Tom Cotton Says Trump Should Deploy U.S. Military To Contain Protests

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) says President Donald Trump should deploy the U.S. military to help contain the unrest in major American cities over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd

Sen. Tom Cotton says President Donald Trump should deploy the U.S. military to help contain the unrest in major American cities over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

“If necessary, the 10th Mountain, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cav, 3rd Infantry—whatever it takes to restore order. No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters,” Cotton wrote. The Pentagon has sought to provide what governors request. Also have considered what active-duty might do short of the Insurrection Act. 5,000 National Guard troops have been deployed in 15 states and in Washington, D.C., in response to the demonstrations, some of which turned violent and resulted in the looting of many businesses. The troops responded under the direction of state governors.

Sen. Brian Schatz said he planned to introduce a measure to stop the transfer of military equipment to police departments. Upon taking office in 2017, Trump reversed restrictions his predecessor imposed on what surplus military equipment Pentagon can provide to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.


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Are we playing that game where we pretend that peaceful protests and violent riots are the same thing?

If only it wasn’t last week that white yahoos were with their assault rifles demanding stay at home orders be lifted ... and only Trump egging the on to do more was the result ... like if this was a plot arc in a TV show it would be duch garbage, but instead it’s our reality :(

Bigots and Racists can't hide their true feelings when made to feel the discomfort that their policies trigger after decades of intolerance and hatred against fellow american citizens.

Spoken like a true racist......just like Trump. White men are still trying to live in an era of two hundred years ago!!!

By all means let them keep looting and burning businesses to the ground!🤬

And the President should. This is out of control.

Mooncatadams Keep taking your meds , Tom.

Please vote him out!!!!!!

Rioters and looters stop falling for these media bs

Does Arkansas still have the lowest literacy rate in America?

If these police officers are fair as they want to be identified, they need not just take a knee and walk with the protesters. A more meaningful way to convey their empathies to the protesters is to publicly condemn those officers who mishandled or killed the likes of George Floyd


Tom Cotton does not reflect the views of all Arkansans!

Hell with this clown

He’s from Arkansas! You expected a different diatribe from a dancing, singing tRump puppet? GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPComplicitTraitors GOPCorruptionOverCountry DumpTrump2020 HadEnough Biden2020Landslide

Tom is an ignorit dick.

Trump can deploy the military to Tom Cotton’s constituent so we see how he enjoys it.

Wow! What’s wrong with you ?


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Good for him! No one wants the truth! Violent fake protestors should be handled!

The armed Tea Party was OK, but sign carrying protesters, should be gassed and shot...... GOPHypocrisy

Tom Cotton, every Republican and every corporatist Democrat has been LOOTING and destroying the taxpayers for years. Since Reagan, the working class, poor, and homeless have been attacked from all sides.

Just another of trumps nazi storm troopers

Tom’s a hawk, wow! He’s got big, cotton balls!

Who is this cotton 🍬 Seems like another moron of a stooge factory 🏭 of gutter old party..sunnyway is America vote 👍👍👍

Tom Cotten & Trump are so racist that they bring a stench to one's nose/Using the US military against citizens is the act of dictators attempting a coup and consolidating their power/Cotton has hard Arkansas rock in his head/Trump is simply a hardcore racist/Both are terrorists.

We know leftists are soft, weaklings, marginal weirdos, so your stance is not surprising. Take the easy, unaccountable way, tolerate unacceptable behaviors. Losers

SenTomCotton needs to lose his job IMMEDIATELY. He, and the other Trumpublican sycophants have enabled this reckless & unhinged man to continue his wrath. By Tom saying this, he’s just as bad as the menace in the WH! TomCottonMustGo

LeonardMBetts1 The guy's brain damaged.

How’s about the military protest. They were used to protect the Little Rock Nine, I’m sure they can protests against police brutality

Cotton was nothing more than a diversion from a failed president. He doesn't know how to think for himself. All scripted by WH..

Careful what you wish for TomCottonAR. Do you want the army deployed to disarm extremist groups? Marines to hunt down klan members? US armed forces do not belong on our streets!

DanWhitCongress is running against Tom Cotton. So if you are one of the many that disagree with Tom, let's all be sure we are following Dan and do all we can to help him defeat Tom. FliptheSenate

SenTomCotton is an embarrassment to humanity (and Arkansas) :(

If the police has everything under control, that’ll be irrelevant.

Help me get him out of office.

As a staunch pro-life MAGA patriot, I support Sen Cotton's call for bloodshed.

