Tom Daley Was Spotted Knitting At The Olympics And It's Because He Was Making A Pouch For His Medal

Oh to be like Tom Daley, casually knitting while spectating a diving event at the Olympics.

8/2/2021 4:24:00 AM

Oh to be like Tom Daley, casually knitting while spectating a diving event at the Olympics.

Oh to be like Tom Daley, casually knitting while spectating a diving event at the Olympics.

Clive Rose / Getty ImagesYes, you read that right. Tom Daley — who, mind you, is now an Olympic gold medalist — peacefully knitting in the stands, looking serene as ever.Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty ImagesAlongside his teammate Matty Lee, Tom won gold in the men's synchronised 10 metre diving event.

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Although other athletes from around the world were engaged in conversation, it looks like Tom chose to focus on his creative pursuits — and honestly, I love that. He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world, besides thinking about his next stitch.

Clive Rose / Getty ImagesOh to be like Tom Daley in this moment.The photos were taken during the women's three metre springboard final — so perhaps this was Tom's way of staying calm, while he cheered on the divers and watched them do their thing.

Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty ImagesThis is one big mood, as I am usually screaming at the TV while watching the Olympics. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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His rainbow sweater is so cute. be_a__triz ele é tudo kkkkkkkkk See no one cares about the Olympics, not even Tom Daley, he's decided his knitting is more important It’s great stresss relieving activity. Good fo r him! Tom Daley is not only an icon but also way too relatable 😂

Fans can't get over these adorable photos of Tom Daley knitting at the OlympicsDaley has said that his love for knitting and crocheting has kept him 'sane throughout this whole process.' What’s he knitting? A purse for his balls? mrsjjee iLove_CC We all need that activity that calms us. It a form of meditation.

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Tom Daley Spotted Knitting In Stands at Olympics After Winning GoldThe celebrated diver won over even more fans' hearts and minds with his unexpected hobby.

Tom Daley 'Incredibly Proud' to Be a Gay Olympic Champion'After 13 years of elite training, four Games and two bronze medal wins, Tom Daley has ended his long wait to top an Olympic podium by bringing home the gold in the men's synchronised 10-meter diving event with his partner Matty Lee.'

Tom Daley Delights Fans After Being Spotted Knitting in the Stands During Diving Final in TokyoTom Daley caused a stir on social media once fans realized he brought his knitting needles with him to a diving final

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