'Top Gun: Maverick' soars to big second weekend, crosses $500 million worldwide

6/5/2022 7:00:00 PM

A week after taking off at the box office, 'Top Gun: Maverick' is still flying high.

A week after taking off at the box office, 'Top Gun: Maverick' is still flying high.

A week after taking off at the box office, 'Top Gun: Maverick' is still flying high.

New York (CNN Business)A week after taking off at the box office,"Top Gun: Maverick" is still flying high.of Thursday”s flypast of Buckingham Palace by aircraft from the Royal Navy and the RAF could essentially equate to free advertising for Maverick while the market has a four-day holiday.(opens in new tab) Just when we were beginning to lose all faith in the Hollywood dream machine,"Top Gun: Maverick" delivers a triumphant crowd-pleaser that hits every emotional note and never descends into nostalgic sentimentality or rides on the famed coattails of its 1986 predecessor.When the original Top Gun was released in 1986, Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise’s chemistry on-screen as Iceman and Maverick was an instant hit.

The sequel to the 1986 blockbuster — which has Tom Cruise's Pete"Maverick" Mitchell teach a new set of recruits about the need for speed — made an estimated $86 million domestically in its second weekend, according to Paramount (PGRE).That's a drop of just 32% from the film's record setting opening last weekend.7M through Thursday.That type of a drop for a blockbuster is pretty remarkable since most are front loaded — making a lot of their money in the opening weekend.Co-starring with Cruise is a squadron of talented actors including Miles Teller ("Whiplash,""The Offer") as Lt."Maverick" notched the lowest percent change for any film that's opened to $100 million, according to Paramount.I personally know people who have seen it multiple times here.To put the second weekend of"Maverick" into further context, other major films such as May's"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" dropped 67% in its second weekend and March's"The Batman" dropped 50%, according to Comscore (SCOR).A company named Sonantic developed the voice AI that Kilmer uses.

Read MoreGlobally, the film has earned $548.Just behind France, and Japan are tied at $15.Tom Cruise reprises his Maverick role in"Top Gun: Maverick.6 million so far, according to Paramount.Val Kilmer was once one of Hollywood's biggest stars.The Middle East is at $9.'Top Gun: Maverick' could be his last roleWhy the film — which also stars Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm — has retained much of its draw makes sense considering that it has notched acclaim from both critics and audiences.While acting as strike team leader for a suicide-type mission to destroy a rogue nation’s uranium factory in a perilous mountain setting, Maverick finds closure and purpose while inspiring a younger generation to reach for their personal bests in the most dangerous of conditions.The film garnered a 97% score on review site Rotten Tomatoes from critics and a perfect"A+" CinemaScore from audiences.1M.This allowed them to bring his voice to life within the movie.

It also had relatively no competition at the box office this weekend.However, that will change next week when Universal's"Jurassic World: Dominion" hits theaters.The Joseph Kosinski-directed film is appealing to all demos, even moviegoers who weren’t around for the original need for speed, and legs are showing up as older demos come out for a movie with mega word of mouth.But how refreshing is it to have your faith restored like a baptismal awakening, cleansed in the transcendent waters of smart filmmaking where emotional payoffs arise from carefully drawn characters in an engaging screenplay? Miles Teller as Lt.Yet, the success of"Maverick" so far can't be overstated.The film made $160.5 million domestically for its four-day opening over Memorial Day last weekend — a new record for biggest opening over the holiday.

It was easily Cruise's biggest debut at the box office in his 40-year career and marks the star's first $100 million opening."Maverick" was supposed to hit theaters in 2020, but was delayed multiple times because of the pandemic.While other theatrical films pivoted to streaming,"Maverick" waited until audiences could experience it on the big screen — a strategy Cruise was adamant about.So far, that strategy has helped"Maverick" hit heights rarely seen by other films..

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It's terrible. Don't bother Cannot beat the 1st Top Gun! Why oh why, didn’t evensee the first one, love action movie, not a fan of blue eyes,… That’s impressive but what are we doing America? I did enjoyed it! It took me to the past and helped me enjoyed the present. a me fa solo venire in mente la strage impunita del Cermis del 1998 in Italia.

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