like this… Stick to Wall Street . “He is so cute and different” liberal white ladies He's brilliant and I love him-white, black, yellow, red but not orange.

MmusiMaimane This guy is a prick of the first order A South African Telling an American how to live America is soul of the free. America rocks. And we fell hard!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡 lol he’s unbearable. He is not funny at all . Soo annoying 🤮 MmusiMaimane Glad to see he moved away from the “black man” claim. If your a bag of skittles. Just be a bag of skittles

Is this written by a millennial? BC whoever wrote the tagline is living in a premise driven fairy-land. You are following the obtuse beliefs of those on the far fringe Left, and decades too late to write a headline as you have. Sorry to let you know, hasn't been issue 4 decades Iv noticed over the years that white comedians aren't funny in the black community. Same with balck comedians, they are not funny in the white community. Not to say he isnt funny, the problem is white people cant relate to his jokes, just as we cant relate to white comedian jokes

Cancel culture.. do your thing. Don’t be ridiculous Plus Trevornoah has some very good investments in private unicorn companies. Funny and smart. I’m a fan. 🇿🇦 maybe one will be a SPAC someday too 🎁 The dude with ‘So little comedic talent’ pulls in $30M a year 🙄 and you’re not. So that’s that. Trevor ~ 😎😍 TheDailyShow 💛

Trevor Noah is amazing Love his humor When was that ever improbable? I feel like I dont live in the same simulation as other sometimes... If by mainstream you mean hype-liberal woke kids, then that headline is correct Does anyone find him funny? Terrible headline. Really in bad taste America believes character, decency, and altruism matter more than race, gender, or circumstance a person was born with. The choices made and actions taken by a person are ones that can judged. RBG & our youngest activists shared philosophy. EqualJustice EqualityForAll RBG

His demographics don't matter... it's his logic, insight and humor. He SEES. You get ratings because people forget to turn the TV off after South Park. No one watches except liberal douchebags and millenials. Kudos to WSJ & Trevor! This article is tells an amazing story of how wisdom, persistence, faith, &!hope emerge from the struggle of pain, poverty, inequality, and hatred of structural racism. His truth is marching on as he effectively speaks truth to power using wit & intellect.

Leaving RSA for the USA to make a living out of trashing the USA president NO ONE like him!!! he is a trash comedian and worse 'show' host! He should re immigrate back! As a fellow intellectual history buff millennial, he isn't that charming. who Can’t stand him Only other millennials . He’s hilarious 🤷🏼‍♀️ Black white green purple, African American Latino from the moon... funny is funny when you stop pointing out differences you might see we are all the same. We are M&Ms... not skittles.

Trev is intelligent humor maybe that's why you don't get it. anyone who doesn't think racism exists in this country is living in denial - you may not hear the N work in public anymore but you get 2 good ol' white boys together & you'll hear it plenty White people are bitter coz he exposes their racist, privileged nature. It's been evidenced with all the Trump and police killings how much in denial white America is so when sm1 like Trevor raises its touches on their privilege coz it means the world agrees America is racist

Just look at the negative comments by I'm sure racists One of the more not funny people on TV—among many other not funny Lefties on TV Listen on Audible....incredible! Well he can go back to Aperika if the states is so racist. He earns and feeds his family from money earned from our nation then ends up criticizing us. Bs

Trevornoah My fav comedian... Very good at what he does.. BigUps to him.. ✌🚶 Thats quite a bold statement. Im willing to bet more people know who Samantha B is than this guy Improbable? Ffs! Racist much? TrevorNoah is SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE SUPREMACY nazi-genocide dictator! and a melinda bill gates war criminal supporter! THE MOTIVE FOR GATES IN AFRICA is to murder Colored populations

What an important, passionate voice he has become. I absolutely adore him. White people would love him, if he was not making so much money on. Gaslighting He is not funny. When are they going to cancel him? Comedy is color blind. Having said that, this guy is actually not funny. Not a fan. Take away the politics .... he’s just not funny

FTN He’s brilliant! Depends on what they deem “Mainstream” — everyone I know thinks he sucks. Jon Stewart was far better, his politics notwithstanding. He is not funny and he has made jokes about Indian people forever. If he were not black, he would be cancelled. In love with a jackass He's amazing! Loyal viewer

Why would he choose to move to and work in a deeply racist country? but his bank account disagrees with your miserable comments. He is there and making it Big..Viva Mzantsi Trevor Noah’s success in America is an example of meritocracy that thrives in that country! Trevornoah He is great! Funny and sincere at the same time. He uses logic and language skillfully, not to mention his expressive body language.

