Tommy Lister Legally Changed Name to 'Debo' in Homage to 'Friday'

Tommy Lister Legally Changed Name to 'Debo' in Homage to 'Friday'

1/13/2021 11:00:00 PM

Tommy Lister Legally Changed Name to 'Debo' in Homage to 'Friday'

The actor who played Deebo took the role very seriously in real life.

TMZ has obtained Tommy'sdeath certificate, and while a cause of death hasn't yet been officially determined ... there was one very interesting nugget we noticed. His full name reads Tommy Debo Lister, very different from his reported birth name ... Thomas Duane Lister Jr.

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It's interesting for a number of reasons. Obviously, Tommy is most famous for portraying Deebo in the"Friday" franchise -- and, no, we didn't spell that wrong ... but it appears Tommy did. In any case, it's quite clear he loved the character -- so much so, he actually made it part of his real-life identity ... opting for that instead of"Tiny," his longtime public nickname.

His manager,Cindy Cowan, tells TMZ he made the change in an L.A. court about 6 months ago -- because he felt his fans and the public at large simply knew him from"Friday."Play video content"I GOT WORK TO DO"Brandon Jay/YouTubeLike we said ... Tommy's cause of death is pending right now -- it's listed as"deferred" on the doc, which just means they're still doing tests.

Remember, though, many in Tommy's immediate circle believe it was COVID-19. He was incredibly sick in his final days -- evident in several different videos he participated in -- and he'd already caught the virus earlier this year.While the medical team works on getting closure on that front -- there's one last thing we should note about Tommy's death certificate. It says he was married to

Felicia ListerIf you know, you know ... gotta love it.TMZ broke the story ... 62-year-oldlast year at his L.A.-area home. When paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Read more: TMZ »

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Awwwwww😣 rest peacefully. RIP big man Yikes Now he’s Dead-Bo Rest in heaven Debo 2020 got us living our best life 😌 He was a real one. Mad love and respect... rest easy He changed his name to Debo bc that’s what people call him so it might as well be his name... not an homage🤦🏾‍♀️ That’s what’s up. doubletoasted_

Well played cdotharrison Bet the homie icecube didn't kick in the funeral. Damn traitor 😤 He may have gotten KTFO in Friday, but he made me fear for the life of Hulk Hogan in the WWF. Homage my ass!!!! Mfs is worth more dead than alive to these mfs.... Robbing this man of his name for a marketable character is totally disrespectful..... Rip TOMMY LISTER