Transgender weightlifter continues Tokyo Olympics bid

New Zealand weightlifter and trans woman Laurel Hubbard continues her quest to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games.


New Zealand weightlifter and trans woman Laurel Hubbard continues her quest to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

New Zealand weightlifter and trans woman Laurel Hubbard continues her quest to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games.

Hubbard, who competed in men’s weightlifting competitions before transitioning seven years ago, will lift in the women’s 87-plus kg division in the Australian Open in Canberra on Sunday.

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And the olympics is prepared to give this guy a gold medal earned through fraudulent memes? 😂 Good luck, sir. His. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm moving to the moon He is men It's a man. Dangit. It’s not fair on women, funny how there isn’t any trans men wanting to compete with other men. They have an unfair advantage which is wrong same as Castro Semenya. Maybe have their own competitions.

This is the most ridiculous thing there is. Let them compete in their own sporting events rather than taking away the chance for actual females to compete against each other

World health would have to be at stake to cancel Tokyo Games: Pound'We will do our very best to make sure that you get your Olympic opportunity,' IOC member Dick Pound said as fears of a coronavirus pandemic stoked concerns about the Tokyo2020 Games Las palabras son palabras La pandemia coronavirus es infinita...... The key takeaway: his name is Dick Pound. Noooooooo we don't want the olympics!!! Why can't you just make your decision to cancel?

BS the dude has no business competing in Women's sports! Its a man Are we going to start calling serial murders hunters? That is a man aka male. HE IS A MALE. STOP ALREADY. This dude should do well. Continues His! It's almost as though she has a man's strength...🤔 Disgusting animals So you’re telling me I could’ve been the high school girl’s weightlifting champ 4 years in a row! Dammit

Exclusive: Tokyo has no 'Plan B' for Games despite coronavirusTokyo has no Plan B for this year's Summer Olympics despite alarm over the ... Well, I guess they'll just stick to Plan A Plan B is you cancel the stupid games. You can thank me later. Let's see whether they don't come up with a plan B in a few weeks :)

Male chassis, male shock absorbers, male strength. You can't erase those attributes with hormones. Not a woman. Stop calling him one .. She is a woman! Continues his quest. There I fixed your typo. bullshit Men should not be able to compete against women This in no way a “QUEST” or inspirational. Compete your own sex.

I feel sorry for the Women forced to compete with him. Check hormone levels. If they fall in the range of your average female/male, end of question.

Japan's Prime Minister Asks All Schools To Close Over CoronavirusThe government has urged that big gatherings be scrapped for two weeks while pledging that the 2020 Summer Olympics will go ahead in Tokyo. We are proud of JapanGov thank you for quick action and also banning old Japanese enemy China. Now remilitarise quickly for Japan power once again! Zero sensationalism and 100% Facts, we are covering Coronavirus and this where you get all facts and no fluff. CoronaVirusUpdates CoronavirusOutbreak Bold prediction.

I support anybody doing what they want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, but come on, is this fair? This is why libs are not to be trusted Shame on all involved. I hope he fails. You spelled man wrong I identify as an 8 year old girl. I want to compete in full contact karate Women sports are for those who're feminine not those who want to make themselves feminine let me spell it out to the weight lifting body just because he says he's a female dosent mean that he's and shouldn't be allowed to compete on the international scale in female sports

Women need to take a stand over the inclusion of transgender athlete in their sports well said Why am I seeing this same story with this exact same headline on my Twitter feed multiple times per day, and each one is a new tweet. Nobody. Cares. This is a man competing against women and trying to do so all the way to the Olympics. Nobody is impressed, & he isn't 'brave'.


Tokyo Olympics 2020 odds-on to be canceled, according to bookmakersIrish bookmaker Paddy Power shortens odds on Tokyo Olympics not being held to 4/6, making a cancelation odds-on. 😭😭😭 I don’t blame any athlete who refuses to go. There would probably be those who would be forced to go. Or changed that can host at short notice

Why Trump wins: He has no place on a female team. Can't beat men, so the coward competes against women instead of improving his own abilities. XX chromosome competitors should walk away en masse from this event. They can compete, alone. All alone. That would send a stark message. *his Why even have gender specific sports anymore. Anyone is everyone right. Fuckin clown world

That also shows what percentage of their total assets their vehicle represents (100%). Unfair regardless of political correctness. Physiologically men different than women and so unfair to women! This is what’s wrong! No problem with transgender except in prisons and competition both require birth gender!

come on dude , nobody want to see you in drag.. trying to beat up on real women.. give a life Be serious for a change. It’s a man pretending to be a woman. No way should he be allowed to compete as a woman. There is no limit to the stupidity of liberals nowadays. In what? Category?