No one in mainstream America likes Trevor Noah. He just isn't funny Trevor, Charlize, Elon, Madiba... Out of chaos erupts the dancing star SouthAfrica 🇿🇦🙌🏼 Congrats Trevor. That being said he is Black this mixed race thing is crazy. Whites if you have talent and money and they accept you then one is deemed not Black but mixed race🙄

He brought it from South Africa, *talented millennial I don’t find him charismatic enough to hold my attention let alone others. Yes, this is a sensation for a small and stupid America! And the gas is being completed, it will soon go to all directions of the world, and you will swim and drown in the oceans!))))

I find him to be an obnoxious twit. He must appeal to other obnoxious twits. TheDailyShow Trevor Noah is so adorable he could be an intergalactic diplomat!! No one could ever not be charmed! 🥰🥰🥰 Read or better yet listen to Trevornoah read his book “Born a Crime” — an excellent way to spend some time learning about him & how he grew up.

When did Trevor grew up with Whites?Its a lie! Why is he acting American? Meh... he’s just another liberal comedian with a writing staff. It would be compelling if their weren’t 20 others just like him. If America is so racist, why did he come here versus anywhere else in world? This article had the pay wall with no way to read the article. I really like Trevor Noah and wanted to see what you had to say.

Every step and every part of our life, good and bad, makes us who we are today. Legend Trevornoah .... proudly South African 🇿🇦 Why is black capitalized and white is not capitalized? That is pretty racist right there. Stop this race-bating lunacy! It will just lead to more hate violence and death. A lot of hatred with this South African guy, must had tough childhood life and knows how to capitalize liberals big market of hatred of America

I'm confused how he became racist but he did Another oppressed millionaire… Spare me. He was born in South Africa! How is this the United States' fault? People are bringing racism in here. Who cares? Why capitalize the B in black and not the W in white? If hes good....hea good...if hes not yet on every TV......hes just good!

Did say when he's going to be funny? Watch Democratic party... Dude’s a total vomit He used both to his benefit when he needed. He has never done anything to help this country, only adds to the division. youaretheproblem The explanations for capitalizing “black” are full of inconsistencies Dope! Zzzzzzzzzz

The WSJ is really devolving in the failing New York Times. Hey WSJ... nobody cares! Period. He’s a race baiter How strange, his recount of experiences with “racism” but he stayed in USA 🇺🇸 to become successful and make lots of money!, so I guess living here isn’t so bad! (?!) 🤔, he can always go back to South Africa And help combat racist problems there, but stays in USA instead, 🇺🇸(?!)

No one GAF. Who told y’all people care about Trevor Noah? Hey Trevor...... Ever thought of going back to South Africa? ........probably not........ You don’t own any guns...... Hahahahaha Establishment tool 🙄 Why is the WSJ doing an advertisement for a shitty comedy central TV show Trevor thinks being nasty is funny. It isn't

I adore him. Who is Trevor Noah? He's crazy smart and funny. The guy is the drizzling shits Trevor rules! His truth, wisdom, and wit is stellar. A truly gifted young man & a jewel for US! He’s lived through Apartheid nightmare & sees right through the current Nationalist agenda that has infected & disrupted our country. Trevor speaks truth to power. Amáñela!

And yet he still uses his platform to tell us how racist and wrong we are. Trevor Noah doesn’t exist in a racist country. I did not think about his race or where he originally came from until WSJ point that out. Really wsj does it matters? Trevornoah is a communist fool. Hey for a fun activity go through every single account that is saying I love Trevor Noah or Trevor Noah is great these nice quick little responses. Notice they were either created within a month or so, or are years old with almost no followers/following. They're sock accounts

He is a lot of things to a lot of people, but he just isn't very funny. Wait, I thought the libs were dead set against 'foreign interference' in our political process...... Surprising for such a hateful, racist country! Oh that’s right, it’s not! Lol! Fuck liberals are to much! Wall Street Journal has turned into woke trash! I thought their job was to report on “Wall Street” and the the markets.

He’s great. Voetsek ma America this guy is funny le nale mona Trevor is the best. this guy is trash. And of course, not a US citizen. 1) who said that was improbable? We just had a well loved mixed race president 2) how are you defining 'mainstream America'? Apparently 'left-leaning' only? Call me crazy but I don’t think his race should factor into his appeal. He’s either funny or he’s not.

media seems to be getting more small-minded. growing up, was told not to generalize. but now it seems to be the only source of identity. your identity isn't things you can't control. it's who you make yourself. quit listening to the media hate; they only speak for themselves No he is an embarrassment Not me.

According to these ratings, The Daily Show is the 47th most popular show on cable. On cable. Approximately 0.1 percent of Americans watch it. I would hardly call that mainstream America falling for the show or the host. “Fall for” interesting choice of words. He’s not funny. He’s just plugs a diversity hole.

What is Crosby before his fall from grace? Stop looking at everything through race lens. Noah is an excellent comic by his own right, whatever color he is. He brought hatred from South Africa, He’s handsome from a few camera angles. Sadly no camera angles make him funny. In South Africa, white farmers are hunted down and murdered. Just saying.

