Treasure trove of dinosaur fossils could rewrite prehistory

Treasure trove of dinosaur fossils could rewrite prehistory

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12/4/2021 9:00:00 PM

Treasure trove of dinosaur fossils could rewrite prehistory

Among the remains of at least seven individuals from a species of Hadrosaur is an individual named Bruno, the most complete dinosaur skeleton found in Italy.

When the team, including researchers from the University of Bologna, initially found Antonio they believed the dinosaur was an example of a dwarf species. This conforms to the so-called island rule of evolution that suggests that because of a shortage of resources, as generations of large animals proceed they evolve into smaller animals.

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The discovery that Antonio is anadolescentexample of a much larger dinosaur could revise what we understand about the geology of the ancient Mediterranean.The researchers who made the finding believe the presence of larger dinosaurs could indicate that land bridges existed to the small island that would become the region around Villaggio del Pescatore.

An illustration of Bruno and Antonio. Originally the smaller dinosaur was believed to be part of a dwarf species of hadrosaurs until its larger counterpart was discovered at the same site.University of BolognaThat means that what is now northeastern Italy could have been connected to western Europe and Asia. There could have been many migratory routes that allowed large terrestrial animals like the dinosaurs to cross over to these small islands.

Dinosaursweren't the only prehistoric animals represented in the fossil hoard. Other creatures found included fish, crocodiles, flying reptiles and even small crustaceans. This means that this discovery could provide a vivid picture of an ancient ecosystem that paleontologists have only glimpsed in the past.

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The fossils collected from the site are now on display in Trieste at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale.The research andthe sitefrom which the fossils were recovered, protected due to its geological and paleontological importance, could give the Italian dinosaur fossil record a pivotal role in future investigations of the prehistoric world and the epoch of the dinosaurs.

An illustration of an adult and two juvenile Tethyshadros insularis dinosaurs in their ancient surroundings. A new discovery of fossils in Italy included a near complete adult and juvenile Tethyshadros insularis.

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