Top general: U.S. maybe not doing enough to stop Russia in Afghanistan

Gen. Mark Milley told Congress Thursday the Trump admin is 'perhaps not' doing 'as much as we could' to stop Russia from aiding U.S. foes in Afghanistan.

7/9/2020 10:53:00 PM

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells Congress that the Trump admin. is 'perhaps not' doing 'as much as we could or should' to deter Russia and other foreign powers from providing support to America's enemies in Afghanistan.

Gen. Mark Milley told Congress Thursday the Trump admin is 'perhaps not' doing 'as much as we could' to stop Russia from aiding U.S. foes in Afghanistan.

01:50"I can tell you that some of that is done. Are we doing as much as we could or should? Perhaps not. Not only to the Russians, but to others. But a lot of it is being done. Some of it's quiet, Some of it's not so quiet."Both Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who also testified at the hearing,

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said the military was looking into the intelligence that the Russians had offered payments to the Taliban as an incentive to kill Americans, but both said military intelligence agencies had cast doubt on those reports, and they had seen no indication that any American was killed as a result of a so-called bounty program.

However, they acknowledged Russia had been supporting the Taliban for years, and Milley's comment was a concession the U.S. has not pushed back as hard as it could. It's unclear whether President Donald Trump has ever raised the issue in his many conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Although Thursday’s hearing was ostensibly about the military’s role in quelling protests, several lawmakers asked about the intelligence about Russian bounties, first reported June 26 by The New York Times. The members said they had received a classified briefing on the intelligence before their hearing.

Esper said no intelligence report he saw used the term “bounty,” although he later acknowledged the reports described payments. He said no military spy agency had corroborated the intelligence, which officials have said was developed largely by the CIA.

He said he first learned about the intelligence in February, and that the military first saw it in January.Both officials said the military and intelligence agencies continue to investigate the question of incentive payments to the Taliban by Russian intelligence officers. NBC News has reported that the CIA assigned its assessment of the intelligence a moderate confidence level, meaning plausible and credibly sourced but less than certain. The National Security Agency, the Pentagon’s digital spying arm, gave a lower confidence level, and Esper said other military intelligence agencies did as well.

“We’re going to dig into this. We’re going to get to the bottom of it, this bounty thing,” Milley said. “if in fact there’s bounties directed by the government of Russia or any of their institutions to kill American soldiers, that’s a big deal. We don’t have that level of fidelity yet.”

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Courtney KubeCourtney Kube is a correspondent covering national security and the military for the NBC News Investigative Unit. Read more: NBC News »

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Putting national security into the hands of an imbecile like this vermin means its a near statistical certainty the USA is doomed. He needs to resign at the very least. His grasp of a situation is as tenuous as an armless ape! So you're just now getting this!!? Maybe the generals should admit in public what they've been saying in private!

Nice he is veing SO HONEST WITH HIS VIEWPOINT. He’ll be FIRED BY THE END OF NEXT WEEK by the MORON faux President. Poor guy should just Retire ASAP so he doen’t lose his career retirement benefits. Thsnks for your service. Why are we still there.... Anything to make us stay in afg for another twenty years. Just as Trump was about to take us out this bulshit bounty story comes out and millitary contractors win again. Pathetic.

Well excuse me General, can you tell us what exactly the fuck you are doing to deter Russia? He has the authority to make certain decisions or implement guidance! Why is Gen Milley not doing it then? Perhaps? What dorsTeump have on all these “strong” men? Perhaps Gen. Miley istn as patriotic as he thinks he is?

Try NOTHING..trump is doing NOTHING to stop Russia because he works for Putin. um, ya, perhaps! no fxcking shit And there it is. They want to stop Trump from leaving Afghanistan. That's what the leak about Russian bounties was all about. Of course you have the morons that hate Trump and are going to push for MORE WAR because orange man is bad.

JustWhatNowWhy Gee, do you think?!? Last time I checked NOTHING is, perhaps, less than AS MUCH AS WE COULD OR SHOULD. Goddammittohell these people. Respect the office of the president by speaking out against the disgraceful imbecile who’s currently occupying the .WhiteHouse. Or we’re doomed. figured that out huh?

