TOMORROW X TOGETHER Celebrate 2 Years as a Group

TOMORROW X TOGETHER are ringing in two years together as a group

3/4/2021 3:24:00 AM

TOMORROW X TOGETHER are ringing in two years together as a group

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is ringing in two years together as a group on Wednesday (March 3).

Minisode1: Blue Hour reached the same peak on the chart in 2020.) Read more: billboard »

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TXT_members TXT_bighit Villa with sea view near Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, the paradise of Vietnam, Price 8 million dollars/unit. If there is a need, contact me email: I appreciate the effort made, but there are multiple versions of this photo, including the newest one for 2021. As fandom we just want people to see them grow, instead of getting the same impression every time.

TXT WORLD NOMINATION ✨ TXT_members Bestie the picture again.... PLS IDK IF YOU CAN USE EVERY PICTURE OR YOU HAVE TO OAY FOR IT BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT'S BEEN OVER 2 YEARS, USE SOME OTHER PIC alguien necesita superar y poner otra foto Don't you think that a more actualized photo would be better? Soobins_Ear BITCH THEY STILL USING THE SAME PIC COME ON ITS BEEN TWO YEARS

Kings y sigues usando la misma foto 😭😭 TXTNewsBrasil troca essa foto pelo amor de deus Bestie!! does your ph has no storage should I give my SD card? Bestie hay fotos recientes más mamalonas para tus artículos Billboard really loves using this photo😂 i cant even be serious about it anymore😂😂😂 lots of time we tweeted them there are different photos of txt but yeah they still continue with this one😂😂😂 like i sus maybe billboard shot this photo soooo...

Oh my god please heres newer pictures that you can use please please 😭😭💀💀 And this is important why? dimepc_ TXT having a billboard article from billboard. WOW. and you're still using that pic bestie try to find new txt picture challenge: FAILED Why do you always use that picture You can change it to a newer one. I know it's a legendary picture because of debut. But, this is 2021 not 2019 anymore 😭😭😭😭

EXACTLY it's been 2 YEARS why are you still using this picture 😭 the same pic no uses esa foto no ves q soy sensible Fotonya masih aja yg ini, pdahal dah di upgrade woi😭 dm me for updated group pictures 4th gen leaders😌 Tpi klo di pikir pikir billboard juga baik lho dia ngingetin kita pas awal pertama kali jumpa dgn 5 price ini dan membawa kita utk flashback beberapa thn yg lalu, so sweet thank you billboard 💙

Billboard i heve this photo for you You can use this photo for your article Please why do you still use this picutre. Use this one instead. ppspsppspspssp, bestie, ppspsppspspssp, use this pspspps EXACTLY ITS BEEN TWO YEARS JUST DOWNLOAD ANOTHER PICTURE will they change the picture?💀💀 we have new ones lmao

Thank you for the article. They've worked really hard the last two years. sighs here we go again TXT_bighit does have an updated press kit? If not, please send them one asap. They need some updated pictures. ♥️😉 YUHUU soobinicycream bestie how many times do i have to tell you to change the header mf WE HAVE NEW PICTURES FOR YOU BUDDY

use another pic damn.. I think when they get 40, you are going to use this same picture 😒 *SIGH* Si sabes que existe miles de fotos no? TXT_members AGAIN MF AINT U LIKE A BILLIONAIRE CANT U JUST SEARCH UP NEW PICS OF TXT R U FR😭 OR LIKE BUY FOKING PICTURES OF TXT DA FOK when will you let go of that picture

yeah their already TWO years old coming in their third year and your still using that picture Si el problema es el color aquí tienes, casi igual thats cute but like use a diff pic Billboard suelta la foto ya, 😭😭 porfavor Gracias por el artículo ❤️ TXT_members TXT_bighit 투모로우바이투게더 TXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER

Cmon billboard..its already two years..why always use the old picture..they are more handsome now.. since y’all love this photo, here’s a newer one same pose and everything 😀👍🏼 Did she say her name is MONA-Lisa? What an inspiring story, the girl is pretty and her name is Mona-Lisa and she was raped! This is will grab the world's attention like nothing ever before! AbiyMustLead StopFakeTigrayReporting EURightsAgency BBC FoxNews AJEnglish reuters

THE FUCKING PIC FFS Bestie... there are many txt's photos you can use but why you always stuck with this photo? pls it's been 2 yrs update that pic 🙏 tôi la ngươi hơi nhút nhát , đẹp ngươi ,đẹp tính ...... Feel free to use this 😂 DOWNLOAD A NEW PICTURE ALREADY When will they find a new phone?👀 BILLBOARD WHY ALWAYS THAT PIC ? i'm tired brouuuh:( anyways take this pic is from this year !!! change it now 🤜

sonkisseu billboard jgn males' y lu CHANGE THE PICTURE billboard here are some pics you can use instead of the predebut one dear etmin bb, mau gw kasi foto anak anak TXT yang lain g?😭✊🏻 gapapa si biar jadi lejen tapi apa g mau sekali aja pake yang cerah cerah gitu😭😭 bestie, your out of date. use this

Hey you might wanna change the picture pls change the pic im begging You guys can use other pic..theres alot HHAHAHA. Pinanindigan na nyo na talaga yung picture ano acá hay otra bestia Hshshshshshshsh billboard baby it’s time for you to use another picture like this Billboard sayang, sesuka ini ya kamu sama foto ini tahu sih mreka ganteng, tapi ya gak gini 🤧

sonkisseu tetap saja yg dilirik billboard fto yg ini :) Pls stop using this photo it’s been two years... use this instead 🌝 TXTOFFlCIAL bb at first I thought 'oh, they must like this photo or it must be the only one saved' BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? two years TXT DEBUT TWO YEARS AGO! I know it's cool, another kpop gp to be announced several times here but could u respect our requests AND CHANGE THIS PHOTO PLEASE?

fotonya ganti napa jgn itu mulu 🙂😭 Yes and this picture is 2 years old already ^^ THIS YOU: bestie, it's been two years since you've been using that picture too 😭 ........ for to 100th time there are more pictures of them out there🤡🤡🤡 assalamualaikum sbnslvr naka draft ba yang nga twt or article niyo?

u can use this pic for reference 🙏 Yes 4th gen leaders indeed thank u billboard Anyway Here take this i have more if you want pls use a new photo there’s no way you’re still using this picture you can use this picture not only that picture 🙏🏻 You really really like this pic 😀 And you still don't know how to update their pic smh

yeah and maybe you want to choose a diffrent picture next time? not that this picture was bad but i understand you are mentally and physichally attached to this picture why do you use the same pic !!! you can also use this photo idk is more recent lol Please i have more txt photo if you need them ningningday FOTONYA GANTI

TXTOFFlCIAL dios la foto tol baka usto mo They will have a beard and you'll be using this pics 10 yrs later hitmanbang_stan don't hold on to the past and change the photo, bestie ❤️ can't u let this pic go Tomorrow x Together commonly known as TXT (투모로우바이투게더), is a 5-member boy group under Big Hit Entertainment. They consists of: Soobin, Taehyun, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Hueningkai. TXT_members TXT_bighit

This photo is billboard aesthetic yall 😭😭😭 here's a pic u can use 😩❤ 2 years with our legends !! I think we need to flood u with the updated one happy two years TXT_members TXT_bighit 🤍 here's a pic update billboard purrr ur relationship with that photo really is still so strong it's been 2yrs and both of u are still together i commend u for that . . but pls use the latest ones. . . . .

huhuhu stoppp use this plsss stanning TXT_members isnt just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled w thieves. it’s art, the first gift u open on christmas, a hug from loved one, it’s everything u ever wanted, it’s everything u need. stay strong yung pic ah

yes two years as a group but you still using a picture from two years ago. 💀💀💀 ya wey, si tienen más fotos 😭😭 Tem tanta foto gente e vocês pegam logo essa? Kkkkkkkk 2 years and you haven't changed 😭 do u want us to send you some PRESENT txt group picture personally we would gladly do so just drop email or we can dm just ask

arghhhd DM me if you need any new pictures,I'm sure you do you gotta be trolling at this point, how hard it is to find a newer picture? jj txt could well be in their 40s and you guys would still use that same photo of them wtf thank u bestie DO U PEOPLE REALLY DONT FIND ANY OTHER TXT PICTURES Billboard is ringing in two years always uae THE SAME PICTURE!!!!!