Fate of Tokyo Games in hands of powerful IOC bossJapan's dream is at risk from coronavirus if 2020 Tokyo Olympics goes ahead but one man may have final say – Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee. That’s up to Mr. Bach. People are hyper aware of how bad that would look (especially for Tokyo and Japan), but organizers, journalists, athletes and tourists have to be able to enjoy the Olympics safely. And certainly that would be devastating for the athletes in training But ‘unhinged’ is being mild. There’s a lot there, and no one wants to see this get any worse

Why not add a transgender category so we're comparing apples to apples? Absurd Doubt if that is going to happen with the corona virus around!!! This dude needs his head knocked clean off . Be Trans bro but you can't shit all over real women. 🥴 *His Old news Fact: That is a man. That would actually be a Him and not a Her.

IOC Asks WHO If Downsizing Olympics Qualifiers Could Cut Virus RiskThe IOC’s medical director asked if coronavirus risks could be reduced by downsizing events, raising the prospect that the virus could affect the staging of qualifying events for this summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

Feminism at its finest! This disgusts me. She's a man not a woman 😡 Here let me fix this for you....A New Zealand weightlifter and man suffering from gender dysphoria continues his quest to qualify for the Summer Olympics games in Tokyo....there ya go 👍 Go for it good luck!!!!👍 man strength to beat out other women doesn't seem right, and i'm not anti trans

I am not sure how I feel about the fairness of this in sports, but what I am not here for is all the hate against the trans community. The comments on this post show a very ignorant side of humanity. choosekind Cheater Can’t win as a man.. so become a woman to win!!

How can this individual feel good about their “wins”? The women should refuse to compete with Laurel Hubbard. Her) she is a he! It’s a man! Of course he beat women! Joe Rogan is going to release a 7 hour emergency pod on this 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️ this always confuses me. Please take no offense. Transgender woman means she was a man that became a woman? Or the other way around?

This is the definition of stupidity. Someone high up at nbc is trans and really wants to push these non news story’s. Trans makes up .02 percent of the population but 30% of nbcs “news” that’s covered is trans nonsense do the math on that. Women athletes should sue his assand ask for a chromosome check by the Olympic board. This is some fucking bullshit. I’m a grown ass man, I wouldn’t in a million yrs think this would be fair if I switched genders and did this. Yeah, give him a plated medal and say it IDs as gold.

Won't be watching any sports with trans participants 😠

Dude lifts like a lady. OLimpDicks The death of the Olympics; men competing against women Trans athletes need to compete against each other in their own class. Boom, done. Poor thing just needs a hug Jesus NBC, why do you always post the transgender stuff designed to make people mad like 40 times a weekend?

cousin it gotta ruin for the real women athletes pathetic Should biological males be able to compete against biological females? You let he/she in then you may as well put a wig on Hafthor Bjornsbon and add him to the team too. Not a she. It's a man. Period.

So glad to hear its not just our country with these mental defectives. They need psychological help, not catered to. Vulgar cheater and coward, you can not against men of your same sex and compete with Women, those medals you win lose value. Fake women have more rights than biological women. Brokohama. Let's just hand out steroids to everybody while we're at it.

He is man ! Let the women and then take testosterone to compete with him Here come the bigots Is a man competing in a woman's tournament supposed to be fair? You can identify to be anything but it doesn't magically rewrite your biological structure. I really don't see why I can't identify people to whatever I want. California does it.

