Weather, Tornado Flattens Buildings İn Jonesboro, Arkansas - Cnn

Weather, Tornado Flattens Buildings İn Jonesboro

Tornado flattens buildings in Jonesboro, Arkansas

A tornado struck Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Saturday afternoon, flattening buildings and overturning vehicles, CNN affiliate KAIT reported.

3/29/2020 2:04:00 AM

A tornado struck Jonesboro, Arkansas, flattening buildings and overturning vehicles, CNN affiliate KAIT reported. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

A tornado struck Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Saturday afternoon, flattening buildings and overturning vehicles, CNN affiliate KAIT reported.

Jonesboro E-911 Director Jeff Presley told KAIT the Mall at Turtle Creek was damaged and authorities were conducting searches in the area.Just arrived on Caraway. A lot of damage. Working on injuries @Region8News— Jurnee Taylor (@_JurneeTaylor) March 28, 2020 Images posted on social media from the scene showed broken walls on the exterior of the mall, a house heavily damaged, several overturned vehicles, commercial buildings knocked down and debris scattered across parking lots. There were no immediate reports on injuries in the town located about 130 miles northeast of Little Rock. KAIT reported the mayor ordered a 7 p.m. curfew.5:20 PM-Here is a look at the tornado that intensified and moved through Jonesboro, AR this evening around 5 PM. @NWSMemphis continues to monitor this storm as it moves northeast, very dangerous! #arwx

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— NWS Little Rock (@NWSLittleRock) March 28, 2020 The storm moved across Jonesboro around 5 p.m., according to a video posted by the National Weather Service in Little Rock.Read MoreArkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said via his verified Twitter that he is"paying close attention to the report of a tornado hit in Jonesboro. I know there is property damage. Just praying all is safe."Tornado watches for parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Severe weather had been forecast across the Midwest and Upper Mississippi River Valley on Saturday.The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center issued a rare"Particularly Dangerous Situation" tornado watch for parts of the Midwest through Saturday night. These storms, which could produce hail the size of baseballs or larger along with damaging 70-plus mph winds, threaten about 5 million people, CNN meteorologists said.The states most at risk were Iowa, Missouri and Illinois. That's where long-track, intense and multiple tornadoes could develop during the afternoon and continuing into the evening.Overall, 70 million Americans face the threat of severe weather, CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said. The greatest threat for a significant weather outbreak covers roughly 45,000 square miles, including Chicago metro area.The weather service issued the first of several tornado watches for parts of Iowa, Illinois and Missouri Saturday afternoon and more serious tornado warning for Stuart and other towns west of Des Moines.Nice video of the tornado that occurred just after 2 PM today south of Bridgewater/Fontanelle in Adair County. #iawx

— NWS Des Moines (@NWSDesMoines) March 28, 2020 In a tweet, the weather service reported a funnel cloud with a brief tornado touchdown 6 miles southeast of Fontanelle moving northeast. No other details were available.A tweet on Saturday from the weather service said some cities at risk of severe storms are Little Rock, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Columbus, Tennessee; and Madison Wisconsin.Here are a number of methods to receive #severe #weather #warnings this afternoon and evening. As a significant severe weather outbreak appears very likely for parts of the #Midwest, which includes strong #tornadoes, large #hail and damaging #winds.

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Tornado Rips Through Arkansas Town, Leaves Trail of Destruction BehindRight in the middle of quarantine, a tornado tore through a city in Arkansas. i Someone needs to edit your story -- AR is short for Arkansas, AK is short for Alaska. Step it up!! Arkansas is AR, Alaska is AK.

Tornado Strikes Jonesboro, Ark., Causing Injuries, Official SaysA tornado struck Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Saturday evening, injuring some people and damaging a mall, local business and an airport, according to the authorities. 'Just praying all is safe,' Gov. Asa Hutchinson tweeted.

Midwest braces for dangerous severe weather and possible tornado outbreak SaturdayViolent storms could threaten Chicago, but the greatest tornado risk is expected to its southwest.

Significant severe weather outbreak forecasted, tornadoes possibleWEATHER: A major storm is quickly intensifying in the central U.S. and will bring a significant severe weather outbreak to parts of the Midwest Saturday afternoon and evening—including the threat for dangerous, significant, long-track tornadoes. But...but this is just going to blow COVID-19 all over the place! 😲 And so starts the storm, pestilence, and plague season in biblical proportions. Get rid of Trump and it all goes away Nature knows what’s best ...

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What Will It Take to Flatten the Coronavirus Curve?Flattening the curve is the quest to slow transmissions of Covid-19 so the accumulating number of infections looks like a gentle slope instead of a vertiginous spike. The matter is urgent, according to infectious-disease experts who have modeled strategies to slow the spread. Well get rid of stupid people like Governor Reeves in Mississippi- he rejected a shelter in place and the state’s cases are on the rise... A good start would be for you wsj to refrain from spreading Trump’s bad and dangerous lies about this virus. It will take a potus that listens to experts rather than his pollsters, who cares abt citizens more than his power, who won't let people die because he hates his predecessor. And it will take media doing more than repeating his lies...