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Top Democrats woo Black voters in Virginia governor's race

'Voting is an act of faith.' In Virginia, voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams urged Black churchgoers to turn out for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the governor's election next month. McAuliffe faces GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in a tight race.

10/18/2021 5:12:00 AM

'Voting is an act of faith.' In Virginia , voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams urged Black churchgoers to turn out for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the governor's election next month. McAuliffe faces GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin in a tight race.

NORFOLK , Va. (AP) — Voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams on Sunday urged Black churchgoers to turn out for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in next month's Virginia governor's election, saying that what happens in the most watched race this year will “show the world who we are' in future contests with even higher stakes.

last week featuring Steve Bannon, a longtime Trump strategist.Abrams told the congregations that in McAuliffe’s first term as governor, he increased funding for education and ensured that tens of thousands of former felons and others who had been removed from voter rolls had their right to the ballot box restored.

“I know you get tired of being called a bellwether state but I’m going to tell you — as someone from one of those newly purplish states — we’ve got to look to you for wisdom,” she said, referring to once reliably Republican Georgia backing Biden and two Democratic senators last cycle.

During a subsequent stop, Abrams appealed to her audience: “What you say in 2021 will show the world who we are in 2022 and 2024 and beyond.”At Faith Deliverance Christian Center, where congregants gathered in a gymnasium, the pastor, Sharon Riley, thanked Abrams for not being elected Georgia governor because “we now see that God had a plan” and that Abrams’ work since in defense of voting rights has made her one of the “most significant” people in the nation.

Abrams said when she first began running for office, she felt mixing politics and church was bad. But, she said, her mother eventually reminded her that “politics is always in the church” and her father said that the Bible “is one of the most intense political texts ever written.”

“Voting is an act of faith,” Abrams said. “I need you to do the job.”___ This story has been updated to correct that last week’s Trump Virginia rally featured Steve Bannon rather than being organized by him and to remove reference to Youngkin calling into that rally.

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Tell me to vote. Tell me what issues matter. Do not tell me who to vote for. It definitely is if you don't know it will count or if whoever is on charge of the mailing changes it on you. We live in a false meritocracy where the little beleevees of the haves informs the deservees of the have-nots. So tenants have a tougher go of it than the (white) landed

Yes, clearly breaking the law. Thank God we have dodged the bullet of her ever being elected to anything. Won’t those churches be surprised when their tax status is re-examined. Keep voting for the same team even tho nothing changes in your favor… classic democrats They slam the church then make it the go to for getting votes. Dangerous 🤡

staceyabrams is a tireless, courageous fighter for Democracy. Thank you for all you do! 'Voting is an act of faith, but you can only vote for who I tell you to' Why doesn’t she and her team just fill out ballots for them and ensure they check Democrat wether they want to or not like she did in the last election? Besides I thought Democrats loathed people who believe in god? Oh wait they are useful now!

I don't think so! It's an act of conscience and who appointed her pastor of the state of Virginia! StacyAbrams He didn’t do anything the first time he was governor but keep Virginia down he won’t do anything this time time for a change Faith is an act of faith. Voting is not.

Top Democrats Woo Black Voters In Virginia Governor’s Race Voting rights advocate Stacey Abrams stumped for Democrat Terry McAuliffe at churches in Norfolk . Which is just latest example of campaigning in churches in this race. Here's report on other church campaign stops:

If God doesn't judge America soon, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. Judging by many commenters here they didn't read the dam article. She wasn't IN a church. But many at the stage where this was set are CHURCH goers. I would be livid if it was at a church. As Church's should have nothing to do with politics.

🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 Don’t really get it.Why “ woo black voters “? They pretty much vote Democrat . Isn't Stacey disgusted that she helped the senile absent minded win the 2020 electoral contest with attendant leadership flops epitomized by AfghanistanDisaster & Southern border crisis? Those following her instruction must live on parallel universe

Herd your sheep. Make them do what you say. Very odd So, so true! No matter who you vote for-call your Senator to protect ALL OUR votes & elections-pass FreedomtoVote Act to ensure Congress works for YOU & ME again by reducing political corruption that has led us here. We want safety of Bangladeshi Hindus. savehindus savehindutemples savehindufestivals stopcommunalattack bangladeshisanataniwantsafety wedemandsafety wedemandjustice savesanatanitemples saveourcommunity savehumanity savebangladeshisanatani savesanatani

No its not staceyabrams/! Voting is an exchange! You give me my Black policies & I give you my vote! Y'all DoNothingForBlackPeopleDems need to stop this! WeNotStupid NoBlackAgendaNoVote & in my case NoBlackChildWelfareReformNoVote! AbolishCPS RepealASFA TagiSpeaks Lady Liberty 🗽 votes Democrat.. trump and Republican leaders trashing CDC guidance and destroying the US constitution equates to treason and attack on the US economy equates toilet tissue money

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Matthew Shepard ❤️never got the chance for an equal life - his life was taken away from him 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+….wake the fck up time to fcking register time to fcking VOTE time to take active part and oppose the ones opposing us… Do it for Matthew ❤️ There are about 100k Ethio-Americans in VA.They are not going to vote for TerryMcAuliffe He is working against Ethiopians n not even willing to talk.Democrats r so disconnected with the community.They only want to engage when there is election. Ethiopians are for GlennYoungkin

Democrats love blackface Terry I'm sure Stacy will count their votes whether they vote or not. Stacy Abrams moved to Virginia? Sweet! What have you done for us lately? Where is the line of demarcation as to where the realm of separation of Church and State is in question? Regardless of church or affiliation isn’t there a point where tax exemptions should be reconsidered? I see this every election cycle on both sides and I question it.

Illegal Gotta get that gullible vote. They'll believe anything

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If you are putting any faith in a politician, I’d suggest you brace yourself for disappointment. Terry McAuliffe is out here trying to pass off universal proposals as a Black Agenda. And this is who Stacy Abrams is promoting to Black People. 😒 DownBallot Reparations Correction 🚨Top Democrats woo “All” Voters 🗳

🗳💙🗳💙 Black people are slowly turning against the Democratic party and it is absolutely freaking them out. Why is it a tight race? Biden won it by 10 points. rolandsmartin God knew we would need Stacey Abrams. We need to help her now. Kudos to Stacey Abrams for continuing her dedication to promoting Democratic policies and encouraging Democrats, especially black Democrats to hurry to the polls to help elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe into office.

Her faith.

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Yeeeeeee vote for more more of the same!!!! Which means absolutely nothing for black voters. Separation of church and state? If the shoe was on the other foot, oh my!

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