And you're surprised why? This is SenTomCotton

And ... ? Trump SHOULD

SenTomCotton This is Tom. Tom is a Fascist. Fascism far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society & economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

100% cotton soaked in stupidity

The only thing missing from these crazy republicans is a salute and heil Hitler

Wow. Strong re-election move. Beautiful words.

Tommy boy is part of the cultist mentality of 'them vs us'- cultivated by the white supremacist in the WH & the fox cult. He a good little lemming, & he enables the fascist orange one. He likes to see bombs drop- not too long ago he was advocating to drop a couple on Iran.


Don’t repeat this fascist propaganda

From the long line of Pickens from Arkansas, Cottons grand fathers Doda Picken found that the Cotton family was seedy.

Agreed. You can not let the left and media destroy this country. There is a very silent majority out there that is seeing all of this play out and are disgusted with what is being done to this country. We need to call a spade a spade. Someone needs to speak the truth!

Just a question the last time the military was used in this country was because of what?

A pencil-necked fascist making TuckerCarlson and all the other loud-mouthed country-club Republicans proud. VoteCottonOut

This clearly missed the part of his training where the soldiers study the Constitution. He's a bum who acts like he's a hardcase, but he's just a BUM.

WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever WTP see the fight is to SAVE USA from socialist/communist anarchy and chaos


Then you are asking for people to die on both sides. The GOP are traitors and always have been.

windsun33 Have you been to Arkansas?

Resign!! Shameful

An old white guy from the South said that… Weird.


This is the face of racism and hate. No comment on fixing the root cause which is police brutality !!!

Perhaps Mr Cotton-mouth should educate himself on the use of “no quarter” and the term “war crime”. I hope to see a tribunal in his future.

Cotton wants the military to batter everyone down so the nation's good people forget racism. Hopefully they'll go home to pretend it's nothing again. With military virtue, soldiers will disobey an unlawful order & show us their faith that the USA can be a better country one day.

Great idea, Tom! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

Wow, this sounds like he in China, Russia or Venezuela on how to deal with civil unrest and protests. Yet he’s first to criticize China, Venezuela on how they handle their internal protests. What a hypocrite!

Three nights of property damage and this motherfucker is ready to murder Americans.

Protesters, yeah that’s it. 🙄 mass rioters....

Well if we have a terrorist group causing violence and death in our backyard then it would only make sense to call in the military!!

105,147 DEAD Americans. 1,811,277 Confirmed infected. 40 Million unemployed. Economy in meltdown. TRUMPS' PRIORITY: PHOTO OPS TRUMP HAS FAILED AMERICA MAGA: DUMP TRUMP!

Dude is a sorry example

How about... we have the military protect the citizens who are protesting with their constitutional rights like the police protected the Alt-Right rally that occurred in February. How is it that the President and police involved can stand by when a hate group wants to rally? BLM

Sen. Tom Cotton is right because they help in Minneapolis.. so fuck the democrats that talking shit.. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!

Kick Arkansas out of the Union and build a wall around that shithole state. Let them starve.

He, like trump, needs to be banned from ALL social media

When are the police and government officials going to learn that escalating people's anger does not solve the problem. It only ingrains the hate and the disruption. Where are the voices of Reason in the government? Do they not understand people have rights.

He’s 100% correct. If you’re out there past the approved protest time and curfew then you’re not there to protest. You’re there to antagonize and create trouble. Otherwise, you follow the law and go home and come back tomorrow.

Can we do the same thing to the Republican thigs in the Senate?

Tom cotton should rake his own ass out

We will protect the states from the invasion of our lands from the tyranny of federal troops.We are armed & ready to fight to the death.This nation WILL NOT fall to the corrupt leaders of the federal government.

This should come as no surprise as the Southern white male has become the face of the Republican Party mainly through 'Southern Political Segregation'. The rest should be self-explanatory.

Republicans are fascists. Do not trust any of them. Rabid dogs.

US troops attacking US citizens. Can anyone imagine a better scenario for all enemies of democracy? Cotton, and his ilk, are devoid of the leadership skills this nation needs so desperately.

Those concerned about George Floyd's death would not be doing assaults,stealing,arsons and attacking law enforcement. RiotingThugs

Why is it always Republicantrash that wants to kill people

Mxz98555800 Yes. So let’s stop talking about it and get it done

Of course he looks like a pencil, all point but shatters under the mildest scrutiny

This man looks very breakable

Shameful! Even worse coming from someone acting as if he was born in the back woods of Arkansas, 1960's circa. Ugh!