I am massively supportive of the LGBTQ community. No questioning that. Here’s a little secret that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, tho: Some trans people are assholes, just HUGE fuckin jerks—just like the rest of the human population.

roflmfao.... what a joke we humans have become..... where fantasy is protected, and truth is now meaningless. RIP modern Olympics 1896-2024? He's a dude...ThatIsAll This person is actually damaging the Trans cause more than any transphobic old boy ever could This is so so wrong how can a man be allowed to compete with women all cuz of political correctness. Shame on u all

Bruh It’s a developed man. This lunacy has got to stop. Give him an aluminium medal and tell him it identifies as gold.

It's a man pretending to be what he is not. This is just too weird. this isn't fair With all due respect... How is this fair towards the women athletes? This sh** is stupid. Women Athletes (2020 Olympics) RIP It is obvious that she is stronger than other women because he is a man. We done slid down the slippery slope.

Insane i hope in the transgender olympics

You’re a joke She was a he and now this fruit-cake Transgender can compete with real women now, I say bullshit let these fruitcakes have their own Olympic's This madness needs to stop. EQUALLY is a right not a privilege. Yes, it goes against how so called 'woke society' How is this fair on real women and men who want to partake in the sport? If they want to be included then they need to create a category just for trans men/women.

Unfair! Progressives Social Buffoonery has no shame. It's a crime against the Feminine Spirit. Women should take offense. This is CHEATING. Stop enabling it in the name of 'Wokeness.' But we are intolerant because a dude has a mental illness huh? 🙄

'her' 😂😂😂😂😂 Reap what you sow. Those poor women who didn't get to fill their dreams of participating in the Olympics because some guy dedlced he couldn't make it as a man. unfair Stephe96 Yeah. This is fair. Kiss women’s sports goodbye. Wokeness is destroying everything Title IX and women athletes spent decades to advance.

Media is dead!! She? This is absolutely ridiculous! No. Just no Time to unfollow. Every story from is a tranny story lately, retweeted over and over again. Someone has an agenda obviously. Stop encouraging this nonsense

No and no XX versus XX. XY versus XY. Only fair. The End. Hey, if trans people can make women sports more interesting I'm all for it. Nope! Beat me bro He does? That dude must be real proud of himself.

Give them their own category sheesh He is NOT a woman he is a man competing against women that's just wrong. Disgusting!!! What a pile of crap! Give me a break! It's absolute madness. Real women should be pissed. They're the ones hurt by this raging insanity. What if we played and competed at sports based on ability and not gender?

She is a man, and should not be competing against women. Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!! HOW COULD ANYONE BE PROUD OF 'ACCOMPLISHING' THIS!!!!? Well, it’s a man with a mental disorder.

We live in such unbelievably idiotic times damn sucks to see women’s competition doesn’t matter to anyone Didn't everyone get mad at Eastern Europe for this already? Yay this is such a woman’s empowerment!!! I feel so empowered. This is so awesome. Knowing that it doesn’t matter how hard we try cause the man takes the title anyway. I’m so happy!!! Feminism helped this beautiful thing to happen. Love you feminists🖕🏻

Cheater So is I she or he? Just wondering I gaurentee most transgender people are awesome. But a few, just like every other demographic, are just plain ass holes. I'm gay, but why is it born men & women are banned from sports for using hormones & steriods. But trans are allowed to? Media & people destroyed lancearmstrong for just using a diuretic, & baseball players get banned for using testerone, but trans are now heroes for doping up.

I’ll stop watching the Olympics if they that MAN compete against women. I feel like a brain surgeon, who needs medical attention?

Inclusion cannot be 100% inclusive. Exclusion is needed to balance things out. How many times are y’all going to post this? This will turn the Olympics into a joke. Science should rule. DNA has the final say. No Disqualify him immediately! You mean man. That is a man His. Sickening.

Dude has no place with the ladies. Should be banned. Thus end the debate. But biologically she is a can 'he' compete against other women... So a man becomes a woman so he can compete against women in weightlifting. Women everywhere should be furious about this! It is destroying women's sports!

Dude... If trans women really are women, then there's no need to call them anything else is there? If she was born with one, she's a he. Get over it. They keep misspelling man. HIS quest. Well thanks to the Corona virus she might not get to. Is her pronoun 'man with penis'?

