‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Is Actually the Gayest Movie of the Year

6/5/2022 12:43:00 PM

'If you want to be an ally this #Pride, go see 'Top Gun: Maverick'' @kpfallon writes

'If you want to be an ally this Pride, go see 'Top Gun: Maverick'' kpfallon writes

Everything we can’t stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture.

set a love scene to “Take My Breath Away” while sheer linen curtains billow in the background was not a gay.For years now, I’ve had a very strict policy when it comes to seeing movies in theaters: IMAX, or I don’t go.of Thursday”s flypast of Buckingham Palace by aircraft from the Royal Navy and the RAF could essentially equate to free advertising for Maverick while the market has a four-day holiday.When the original Top Gun was released in 1986, Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise’s chemistry on-screen as Iceman and Maverick was an instant hit.

And it was homoeroticism in overdrive between the pilots.As we all know, there is nothing gayer in this world than straight men.Contents I know that an IMAX-only policy sounds elitist and entitled, and it is.Every interaction between these characters lived up to that truth.The movie is benefiting from coverage of the Cannes Film Festival premiere and the love-in there for Cruise.That’s a lot for Top Gun: Maverick to live up to, and it delivered.I’m fortunate enough to have a 65-inch TV at home and a pretty decent Dolby Atmos home theater sound system.It delivered a proud successor to the volleyball scene with the shirtless football game, played in the surf at twilight, canonically the gayest time of the day.A company named Sonantic developed the voice AI that Kilmer uses.

It gave us shirtless 59-year-old Tom Cruise, looking better than ever, as part of that game—grace notes of Daddy on top of an already homoerotic scene.The kind of movies that demand to be seen on the big screen.Just behind France, and Japan are tied at $15.The score of the film is a constant tease of a Lady Gaga power ballad , which finally explodes at the end as the audience has just been moved to tears.The major plot involves generational trauma, and, let’s face it, there’s nothing gayer than that.This policy means that I go to the theaters way less than I used to.All of this is to say, if you want to be an ally this Pride Month, go see Top Gun: Maverick.7M, Germany at $9M, Brazil at $7M, and Mexico and Italy at 6.No, This Music Video Is the Gayest Thing This Week Some say it’s awful the way that brands and corporations parachute into activism for the 30 days of Pride Month, put some rainbow flags on things, and Hoover up the queer dollars before ignoring the community for the next 11 months.My Top Gun: Maverick experience was a reminder of why that matters, and why I urge you to go see this movie in an IMAX theater, if you can.This allowed them to bring his voice to life within the movie.

After experiencing “ Taste So Good (The Cann Song) ” and its music video this week, I say to brands: Never stop.The description alone on this video is already legendary.The more of our field of vision an image occupies, the more real and immersive it feels.The Joseph Kosinski-directed film is appealing to all demos, even moviegoers who weren’t around for the original need for speed, and legs are showing up as older demos come out for a movie with mega word of mouth.“For #PrideMonth, queer-owned brand Cann, in partnership with Weedmaps, brought together trailblazing LGBTQ+ artists, advocates and allies for an iconic music video celebrating queer love, inclusivity and cannabis.” That is certainly a collection of words! But three of them are more important than the rest—“iconic music video”—a tease that this 100 percent lives up to.In other words, to see anything but the screen, you’d need to turn your head and look away.Screenshot I don’t know what in the name of Judy Garland is happening, but somehow the cannabis beverage company Cann managed an absolutely absurd assemblage of celebrities including Gus Kenworthy, Kornbread from RuPaul’s Drag Race , Sarah Michelle Gellar (?), and Patricia Arquette (?!?!?) to don latex bodysuits and perform choreography while singing along to a dance track that extols the virtues of this drink.

This is what Pride means to me.I won’t be revealing any spoilers when I tell you that 100% of the reason to see Top Gun: Maverick, are the flight sequences.Wrong, This Video Is the Gayest Thing This Week That said, there is no greater skewering of the commoditization of Pride than comedian and Hacks.

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