Travel Hacks For Business Trips


To help make your travels easier and more enjoyable, I’ve collected the best travel tips from frequent flyers in The Female Quotient community.

“For some reason travel always makes me hungry and usually at off-schedule times,” says Katy Loria, chief revenue officer at Screenvision Media. “Airports have gotten so much better in terms of finding healthy snacks, but I keep individual servings of Trader Joe’s trail mix in my bag.”

I never do work on airplanes. Rather, I use it as my ‘unplug’ time to catch up on TV shows, whether it’s “Top Chef” or “Million Dollar Listing.”

I bring my 'To Read' folder to sort through on the plane,” says

Some of my friends say going out for a jog is also a good way to see more of the place you’re visiting. “I always bring my sneakers when I travel and go for a run (or two!),” says Rebecca Minkoff, cofounder and creative director at Rebecca Minkoff. “It’s an easy way to explore and get your workout in. Plus the views are always better than inside the gym walls!”

Being a leader who travels can also empower your team. “Travel forces me to multi-task even more and manage teams from afar, thus evolving my communication style to also empower others to make decisions in my absence and keep things moving,” says Minkoff. “We can’t be everywhere at once, so it is key to make sure you have a solid foundation with your team.”

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