Top Conservative Lawyers Steer Clear Of Trump's Latest Legal Fight - Cnnpolitics

Top Conservative Lawyers Steer Clear Of Trump's Latest Legal Fight - Cnnpolitics

Top conservative lawyers steer clear of Trump's latest legal fight

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10/13/2021 11:57:00 PM

A number of high-powered lawyers who've represented Trump in the past are sitting out his latest legal battle, as the former President prepares to assert executive privilege to block congressional investigators from getting information on the Capitol riot

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Man this guy is so imbedded in your minds it's hilarious. 'Классика жанра', в этом и ответ... Please stop giving this clown attention. Oh wait I forgot negative press is still press and the more negative the better. It's all about the clicks and I fell for it 😭 Classic narcissist- he cannot bring himself to acknowledge the fact that he is no longer in charge. How different history would be if we had the knowledge that we do now about mental illness in generations past.

FBI and DOJ total failure Trump lawyers all ended in jail and master Trump who orchestrate all including cheating IRS for hundreds of millions enjoys Florida sun and plan to run again for President. May God have mercy on America. Sometimes the skunk stink won’t wash off. Just saying. Another trump story. Great job cnn. Great job. Any news from the most Transparent President? No bc he dodged s.

Biden is a complete disaster and CNN focuses on President Trump? Are you paying attention yet? But why want to block this if he’s done nothing wrong? Wouldn’t that be guilty by default? Why can't everyone stay clear of him, the person? January6th SelectCommittee January6thInsurrection So... It is now a 'riot' rather than a 'coup' or 'insurrection?' I'm just glad it wasn't a 'peaceful protest.' That would have been pretty nasty. Businesses around where I live are still boarded up after that...

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I can POTUS45 is simply a man of Violence THE ONLY THING TRUMPSTERS LOVE MORE THAN FASCISM IS SELF ENRICHMENT Well it's like~ Once bitten Twice shy TrumpIsBroke Better.. knowing what kind of crap they face... He'll have to seek a klan lawyer... lol Out of a comic book. Imagine that: A guy who tried to mount a coup against democratically elected representatives wanting to assert 'executive privilege' to obstruct an investigation.

🗣because they can’t bill the government for their fees. No doubt some of these attorneys have helped their cause pro bono regardless of Frump, but maybe they’re getting scruples about what documents historically bare their signatures. Ok, I'm Canadian and dont understand USA politics If your not president how can you assert exec. Privledge?

That’s why his lawyers have to think twice to represent him. Who ever represent him in the court room, they have to win his court case first before he pays them, otherwise he’ll not pay them and lost their identity or license. You can see what’s happening in the riots.👎👎👎

WSJ News Exclusive | Trump Close to a Deal to Sell Marquee Washington, D.C., HotelFormer President Donald Trump’s family company is in advanced discussions to sell the rights to its opulent Washington, D.C., hotel in a deal worth more than $370 million, say people familiar with the matter Best way to market a Trump property now is to remove the Trump name. Exceptionally smart move because now that mr. Trump is no longer president booking will go down 'Say people familiar with the matter' Lmao...THIS is reporting, citing sources? THIS substitutes as legitimate news? My the bar has been lowered.

Talk is very cheap, I see no action on democrats side, it remains me of my pillow guy moving the goalposts on trumps reinstatement They are tired of losing.

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