And the Understatement of the Year Award goes to... Didn’t Russia already try invading Afghanistan when it was apart of the communist led USSR. Perhaps not? I understand the whole CiC mindset but when does the country and constitution kick in? PattyArquette Ya think? PattyArquette Time for change. “...of 976 currently serving generals in the U.S. military, only 69 are female...only 19 currently serving female generals in the Army,”

PattyArquette 'Perhaps'? 'Maybe'? tRUmp has screwed the pooch and we're going to be left with the puppies! PattyArquette GOPCowards TrumpKnewAndDidNothing TrumpKnewAboutRussianBounty PattyArquette Of course we aren't cause Trump is a Russian agent. PattyArquette The American government allows it because it provides an excuse for an ongoing and lengthy confrontation. Our economy is designed to profit from the sale and manufacture of weapons of war.

We aren’t doing anything and it’s not nearly enough. MAYBE?! jbrown11871 Wow! How to defend and protect the men and women in your charge-Time for you to leave too. RosieM1919 Why do none of these men have any balls? tyrion1 What a mealy mouthed milk toast answer. 'Perhaps not'?! Fucking coward. Like hiring them for odd jobs like hunting expeditions.

More news from the Biden campaign. So much money paid to for information manipulation. ScutiUy Anyone see a pattern here? FFS! Ya’ think? He’s letting Russia get away with putting bounties on our soldiers!! How about we get the fuck out of Afghanistan? Openmind67 Ya think? Resign fat man! Perhaps Milley and Yesper are still covering for Trump and shouldn't be in the positions they hold.

Trump has placed more sanctions on Russia than Obama-Biden ever did. Trump killed more Russians in Syria. Gave lethal military aid to Ukraine unlike Obama. And the Obama-Biden administration approved the sale of US uranium reserves to Russia. Perhaps not BabiesR4 Perhaps. They teach you that word in boot camp?

aplemkseriously Ouch. aplemkseriously Nice to finally hear a voice. Hope you don't get the full Vindman treatment TheRealErinLynn perhaps, a coward yes man When can a coward, draft dodger, fake bone spurs, moron and Chief. Can make life and death decisions for our Military? Truly there’s something frighteningly, and horribly wrong with this occurrence. Normal and Common Sense is certainly missing in action.

“Perhaps” Ya think! They all are helping the psychopath in chief ignore real issues and pretend they don’t exist The COVID virus, the bounty on soldiers, Americans sick at the 3rd worst rate in the world! Trump is a complete failure and he and the GOP enables him!GOPTraitors QuareFellas What the hell kind of bullshit is this He didn't know about the tear gas photo-op & he thinks 'perhaps' And, he's a General?

ve10ve He’s a trump butt licker He couldn’t speakout for LtCol Vinnman’s promotion, nor the slaughter of American soldiers in Afghanistan, and was dragged into the military turmoil in Lafayette Park like a wooden pull toy as military helicopters straffed civilians. missb62 'Perhaps' President will not let them

LisbethFarnum1 Perhaps? Another coward. They are killing your soldiers General with impunity and for sport. What are you going to do about it? As I thought. Get ready for retirement. Biden is taking names of those who enable this orange cretin, and you are high on the list. Maybe not doing enough to get the troops the hell out of Bacha Bazi land.... our taxpayer dollars being frittered away

hey milley aint that your job Jesus christ, you know your career is over, at least tell the truth and stop wishy washing. Go out with some integrity. Reminds me of the story Stone Soup. That’s an overly diplomatic way to put it? How about “Russia is attacking our troops” by bribing the Taliban? That about sums it up!

Really Fake News by NBC News the DNC propaganda outfit. Putting it nicely We already knew that! Who gave 400 billion to Iran? Who gave 20% of US uranium to Russia? Who supplied guns to Mexican drug cartels that killed Americans? Yeah. Milley & Def/Sec Mark Esper, testified and said the military was looking into the intelligence, but both said military intelligence agencies had cast doubt on those reports, and they had seen no indication that any American was killed as a result. HAHAHA exactly as Trump Said.

ScotMackRI Strong but not strong enough Perhaps?!!? If our CHAIRMAN is this soft and lame when it comes to defending our military he needs to GTFO!! Every soldier in every branch & their families should be enraged that there has been NO RESPONSE to this utter betrayal. TRAITORS!! 🧙‍♂️ Gee, ya think ?

Because we don't want more war in Afghanistan or anywhere else. That's the point. Nice word salad he did there. Basically, they haven't done a damn thing. My sons, other people's children, parents, family, and friends who are serving are in danger. This country told them serving was a great honor and that we protect each other as they protect us. Lies.

Hmmm ya think!!! rhonda_harbison Ya think? Duh! Of course Russia want afganistan, their war in Afghanistan, combined with the Chernobyl, ulitmatly led to the U.S.S.R’s. Down fall and then ration of the US backed Mujahideen which would later turn in to the Taliban Love the misleading clickbait headline taken out of context. This is why we hate you.

