Tom Hanks to host TV special celebrating Biden's inauguration

Tom Hanks to host TV special celebrating Biden's inauguration

1/14/2021 8:48:00 AM

Tom Hanks to host TV special celebrating Biden's inauguration

According to producers, the show “will showcase the American people’s resilience, heroism, and unified commitment to coming together as a nation to heal and rebuild.'

he and Clemons would perform their new song “Better Days,” adding: “This song was our way of doing what little we could to encourage everyone to stay hopeful.”The special will be broadcast live on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and MSNBC beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET on Jan. 20. It will also be streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Bing, NewsNOW, DirectTV and U-verse.

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Jan. 13, 202108:42According to producers, the show “will showcase the American people’s resilience, heroism, and unified commitment to coming together as a nation to heal and rebuild."The inauguration will look different from other presidential inaugurations because of last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol. Security will be extremely tight around the area.

The event was already going to be pared down because of COVID-19; Biden had asked supporters to say home and watch from afar. In keeping with crowd size restrictions to slow the spread of the virus, traditional activities like the parade and the inaugural balls will be virtual.


Romney calls Capitol riot 'an insurrection incited by the President'

Congress will resume the joint session tonight to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol earlier today. Follow here for the latest.

That saddens me. There is nothing to celebrate when your President needs to be a leader and not a puppet! Let the clown shows begin! i love Tom Hanks!!! i hope Betty White makes a cameo zoom appearance Haha to funny probaly some blackmail going on 🤣 How exciting! 🇨🇦 I have prayers going up for the ones that a loose stick! Pray for change!

Another shambles following on from the numpty oscars Why? Why do they get involved lol with the “ special “ celebration 🤮 🤢🤮 Thanks let me know when it's I can watch the yule log Thank you Mr. Hanks! tomhanks Yay!! tds walkaway Zzzzzzzz Please help brazilians students. on this sunday we have an university entrance exam to more than 5 million students, and even with the second wave of coronavirus here, the government doesn't want to postpone it and they are risking our lives and health. We need visibility.

Quite an honor. Good choice Yuck Tom Hanks is hosting? If you say so. That would be quite a feat. 🤢 Having this perv play Mr. Rogers was a sin This is about the worst thing I could think of them doing. Patting themselves on the back for crushing the working class and the future of the country. unbelievable.

I hope it involves a magical train and grants me one wish from Santa because I'd really like the last year of my life back. Zigmanfreud Can't wait to watch so I can mark everyone participating off the list. On second thought I'll just read who participated so I won't throw something at the screen. Zigmanfreud Wait, I thought he was arrested when he had COVID? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zigmanfreud 🤮 Is JamesTaylor_com participating? If so, I'll be watching! One more reason to love Tom Hanks ❤️ 'Tom Hanks hosts white peoples rally supporting the new old racist white president' That's what the headline should say. Nothing going on here!!! Also known as the celebrities celebrating themselves because they think their opinions and views will now be relevant again event... 😂

Watch to loony tunes Q-anon creatures throw false flag bullshit now... Shall we bring the popcorn? Fact: if the GOP, q-anon, trumper fools, or ANYONE else hate Hollywood... Then stop fucking watching ALL TV and Film. Seriously, just do it... Hypocrites all of you! Wow. If Bozo the bad guy wouldve won another 4yrs? You'd be saying he deserves days of glorious over-the-top celebrations. For safety, a tv special will be had. Use what's left of your american freedoms if it bothers you and DON'T WATCH!

This is as good a spot as any to recommend watching “News of the World.” Hanks and the little girl give a performance which transcends the film’s time period right into today’s national anguish. Best movie of his storied career. Will it be on radio for rural areas? 15,000 national guard members, thousands of police officers, FBI, ATF, secret service, etc so JoeBiden & KamalaHarris can have parties w their rich Hollywood elites/friends. Christ, these idiots can’t read a room, can they? & they claim they want to unite the country.

Love u Tom Hanks. Who is hosting the special celebrations regarding Trump's removal? everysanepersonintheworld🤣 In light of events, there is no way this can be anything other than tone deaf.... Might as well skip that and move on to Harris. There is no way all those women around Joe are gonna let him serve a year. Nada. Book it.

🤮 As much as like Tom Hanks, is this necessary? Maybe take all money that goes into producing a show like this and donate it to the American people who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. Thank you Tom Hanks! Can’t wait to see you and hear from you. I would love to watch it..unfortunately I’m busy doing anything else.

I love Tom Hanks. However, do you really think something like this is going to unite the country? This seems more like gloating about getting rid of one guy who half the country hates and bring in another one the other half hates. Watch what you say you may make it worse. Tom Hanks is a Greek citizen! 🤔🤔 So this would be a bit strange don’t you think!

Is this the Simpsons? Wait, he's not that stupid, is he? Stupid is as Stupid does. Don’t like him any more I won’t be watching Nice way to go out! On stage 💩💩 Yucky Guest Starring Donald Trump. This is taking Fake News to another level. Some of us might be half asleep but we’re not stupid. Whatever it takes to GET dude! Orange🍊45 should not be allowed to RUN AGAIN for any office ..& TAXPAYERS should not PAY for a pension , lifetime Secret Service ,travel benefits, etc . ALL the dude should get is PRISON TIME for COVID deaths,caged babies,RAPE, INSURRECTION...etc.

Yayyyyyyyy I’ll pass. Well chalk him off my list of favorite actors. Kids sock Pedos night . Hop'n Hank 🌀 Jam'n J ⚡ Karma K Warrior Wind ✊🏼 Freedom Flow Ishq Thunda 🌩️ GANESH - GO - GO 🌕🍀🌕 Awwww look the pedophile who ran to Greece wants to speak about his mentor, so sweet The real one or the clone or maybe his brother

I thought he was dead Huh? On so many levels. I wonder what qualifies him over other actors or actresses or other presenters, generally speaking. GAG!... A pervert hosting a pervert 😂😂😂 Red shoe club! They all are swimming in the same boat. Ready to sink. What hide in darkness will enlightened by THE LIGHT! TekitEzi nuh mon