It’s been 2 years this picture is still your favourite to use 😆 Omg guess what!!!? I got 4 pics of txt for u gasps* Now don't be a shy bitch nd take these... -_- If you lack group photos. I have many. Please dm me or I'll drop here. =) potonya😭 Probably billboard got shitty editors why they never make efforts on changing d pictures of each n every kpop grp better billboards change ur staffs they lazy they cant even change a picture 🙏

txtrights Maybe use another picture? yeahhh it's been 2 years and you keep using the same photo BILLBOARD are ringing in using the same photo for two years. potang ENAng pic ean bobo k b BILLBOARD LISTEN HERE AND JUST USE THIS PICTURE Yall will miss this picture when they stop using it fck this photo already

Để tâm sự , nếu có duyên sẽ gặp ,rôôi hãy tíh tiếp here’s an updated pic billboard billboard look at the range. And ofc u HAVE to use the predebut photos as a 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY cover, ofc ofc WOOOOO billboard change their ot5 image challenge: massive failure wbk ann_csb12 yeah, 2 FREAKING YEARS I know that picture is iconic but there a lot of new pictures of them together when are you planning to use it?

please change the photo u use i beg save these pictures since you don't have any hi bestie, you can use this picture jongseongcult two years into their career and you are still using this picture THERE'S AN UPDATED 2021 VERSION OF THE PIC YOU USED.PLEASE USE THE UPDATED AND NEWER VERSION FROM NOW ON spoonfulbinnie and still a predebut picture oof

..yet you're still using that group photo Change the picture goddamn Thank u bestie but why do you use their pre debut pic? It been two years but you guys still using their debut picture Here you go latest one thanks me later mfs Here have these Happy anniversary TXT_members !! 💜 Heppy anniversary Tomorrow by Together ❤️❤️❤️

two years flaco ya cambia la foto no sé bueno pero superar STOP USING THIS PICTURE OMFG and you are still with their predebut picture Damn..... The legendary pic again... Happy 2 years anniversary txt and Moa 🎉🎉 This is the updated one brother and ur still using that photo?!!!?!? lmaooo Hello I would like to offer you completely new video cards that are also suitable for mining Nvidia Geforce RTX3090 only 800$ write to direct for communication

aqui usa essa U rlly love that photo huh lo tau cara ngesave gambar ga sih... ini lho ganteng.. ayo ganti😭 … the picture...oh my god Hi please use different photos pls nd cheers THIS PICTURE IS TWO YEARS OLD they've made a new version, atleast use that pls🧍🏻‍♀️ WMoaxtxt siapatau minat🙏 HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit TXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER

new photo 🤲 PLS WHY ARE YOU USING THE SAME PHOTO FOR TWO YEARS 😭😭 TXTfanbaseina thank you for the article, but i know yall really like those photo, so here i bring you some a newer version of those photo for you to use as a cover. have a nice day! Bestie they recreated that photo TWICE yet.... FIND A NEW PHOTO FOR GODS SAKE

2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit not yall using this pic again pls update the pic ffs WALLAHI THEY HAVE OTHER OT5 PICS YEONJUNistic Damn that same old pic 😭😭 TXT_members Однажды билборд сменит фото с тхт на более свежее и весь мир очистится Does it ever Just how fast the Drive you crazy? night changes