The entire NBC News room, Rachael Maddow, Al Sharpton and the author of this garbage as well as General fatass should be sent to Afganistan immediately to resolve the issue at ground level. Enough if this endless boondoggle. bissygumdrops Could someone please get the trump turds out of this poor man’s mouth?

General Milley and you critics, the damn military budget is pretty much underfunded or reduced. We barely have enough for defense let alone aggression!! YOU ARE A GENERAL. Act like one ffs Duh. Reeealy. GenMark09745216 Fun news Think this falls under the heading 'No-fucking-shit!' 'PERHAPS' GEN MARK MILLEY [CHAIRMAN OF THE JT CHIEFS OF STAFF] IS A BIG 'STINKING' LIMP WIMP!!!

Listen to the newest! Enjoy “I don’t wanna stop” on Apple Music. (RTSmusic) That 'perhaps' is doing a lot of heavy lifting, Mark. And he’s resigning this month !! Why wouldn't the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces care enough about the patriots under his command to protect their safety and their families?

Does any one know who is really the enemy of all the countries in the world? This evil empire has killed hundreds thousands of people indirectly! The number is stil rising! Gee, do ya think? Says the filthy rich drug lord. Of course he wants support for Afghanistan, that's were all his $$$$ comes from - heroine. Using our service men and women to guard the fields of poppies and then making them transport it back to the US. He's a pos traitor.

thejointstaff How milk toasty. Maybe that’s something he could have mentioned THREE YEARS AGO. Trumpledforeskin is having a very bad day, I’m happy to say! Well his career is probably over. realDonaldTrump does not accept constructive criticism from experts. He pouts and fires them. You did the same to the Soviets

What are these cowards afraid of, a little bully like Trump he's going to lose and take every one of you Republicans down with him. The hell you say What a limp statement from JCS. Yeah....? Mr Arse Trump, the walls a caving in on you.!!! Ya think? Can he explain why we are still there, after 19 YEARS? What is the mission? And at what COST?

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Well no shit Sherlock. Yeah. We know. Not surprising since Trump has a little red bat phone to Putin so he doesn't want to be seen as upsetting his puppet master They shouldn't give him any more of our Intelligence Fuck this traitor Biden dismantles Trump in just 30 seconds Oh really?

UN Council rejects Russia bid to limit Syrian aid deliveriesThe U.N. Security Council has overwhelmingly rejected a Russian resolution that would have cut back the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria’s mainly rebel-held northwest to just one crossing point from Turkey. Dodgecoin can hit $20,000 this year like Bitcoin did in my opinion! Join the DogeTrain dogecointiktokchallenge Exactly how did the United States vote? What a despicable disgusting horrid question I have to ask about my own country! don't call pro-American terrs a «mainly rebels» since YOU ARE JOURNALIST

Biden slams Trump on coronavirus, Russia: 'Commander in chief who doesn’t command anything'Joe Biden slams President Trump on coronavirus, Russia: 'Commander in chief who doesn't command anything' That's a good line. Joe is figuring out how this talking thing works. Joe Biden.... the best the Democrats have? Get the Fuck out of here!!! If he made the comments in an online speech, why are you showing a photo of him speaking in public? To make people believe that he is out there campaigning? Are we really going do this whole 'Media running the entire campaign for the democratic party' again?

Russia Denies Allegations It Paid Militants To Kill U.S. Troops As 'Nonsense'A bounty program on U.S. soldiers would constitute a 'massive escalation' in Moscow's testy relations with Washington, says one Russia expert. A Russian lawmaker asks: 'What would we get out of this?' I wouldn’t trust Russia as far as I could throw a potato sack BountyGateAintGoingAway In case you missed it 9 years ago. They have been attempting to kill american troops for awhile. I can lead all your coverage on it if you like. This is one from PBS

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Russia accuses former defense reporter of treason in growing crackdown on journalistsIvan Safronov, a Russian ex-journalist, has been charged with treason for allegedly spying for the U.S. and Czech Republic. Russia-US relations will be so controversial in the next years Fear is conditioned into us from young age. How to overcome your fears.. Trump is gonna applaud this.

Russia digs trench around Siberian village to enforce COVID quarantineRussian authorities have dug a trench around a remote Siberian village to enforce a quarantine, after dozens of residents contracted the coronavirus, which local officials believe was spread at a traditional shaman ritual. That's not much of a trench. it looks like Trump's wall, Leicester.