Tom Parker, The Wanted, Cancer

Tom Parker, The Wanted

Tom Parker shares his horror as vile troll insists brain tumour will 'get him'

Tom Parker shares his horror as vile troll insists brain tumour will 'get him'

6/2/2021 7:30:00 PM

Tom Parker shares his horror as vile troll insists brain tumour will 'get him'

The singer is currently battling an inoperable stage 4 glioblastoma cancer tumour. The star has been defying odds since his 2020 diagnosis and keeping fans updated on the successful treatments he has endured so far

The 32-year-old singer was diagnosed last year with stage 4 glioblastoma – a type of cancer that starts in the brain – and was told it was inoperable.The Wanted singer has bravely battled the disease – and gave a positive update earlier this year that treatment was proving effective in keeping the cancer at bay.

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Tom – who is married to actress Kelsey Hardwick and together they have two children – has been updating fans on his battle as he continues treatment, with an online update this week showing him preparing for another round of treatments. However, a follower who showcased not a shred of compassion or empathy cruelly reacted to Tom’s update to send him an abusive message.

The online troll wrote: “Nobody has ever beat what you have. You can fight like hell, but it will get you.”Tom shared a screen grab of the abusive message and shared it via Instagram stories.He asked: “What the f*** is wrong with some people...Idiot Bruv!!”

He defiantly added: “Yeah well. Watch me beat it d**k stain!”He also posted a video of himself, saying: “Am more sad about that post that someone put.“Like I'm not even bothered about what they actually said. The fact that they've gone out of their way to say that is just ridiculous.

“Ridiculous. It doesn't make sense. Why would you do that?”Tom has been praised by fans for his positive outlook for the future – while he has also discussed his desire to add to his family.Wife Kelsey told OK! magazine that she and Tom hope to welcome at least two more children to add to their family that includes Aurelia, 17 months, and Bodhi, seven months.

She said: “We are planning for more children – I’ve always wanted a big family and I think we’ll end up with four. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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