Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, And 10 Other Celebrities Who Responded To The Astroworld Tragedy

11/7/2021 8:21:00 PM

'This should never ever ever in a million years happen.'

'This should never ever ever in a million years happen.'

'This should never ever ever in a million years happen.'

and dozens more were injured at Travis Scott's Astroworld musical festival in Houston, Texas.E! was told that Jenner and Scott reconciled and spend most nights together., including a time he asked security to tend to an attendee who had passed out, many on social media criticized officials and the star for not ending the show sooner.Click to copy Rick Kern/Getty Images Travis Scott performs onstage during the third annual Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 5, 2021, in Houston, Texas.

Erika Goldring / WireImage / Getty Images During a press conference, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said that the eight people who died included a 14-year-old, a 16-year-old, two 21-year-olds, two 23-year-olds, and a 27-year-old.One victim's age was not yet determined.“Kylie really loves Travis and she does see a future with him.According to the Houston fire chief, the"mass casualty event" occurred during Travis's performance when people"began to compress towards the front of the stage.m." Erika Goldring / WireImage / Getty Images Here are all the celebrities who have spoken about the tragedy so far: 1...In a message posted to Instagram, Jenner made “clear” that she and Scott were “unaware of any fatalities” until after the show had concluded, adding, “In no world would we have continued filming or performing.

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Spark Engagement Rumors With New Diamond RingIt’s a stunner.

Kylie Jenner says Travis Scott ‘unaware of any fatalities’ until after Astroworld Festival concertThe pair said they were 'devastated' following the fatal incident which claimed at least eight lives.

Kylie Jenner Says Travis Scott Was 'Unaware of Any Fatalities' Until Astroworld EndedKylie Jenner on Sunday (Nov. 7) said both she and her partner, rapper Travis Scott, were “unaware of any fatalities” until after the Astroworld Festival ended on Friday. If anyone is deserving of cancel culture, it's THEM!!! 'I want to make this motherf--ing ground shake!' His words. He stopped the concert four times, and continued to inflame the crowd. Thrills, Chills, Kills! That's what you get by making stupid people famous..

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner Break Silence After Concert Tragedy Leaves 8 Dead, Hundreds Injured'I want to make it clear we weren't aware of any fatalities until ... after the show and in no world would have continued filming,' says Kylie (via toofab) TooFab So that Ambulance in her story didn't make her think anything huh? Clearly it was out there for a reason...and couldn't move bc of the crowd. That didn't make her, Travis or anyone on the team think something is wrong? And that they should try to help the Ambulance? Whatever. TooFab She posted a pic of the ambulance and then deleted it, so she was aware TooFab DefundTheKardashians

Kylie Jenner Says Travis Scott “Unaware of Any Fatalities” Until Astroworld Festival EndedVideo taken from the event shows people pleading for help amid the chaos as the concert kept going. How can so many artist see and stop a show for ONE rowdy fan in the crowd from various distances? But he can’t see numerous people being trampled up front… or people being carried out on stretchers right by him. Why should be believe Kylie Jenner of all people 🤣🤣🤣

Kylie Jenner Defends Travis Over Astroworld Tragedy, He Didn't KnowKylie Jenner echoed the sentiments of her partner, Travis Scott, saying they're heartbroken over the Astroworld tragedy that claimed 8 lives and injured hundreds and insisted Travis was not aware of the severity of the situation when he was performing as the crowd surged. You can stop talking now Lies, this same “organizer” Travis picked and chose has a history of crowd control issues. Instead of fixing the issues, they pocketed money and changed nothing. Travis encouraged and incited fans with no tickets to invade the concert. He and everyone he employed are responsible! She should go to TIKTOK. The app is full a videos proving he did know.