Nothing Says Equality Like 'Changing Your Gender' And Destroying In That Genders Sport! Nope I am an ally of trans. I think there needs to be a good reason to disallow something, bathrooms for example, haters just need to mind they’re own business. But I don’t get why this is ok, why the larger frame and more upper-body strength doesn’t count. Please help me understand

A simple and commonly done blood test will show where she is at as far as her hormone levels. Plus she is who she says she is. It’s really that simple. The blood tests have been done for decades. No issue here to get your panties in a wad for. She spent 25 years as a man. Her bone density, cardiovascular system and fast twitch muscles are stronger than a CIS woman's

So does How is this admirable

Get it girl. There’s going to be a bagillion haters out there. Keep fighting. comedy. the poor girls born as girls are getting hosed. I unironically support this xir wholeheartedly. Biological Women can't compete and it's glorious. Cope, ladies. Cope. really wrong and unfair toward biological women You mean Larry ?

'Her' lulz Stay tuned for more comments from insecure white men. Call him what he is! People with prostates should not compete in women's sports. Periodt.

'her quest' It's a man RIP women's sports I'm a dude He,s a dude She's a dude We'r all dudes! Why not simply have a trans Olympic games? Otherwise the next level dumb will be an arbitrary decision for able body athletes to declare 'transable' and compete with para-Olympic athletes. Not a woman. Shouldn’t be allowed to compete against women- not sure how feminists aren’t railing against this more. PC culture run amuck...

Why? She's a transvestite not a women... Cheating This is outrageous! Where had common sense gone? It’s certainly not here. All competitors should compete in their natural born sex category. This is unfair to all women. How about a NotYou movement. Women athletes speak out! Unfair competition is what this is, not against trans but you have to draw the line somewhere.

No trannies in sports pls

If they’re going to let’s a trans compete. Let all the women take steroids to even the playing field I believe in equal rights This is a crime against women. Cheating. Shes a man. If you have daughters who participate in sports you would understand. I don’t know what Transgender means, but she looks a little like my mother did.

mentaldisorder Well he's a guy tho This should never be aloud! If it is a woman’s competition, then it should be women only! He is still a male no matter what he changes and will typically be stronger than any female. And everyone’s okay with this?

This is probably not a good idea Not that I care, but this seems unfair in an athletic competition.She can take all the drugs in the world and shave off her beard, but genetics would find a male. How can this be fair to the other women? So does HIS quest. Qualify? Really? It’s easy, drop your drawers and if you are swingin you’re with the Men & if you’re not, you’re with the Women . . . DONE!

His- this is a man and should either compete in male sports or trans sports not women’s!!!! Soooooo a transwoman, ultimately with the strength advantage of the body she was born with, wants to compete in the Olympics, I'm assuming, against other women? I am 100% for equality and acceptance, but this is a distinctly unfair advantage. Huge physical advantage here...

Women athletes getting screwed again.

How pathetic these “people” are. commonsense Guess he doesn’t know that the Olympics test ........ disqualified boom ! To overcome this sort of problem, rather than categorise male and female, the Olymics should categories games as homogametic and heterogametic. You can dress as you wish on the outside, chop bits off, add bits on, but your genes are your genes.

He has a Penis. Unfair to the women he competes against. 😅😂😂the human race is doomed sure, it can compete in its own sex. asterik. He’s not a she. He’s a cheater. Can we please stop calling dudes “trans women”? Very sorry for the real women in the competition.

While tran male power lifter has repeatedly failed to qualify for anything close to the Olympics and new comer trans male UFC fighter is 0-8. Critics beg him to stop fighting. Funny how we never see a trans person compete in a male sport? Insane.. Shame on NBC for being anti feminist. This peoplekind is biologically male trying to compete in a biologically female events. I am pro LGBT community and i dont hate LGBT people but please dont rig the game. Disrespectful to all woman.🤮🤮🤮

Good for him, or her, whatever. Looks like a dude to me Her 5 o'clock shadow is showing. And, is that a banana her in pocket? WTF They should just make another catagory. Can we just get real with this? For all the concerns about 'women's rights' before you know it biological men will dominate women's records in sports. It would be absurd to think this is a fair advantage.