? That’s because we’re SOOO racist Certainly not borne out by his ratings. He’s says he’s black but has the two whitest names for first and last name. Why is the improbable at all? We elected a Kenyan president of the United States twice in landslides. I’ve blocked this dude repeatedly. An somehow in twitters algorithms it puts him in my feed almost every time I get on here. Through AD’s.

WSJ has gotten more and more ridiculous since covid. Unsubscribed 2 days ago He is a creep ...who you owed his pr firm something? Really? He proved all that? Get something to write about. 🙄 Least funny man on television. You mean Elon Musk? Because we all love him 1.3m viewers in a country of 330 million Trevor is dreamy. 🤗

False English 🏉 is better : P 🇬🇧 But you know, 🇺🇸 sucks at 🏉 _ TheDailyShow 🇳🇿 New Zealand All Blacks are the greatest of them all! : P They're like the fucking NY Yankees of Rugby. ⚾ Proud Masshole. Massachusetts The Rock is a mixed raced minority. Based on his box office success over the past decade main stream America loves him! And a majority of America is not racist.

A leftist and Trump hater, no thanks Nah. Can't be true. I'm told by the best people that America is irredeemably racist. Wow. You’re out of tune with the country, aren’t you? No one gives a damn about him. lol. Despicable and untrue headline. It only seems improbable, If you're a racist, who views people's abilities based on the colour of their skin.

The coastal cities aren’t mainstream America As long as he says exactly what the liberal Media group wants him to say...he is sure of a check Maybe this is not the racist xenophobic country he thinks it is. Trevornoah so down to 🌍 and super funny. Keep doing you ☮️ I think he’s funny and smart and worth watching.

You all are NUTS! He's a true hero Hes not funny. I think he's a dope. He's not funny. Trevor is a gifted comedian & political satirist who offers interesting (& hilarious) analysis of societal behavior & culture. We are lucky to have him in the U.S. Enjoyed his book, Born a Crime. Yet he still hates America...

Never liked him and he is not funny! Period. Ah yes the same America that twice elected Barack Obama and adores countless black celebrities and musicians now shows it's not totally 'like, racist' by liking Trevor Noah. Why the fuck are we Americans okay with guys like him and john oliver coming to THIS country for jobs while simultaneously bashing it and clowning it on tv Imagine an American going to the UK/Africa and starts bashing their people on TV for a living. It would NEVER happen.

Really? Improbable to the WSJ owners and Editors? Holding dearly to the past, perhaps. He is about as funny as a turd in a punch bowl. Are you serious? A few years ago it seemed “improbable” that a biracial South African could become a celebrity in USA? Yes... The nation who elected a biracial man twice was DEFINITELY NOT READY to have a biracial man host a crappy tv show that hasn’t been funny for years 😂😂

Trevornoah TheDailyShow Comedy Central is just few clicks away from Fox News. Try it you’ll like it. Take a tip from me! I tried, I liked it On to Victory!! Maybe you like this better. Trump, Trump, He’s our man. If we can’t elect him Putin can!! The needs to find someone else to run their social media accounts. Most of us subscribe to the Journal because it's not woke and editorialized. No one cares what ethnicity Trevor Noah is. It's not 'improbable' that a percentage of American like his dumpster fire of a show.

Really? The Daily Show used to be a nightly must watch, especially the Jon Stewart era. It's been doodoo supreme since he left. You do realize that America voted in a black president a dozen years ago Obvious for a long time that ideological conformity trumps any other factor What the hell does that even mean?

I know it’s hard for some people to imagine, but the overwhelming majority of people in this country are not racist...... Yawn You guys are A/B testing headlines live 👌🏾 Everyone hates him, what are you talking about More evidence of the stupification of America. When did wsj become the NYT? JFC glad I cancelled my subscription

I don’t know a single person who watches this show I don't fall fall for blm, the oposite. Mainstream media maybe. This is what the rest of the world thinks right now... The show was better pre-Trump. It only seemed improbable to you because you've made everything about race, and set your own institutional prejudices forward as established science. Bigotry is hard work; you must be exhausted.

This guy is painfully unfunny. Used to like him. Then I realized what he’s about. He’s just one more name in a ever growing long list of Hollywoods and athletes I will never support again. People know they don’t need those clowns now. I have never, not once, chuckled, giggled, laughed, smirked or even smiles at anything he’s ever said. He is incredibly unfunny.

No one has. He’s not funny. He’s a diversity hire are Comedy Central. Most people don’t care where he’s from or what race he is. Who has fallen for him? He’s not funny Trevor Noah is a socialist hack. I’ve never once found anything Trevor Noah has said as funny. How was this improbable? Maybe you're speaking for yourself.