😍😍😍 It's confirmed that This is Billboard's favorite photo. do browse through their new photos too. Anyway congrats to our Boys 🥳 USE THIS billboard egk bosen pake foto itu trs ? 🥲 rachcalm Adh si Billboard 🧘 perasaan kmrin Poto bru jg ada🧘 Get some new's been 2y TXT_members TXT_bighit

billboard obsessed with that predebut photo i see two years and yet you still can’t find a newer photo of them? it’s starting to be pretty damn disrespectful, billboard. Suelta la foto billboar 🤺 te doy esta mas actualizada Soltar bestie, soltar. im so proud of them... billboardd!! we have lots of new photo 😭 here take it which ever you want

the same picture gosh 😭😭☠️ Ang dami nilang picture bakit ito lagi linalagay niyo Mf bb it’s more than 2 year you are using this pic i swear google is free search their names 😭 get some new pics Yes Two Years ,,, You still use that photo in every article 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 2 Years With TXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT_members TXT_bighit

2 years and you're still using the same pic This is the new one, you have an obsession with that one pic jeez 2 YEARS WITH TXT 🤗❤ 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT Uhm here's a new photo. I forgive u for today only bb 😭😭 Gostaria de saber se vocês não têm autorização pra usar outra foto dos meninos. 🤔 Dois anos e tudo que sai daqui é com essa imagem. 😂

FOTONYA GANTI DONG WOI ITU MULU WHY DO YOU KEEP USING THAT PHOTO!!! IS SO HARD TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER ONE? PLS THEY EVEN RE CREATE THAT PHOTO THIS YEAR OMG foto legen txt 💙👍 2 YEARS WITH TXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TXT_members TXT_bighit foto favorit🤩 i see your relationship with that photo is still going strong ohmygod i like how loyal u guys are but pls use the latest one 😭

yes it's been 2 years also since that picture came out,, you csn change it tho😌 i have some news for you Happy 2nd anniversary TXT mahal ko kayo yet you’re still using the same picture... nawt the photo society when billboard uses a different picture of txt: are u still gonna use the same pic on 2070 2yearswithtxt 2yearswithMOA TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT_bighit_jp TXT_bighit TXT_members Hank1Stefani bucinnyatxt304 ningningpah txtloonathinker

damn u guys really do love holding onto that 2 years old photo even when they JUST recreated it t-there are more photos miss girl... hi i think it's time to stop using that picture siempre usan la misma foto soltar 4th gen leaders kings Isn't its good ? U can use this photo for the next article 💕 not the pic again💀 we have a new one

Muchas gracias, pero parece que alguien se obsesionó con esta fotografía. TXT 4TH GEN LEADERS 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit legend bgt ni foto😭 2 YEARS WITH TXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TXT_members TXT_bighit here❤️ THIS PICTURE AGAIN? pls let go of that pic pls

HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT_members TXT_bighit txtsouffle the picture😭😭😭 slncnvrmnd_ we now know you don't like them you're doing this on purpose.We also don't appreciate you as well. Stop acting like we are forcing you to write a paper about them okay 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TXT_members TXT_bighit TOMRROW_X_TOGETHER

still using that photo.. two years and you're still using this pic Ini billboard sengaja karena sering diledekin pke foto itu, apa emng bucin sama foto itu sih? Wkwk😂 Btw, Nih mereka udh bikin foto terbaru lho pke jas lagi 😎 2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT_members TXT_bighit

02 years with magic 💙🌟 Here i'll give u an updated version of this photo HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit TXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER I THINK IT'S STILL DEBUT ERA FOR YOU COZ YOU'RE STILL USING THIS SAME PICTURE look, this is an updated photo similar to the one you are using, don't you think you should renew the photo now? 🥺

shelovestxt BILLBOARD is using the same old photo for two years now. 🙄 this is the updated version, make use of it. user billboard u really like that photo dont u 😍 2 YEARS AND U GUYS HAVENT CHANGED THE GOD DAMN PHOTO ARE YALL NOT CHANGING THE PHOTO:&:)/&.) shelovestxt girl 👧 you 👇 got 🥰 a body 💃 like 👉 sriracha 🌶