Its CHEATING, pure & simple! People claiming 2 B transgender just 2 get medals (notice I did not say 'win') AND hoping 2 spin that into endorsements, public appearances, ALL 4 money, dirty filthy money. IF they want 2 compete, have a separate 'transgender' division, of their own *his Disqualified. 🤦🤦🤦

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BRAVE!!!!! The f**king stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. You keep killing it queen Why have real women compete at all

She is a man... why she is not competing in the man category...? If he qualifies for the Olympic Games then the olympics are a shame and should end. This shit has to stop. you want woman to be better so have men dress as women? Come on already Cheater If 'it' still has meat n 2 veg then 'it' is a guy. His quest to defeat women in their fields.

That’s a man. Should have to compete with men ..... I don’t think so...enough already with this bs! Her? fakenews from the leader of lamestream media. That’s a MAN competing against WOMEN.

Equal rights! I support their rights first off but this is bullshit and completely unfair to the other real women competing. Suppress testosterone all you want but bone and muscle structure is still male. This is crap, this dude couldn’t win in men’s lifting and now he’s taking the woman’s opportunity’s away from them. And these people are letting him! Women are having their rights taken away once again. And this time they are letting it happen with out a fight.

Lol what a loser, can’t compete with the men so he gets into women’s division. His family should be so proud 🙄 Sick!! A man in drag is not a woman. Hey everyone, look at the cheater stealing dreams from actual women. *His Nope

If “she” still has testicles “she” is a man. Have the testicles removed, wait a year then compete with women. I get that same look on my face when I beat a child at basketball. My accomplishment makes me oh so very proud. Just because the guy has never been laid, has man-tits, and turned his mullet into longer hair shouldn’t make him eligible to compete against women who have dedicated their lives to compete at this level.

He should be in Special Olympics. He’s mopping up the competition!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Using testosterone levels as a guide is outrageous. There are other advantages many men have: height, weight, heavier bones, larger muscles. HRT has no impact on those. We now have mediocre male athletes winning women's events. Gee, why could that be?

There will be NO summer olympics in japan. So go on Is that even fair? Ok Dude.... Vote DemRATS out Does anyone think the Olympic Games will still be held ? That would be a perfect place to get Covid19 . IMO it would be asking for trouble Fix the boyScouts first - show us you are sincere. After the above we can worry about adult female sports. Libs- sound out the big words........ You Got This, I Believe In You!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Not a woman Women have fought hard for equality, some of the spotlight, $$ for years now and now THIS? Many girls will give up on sports...certain sports especially. Hey, but what's important is some trans think it's 'unfair'. PC is good to a point but not when it treads on science/biology. The NZ female weightlifting team should unite and turn their back on the Olympics if this TG is allowed to compete under the woman’s events? It’s like being up against a male heavyweight pro in a woman’s event. Tell me if I’m wrong? Or, have their own separate TG class? Fair?

If he cut off her penis that’s good enough for me to compete, however if the schlong ain’t gone it’s wrong.

It's a guy so... 😳 Not right What she claims as winning is wrongfullly gained by an unfair advantage. The world Also knows it. Just buy a medal. There is no reason to be proud. Should this fight not be for a transgender category? Its a dude. In sportterms. Its a disgrace for female sporters. Let her play with the man.

His quest Her? If he couldn't 'hang' with men then he shouldn't be allowed to compete against women.

I support trans people’s rights to be legally protected and live freely, but this seems patently unfair to the other competitors. Good for her :) DebbieHayton Disgusting freak, go home. Let this dude try to use the girls bathroom when my little girls inside using as well, won’t even be fair what I’d do to him. No joke.

This is the result of you all praising Bruce Jenner Wrong Please let him in!! He should be ready to take on any and all 9 year old challengers by early summer. Kinda makes you hope they do cancel the upcoming Olympics .

But but but equality for all? NBCOUT So is it a man? Seriously confused. Of so then totally unfair. Some dude continues his quest to beat the women. 💯 DISAGREEMENT towards ALL sports as such! World sucks So there’s a dude lifting with girls? Acting as if we should call him a her... lmao sad sad sad She has some balls

Maybe transgender should have their own class to compete in? Doesn’t exactly seem fair for a woman to go up against an opponent that was born with a penis. Theses people have a serious mental illness. BEING TRANSGENDER IS NOT NORMAL!