You should accurately report that cotton called for the mass murder of americans

I served in the 101 , that's not what we do


He's a fascist, these are the war mongers that have millions of peoples blood on their hands, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, HK,and the list goes on.

Please don’t get the military involved. It’s sad enough to see the national guard dragged into this.

He’s right. Get SOCOM in there, Marines, you name it. Our country is being attacked by thugs who want to harm innocent people. 'I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

He's talking about committing treason.

Let’s not do that.

Protesters are protected under the 1st amendment. If you're against protesters your against our constitution!

morgfair How do these insane, unhinged, conspiracy believing people get elected to public office? Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, matt gaetz, steve King...?

How is it that lawmakers are advocating breaking Federal Law and apparently don't know it? Arkansas, please don't send him back when you VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 in November

SenTomCotton needs to know those days are over. If they weren’t all trump puppets maybe he’d know that. We’re moving forward, come November. DT and gang has done enough damage.

morgfair Trump realDonaldTrump used weapons and tear gas to push peaceful protesters.. THAT WAS PURE STUPIDITY.. Trump created more resentment anger and hatred. We think Trump wants stop the elections coming up.. due to marshal law. Don’t fall for it people. We are voting Trump out!

Don’t sugar coat this shit yahoo. He directly implied that protestors should be murdered by use of military force.

This man is dangerous! At this point, he’s the Republicans’ choice candidate for POTUS in 2024.

Republicans are pro 2nd amendment, no? Now would be the time. I’m sure there wouldn’t be objection.

🚨🚨 Republican Party DIED in November 2016. RIP Republican Party is Now nothing more than a DANGEROUS Trump Cult Trump INcompetence KILLED the USA Economy ETTD Trump Must GO in November!!! RepublicansForBiden

Hes a giant warmonger and cares nothing about his constituents.

I feel bad for him. Going through life with a heart full of hate has to be exhausting

Do your jobs and protect our country!!

I would banish anyone caught to the north pole. Let them keep the polar bears vompany

My vow to not will ill is being severely tested. tRump. McConnell. Graham. Kavanaught. Cotton - has made it in to the top five. Maybe NOW Pence will invoke the 25th.

Has a cotton brain for sure

Hold TomCotton accountable

Absolutely Teach the violent thugs a lesson.

This man may be WORSE than Trump Unfortunately he might be President one day.

Love this guy

Why don't you just work to fix the problem......Are you racist too?

Marshall law this nazi would love it complete control no elections just stay inpower

So he must be thrilled with what he did at the church.

Yeah its about time. All the looter supporters don't own business or employ anyone

As trump used to say. Your fired.

What a yahoo

What is next marshal Law? MartialLaw2020

He’s a fascist.

Republicans hate America. They hate that we are a melting pot and that we are supposed to be equal. They hate those who don't look like them. They love white supremacist. They are traitors to America and the biggest threat to democracy.

You need to resign! Now!

He’s a douche but more importantly he’s another ELECTED official who values his human rights over others. There will be NO change while he’s masquerading as a leader.


Shut up Tom

CorruptGOP impotus45

This despicable TRAITOR SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON. He is exactly like the cabinet member of a Dictatorial President who advocated using Military Force to slaughter innocent citizens. In that historical scenario, he was executed for TREASON by the head of Intelligence Agency.

The US military exits for only one thing, to fight and win wars. Americans are not at war with Americans. This isn’t a totalitarian country and you served so you know better... Democracy is a fragile experiment that needs to be preserved. Shame on you !

Where do voters find these douche bags?! Do better Arkansas.

Who asked him?

Careful. This idiot might just draft up a badly worded letter and send it to Iran.

This is what a pig looks like.

Senator Cotton needs to know how to read the laws before he opens his cotton mouth.


My kid was in 101st and I am a Vet, I would flat out refuse to shit on somebody's inalienable rights , the fucking gun nuts would never allow these soldiers to take their rights.

Turning the military on citizens Wtf hell no

Sure you would love to see that. But if you that set of ears you and listen then you would be the start to a solution and not continue to be the problem to it. Try listening for once before opening your mouth

As if police department brimming with armored vehicles and all manner of tactical gear and weapons isn't enough of a 'military presence' in the streets. Never mind the constitutional//legal barriers to this. Another wannabe fascists idiot.

Yeah maybe we could make Kent State look like a training exercise.

This man is a threat to national security.

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