'3 2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT TXT_members TXT_bighit Billboard masih gamau ganti covernya ya.. haha bucin banget ya anda sama foto itu ♡ 2 YEARS WITH TXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 2MagicalYearsWithTXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT_members TXT_bighit its been two years and they've had so many other photos 😭😭😭 pls

here's a photo update yapo billboard cambia la foto que me pongo a llorar Kaya gaada foto lain aja sumpah anjrit udah 2thn padahal 😭😭 you really cant let go of that picture 😭😭😭 Gracias pero cambia de foto amigo._. it’s the b & w photo again c’mon MOA_INA Foto legend💛 yeonjunpanda THAT PICTURE IS TO YEARS OLD BITCH

You know they have other pics rights? 👀 TXTintl_twt Yes 2 years of debut and they still do not change the image 😑😑 Como se supone que yo suelte esa foto si ni bb la supera en fin TXT 4TH GEN LEADERS 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit Yes, its been two years, and its also your 2 years of you using that pic. 2 YEARS WITH TXT 💙 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit

the picture... TXTintl_twt Foto kesayangan billboard haha Kok itu mulu sii fotonya😭 nii ya gw kasih foto yang laen theres a new version for you to use ya know bestie here's some different pictures😃👍 Mira la misma pose pero actualizada :u Sé que se ven muy bonitos, pero hay que superar purplejunnie billboard it’s been 2 years already and u guys still used that photo i-

y cambien la foto no mamen jsjsja BILLBOARD IM AT YOUR DOOR PLEASE USE RECENT OT5 PICTURES FOR PETE'S SAKE Hora de soltar, ten te dejo una Yes, Its been 2 years and you are still using that picture.... They even provided us the exact same pose so you can use it... TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER 투모로우바이투게더 TXT_members

it's been 2 years update the picture pleasee they got sht tons of picture it isn't that damn hard to search you know that they have a LOT of group pictures more than THAT, right :D bestie there's a lot of txt's new photos BeomieKkyu How about you make use of some recent pics 2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER 투모로우바이투게더 TXT TXT_members TXT_bighit

It’s been 2 years and you still use their legendary debut picture 😆 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER 투모로우바이투게더 TXT_members euuu aquí les regalo una foto TXT 4TH GEN LEADERS!!! 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit how about y’all use updated photos for once 2 tahun ga ganti foto😉🙃 2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit

Bueno pero algun dia van a cambiar la foto o Versi terbarunya yaaaa please deh update the pic 😭😭😭😭 This is a photo legend that billboards always wear, even though they have a lot of group photos🤣🤣 I give you a new one😊 HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_members TXT_bighit TXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER 투모로우바이투게더

beomgyusky billboard bestie thanks for celebrating this with us, but please use this new picture if you can 😌 You can use different pictures... 🥳 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_bighit TXT_members TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT Thankyou😏 TXT_bighit TXT_members hi, hello, txt have many photos🙄

LA FOTO AYUDA Can you change the photo😆 TXTonBillboard Bestie the same picture again? todos unos reyes, la vdd why do yall keep using this old ass picture 2 years and you are still using this picture Queria um feat deles com a Anitta Anitta (Anitta) ArtistaFavoritaFemenina LatinAMAs BTS? OUT as they should

AND Y'ALL CHOOSE A RECENT PICTURE BESTIE!! IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS 😀 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TXT_bighit TXT_members TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT Hello 👋 Are you interested in getting top quality Carts, vapes, bud and cannabis oil. Hit me up on snapchat at: 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Connect_power 👻 and get them at a very affordable price it comes with tracking code and safe delivery to your doorsteps.

Wow, they're a regular Rolling Stones arent they? 🙄 2 YEARS WITH TXT 2MagicalYearsWithTXT 소중한_봄의_추억_데뷔_2주년 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT TXT_members TXT_bighit Until they are single TXT_members Happy Anniversary babies!!😭😚💙 who?