🤷‍♂️ This is not right at all. But a pandering we will go. He wylin NBCOUT That’s a guy 🤫🤫🤫 not a women NBCOUT The Olympic committee needs to put an end to this. NBCOUT This madness needs to stop. It's not fair game to real woman/men that want to talk part in this sports. They should just have a separate category for transgendered individuals... This way it will give real equitity to all... This is not a right, its a privilege!

NBCOUT When are we going to stop these woke idiots from ruining everything? NBCOUT Is she competing against males? NBCOUT As what.? NBCOUT HE

NBCOUT Sounds fair to women NBCOUT Another headline “man steals medals from women, as feminists cheer” NBCOUT This reminds of of Seinfeld when Kramer was “King of the Dojo” when he was competing against kids! This is just as comical. NBCOUT He lifts more then the women do NBCOUT This is shit NBCOUT You guys are pushing for something that will not end well. Do you really want a bunch of men beating up on women in competition?

NBCOUT So he can't win like a man so he claim to be a woman for easy win NBCOUT His. For purposes of competitive sports, she should be considered what she is biologically . Trans rights shouldn’t infringe upon women’s rights. NBCOUT Why he has no right to complete as a woman and it is unfair to all the real women out there!!!

NBCOUT So unfair to other females. Don’t me. Olympics2020

NBCOUT No. NBCOUT That’s really fair. NBCOUT NBCOUT WTFC NBCOUT ... NBCOUT Unfair NBCOUT Dude playing dress up. NBCOUT Doesn't the Olympic committee require DNA testing? NBCOUT Posted ad nauseam... NBCOUT

NBCOUT Way to go bro! NBCOUT Eww. This is disgusting. NBCOUT Does she have a penis? there is no point arguing when you cannot win , unfortunate for some , at some point logic will take over. I cannot believe women are being treated so unfairly in sports these days by organizations allowing men who claim to be 'women' compete in women's sports! 🤦🏽‍♀️

If you have or have had a wiener, then you shouldn’t be able to compete in the same class, sorry not sorry Ridiculous. Not fair! How are the feminist not screaming about this? That’s BS it’s time to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand 🤦🏽‍♂️

Nope that’s a dude that is trying to take advantage of the system. So stunning. So brave. *progressive claps intensify* If he is allowed to compete against women at the Olympics....... the Olympics will have lost all credibility. This should not be allowed. This is a massive man competing with small women. Duh!!!

This is not a woman Easy make a transgender category, problem solved Coooool! Wish he was my dad check the blood. TS on always on meds. Beta Male continues to beat up on women !! There fixed it for ya...

“She” has a man’s anatomy no matter what gender “she” identifies with. This is completely unfair to REAL women athletes. 🙄 You misspelled man. Now..... now.... I have to give him credit. He does look like most of the liberal women protesters on videos. Damn shame In 10 years, competitive women’s sports will be unfairly dominated by athletes who used to compete in men’s sports. And there will be no place in the Olympics for biological women, again. 🤔

I’d like to see 3 men identify as women and qualify for Tokyo. Then all three finish ahead of Hubbard and give their medals to the top three women that will inevitably finish after Hubbard. I mean a man already won woman of the year. Why not take Olympic medals from them too. Should we be having Olympics this year. Seems like a bad idea 🤧🤔

Well.. now that sport is meaningless.

He or she Hold’a Hell up!!! 😳 All natural born women weightlifters should boycott. Well, u would do good if u were a man competing against a female in a female competition. Absolutely ridiculous. How do feminists stand by and do nothing? Biological men should not be allowed to compete against biological women in a woman’s division. I think that everyone should be able to compete. A division for transgender individuals should be created.

I’m kind of embarrassed for those men who tired of being beat in their sports for other men decided to go through this to look for a medal. I am all team WOMEN in this, I hope that guy looses agains his grandma This is criminal. The dude is a dude, not a woman. Guess she couldn’t make it as a man.