🤢 ❤️❤️❤️Trevor Noah!!! Why was it improbable? He was seasoned and popular before he got the show's lead. Love Trevornoah I love this guy!!! 🥰🥰 He isn’t funny, that’s for sure. He’s gay. Comedian 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 TheDailyShow TheDailyShow but He cannot speak about China only for Trump !

this racist clown isnt even funny. And that is his claim to fame. Funny TheDailyShow Man I miss John Stewart. I could never find this guy a serious commentator so therefore I never watched his shows. twitter work for CCP Trevornoah wearing a $230k watch... Wonder if he could have achieved such remarkable success and wealth in south africa

One tve thing that the late Robert Mugabe managed to deal with TheDailyShow Excellent👊I gathered that saying a problem doesn't exist bcuz it doesn't impact me directly is disingenuous. That our perception of reality greatly changes the more we experience and interact with others. Facing a challenge head on is a greater honesty than leaving it 2 fester.

TheDailyShow So tired of these “celebrities” living in their ivory towers with all there security & 💰 talking about what it’s like to be an everyday person of colour. Honestly they have no clue & no credibility. Stop defending the criminals & stand up for the innocent. TheDailyShow A great piece!☺️👍🏽

TheDailyShow He doesn’t speak for all of us. Especially the real ones like myself. TheDailyShow People outside America are aware of this reality ... the hermetically walled insular world of America keeps on getting imploded. Freedoms come with a cost. TheDailyShow This is so well done! TheDailyShow Same, Trevor, same. Rights are only as good as the people who recognise them.

“He thinks like an African dictator. He scams money like a Nigerian prince. He threatens his opponents like an Egyptian leader. And he constantly spews shit out of his mouth like he has Ebola.”... Where’s the lie shitholepresident Yes! Exposed! Internationally! It is certain that hits home most: erosion of the facade- dating back to fight to end slavery. It was more than freeing enslaved people- it went to the core of their racial identity & superiority. There has been no acceptance or recovery from it!

Using the name of BLM to incite violence, riots, looting, protest without dignity (protesting for criminals), all those Blacks should know now that the world is watching your friends' insanity. After the election, the left will dump you deeper. Wake up and follow RealCandaceO Trevor Noah sucks. Ridiculous,,,but highlighted media power over net addicted people who believe what they feed you,,,

I think America is a passive aggressive country so unless you’re from another country or visit other countries, you will not notice it. Trevornoah once you understand that, you’ll see the connection. Why do the leftist 'reporters' give this racist nonsense a platform That’s b/c there is NO SOCIAL PACT between races. Show me your CHARACTER in your deeds, and drop all of the race-baiting hatred and division.

He should literally go back to his country Fueling the divide puts money in his pocket. People should stop getting angry about it. It's as American as a person can get these days. Go home Trevornoah you are even from here if you hate it leave! Go back to ZA then, Noah. You know what it is like and there is no comparison. Quit making gratuitous comments for shock value.

Wow there are a lot of snowflakes making comments but have no idea what they're talking about. There are all different types of privilege. Having money is a type of privilege just like being born white is a type of privilege. Does anybody challenge him on this nonsense? A handful of incidents violate a social pact that never existed? America is a land of the rule of law and not based on some kind of pace between races...

As he says all this on a major media platform making millions of dollars in America. Why does this dude have a voice in America? Oh wait because it’s the land of opportunity for all. I'm pretty sure that I am more oppressed than he is. Can a brother get a loan, Trevor He needs to check his black privilege

Why R U fooling people because of election.3 Ye ago U said,Iran will be forced to return to table next 3 Mon to renogociate new NUK deal. Because I removed from disaster NUK deal&puting Max sanctions. It will cripple Iran's economy&$oil revenue .Iran didn't&will never renegociate In South Africa they were not tricked, they had no rights. In the USA they do. What’s he talking about? Or is he comparing America to apartheid South Africa

I wouldn't classify him as a comedian His best joke. Race baiters gonna race bait Let him address the continual murders of White farmers and their families and children in South Africa. As with the former Rhodesia, majority rule has led to decay and decline. Unbelievable gaslighting Spare me the the wealthy and powerful guy claiming he's oppressed. And GTFO with the comparisons between 2020 USA and aparthied South Africa.

So full of sh*t. Mist unfunny comedian ever Never watched his show, and don't plan to start. Funny as an attack of gout! The most unfunny “comedian” alive

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Out in NYCTrevor Noah and Minka Kelly Out in NYC Leave Trevor Alone! 😖😭 Does anyone think I have potential be a successful rapper some day? - Check out my music in this link:

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly Out in NYCTrevor Noah and Minka Kelly Out in NYC Leave Trevor Alone! 😖😭 Does anyone think I have potential be a successful rapper some day? - Check out my music in this link:

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