This is ridiculous and should be handled before allowed to destroy women’s athletics. WTF Unacceptable OkDude ZubyMusic You go girl! Amazing I wish her good luck. So brave. You can't change your chromosomes. She's a boy with a boys muscles. This is cheating! Women while reading this article... realsteveyoung6 go get ya boy

It’s absolutely wrong Imagine dedicating your entire life to achieving greatness in your field and then having it snatched away from you by a man. You won’t have to. Just ask the silver and bronze medalists in weightlifting at the summer olympics. HE needs to go away, in no way, shape or form is he near to being a women. Shameful! How can he even be proud of a win?

Neat! Best of luck, Laurel! 🤙🏻 No... absolutely not. It's not fair. If somebody doesn't realize that then they have a different agenda Still a man. What about that trans MMA fighter that crushed a few women skulls true story!! They should allow real women to use steroids to level the playing field.

What a joke Rubbish! OkDude That’s a man, so... Olympics have to change guidelines. Woman = vagina, Man = Penis. Whatever you want to identify is irrelevant. In a related story, former MLB player Barry Bonds has requested admittance into the women's hall of fame. 'F**k Cooperstown', he was reported to have said. 'I hit 700 more home runs than all of my fellow woman combined' Geena Davis was unavailable for comment.

What a joke A girl or a boy? Got to love the Modern world and its utter state of confusion and chaos, a Man on a Quest to Qualify for a Women's team to compete against women in the Olympics Is that man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body? Either way, huh?

Disgusting. Dude, this is just wrong. Men are better women I remember years ago when the Olympics tested the blood of two Russian female participants, that they were disqualified for having too much testosterone levels. honestly all the women should boycott until this man is removed Everybody remember, the Olympics tests every participant’s blood to check their hormone levels in order to determine male from female. So there is no natural advantage here.

And here I thought I've seen it all To all the bigots in the comments. Hormone replacement therapy equals out the advantages/disadvantages trans athletes can have. Men should never be allowed to compete in women's sports. They have a physiological unfair advantage no matter how many hormones or drugs they've taken

Easy solution. Give the former bloke a trophy and give the biological woman a trophy. Problem solved Give her a bronze medal that identifies as a gold. How many actual female competitive weight lifters in New Zealand are having their life long dream of Olympic Gold stripped away from them because it this? How is this 'social justice?'

where are the feminist to fight against men taking sports away from women *his OIC is corrupt as evident in Russian Olympics and the shoddy construction...afterward there was enough $ in Putins coffers to invade Ukraine...follow the money So much for empowering women... These fraudsters are stealing awards away from deserving female athletes. Wokeville don't care, because Wokeville doesn't operate with logic.

men taking over womens sports stinkytcat1 Liberals are cowards. They are so afraid of being labeled as 'bigots' that they will tolerate and even applaud the most degenerate and destructive behaviors. Congratulations on destroying women's sports, you 'progressive' cowards.

Jeff Woad would have none of it. Imagine the size of his balls. wow she was doing so well, I wonder if she has some kind of natural advantage that makes her way stronger than other very strong and talented women who train at least as hard as she does. That would be crazy! Too crazy to even consider, IMO.

Actual women shouldn’t participate until this is handled properly Just wrong and totally anti-women’s rights This is so dumb. There’s a physical reason men and women’s sports are separated for fairness. Why have men’s and women’s sports at all if athletes can flip?

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Coronavirus Live Updates: Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care and the U.S. Death Toll Surpasses 10,000

Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order to postpone primary election and US Supreme Court blocks absentee ballot extension

10,000 dead of coronavirus in USA, more fatalities than six wars combined

People and pets help each other through coronavirus pandemic

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

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28 February 2020, Friday News

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St. Louis police officer pleads guilty in killing of fellow officer in deadly gun game

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care More than 10,000 people have died from coronavirus in the US Coronavirus Live Updates: Boris Johnson Moved to Intensive Care and the U.S. Death Toll Surpasses 10,000 Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order to postpone primary election and US Supreme Court blocks absentee ballot extension 10,000 dead of coronavirus in USA, more fatalities than six wars combined People and pets help each other through coronavirus pandemic British Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care Lady Gaga Helps Raise $35 Million for Coronavirus Relief Efforts Factbox: Reaction as UK PM Johnson moved to intensive care New York, New Jersey see early signs of coronavirus 'flattening' Free access to Times journalism for high schools. Coronavirus live updates: US death toll over 9,600