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Tokyo sets new daily COVID record after cases more than doubled in first week of Olympics

On Saturday, city officials said at least 4,058 people tested positive for COVID-19, marking the highest its been since the pandemic first began.

7/31/2021 6:09:00 PM

On Saturday, city officials said at least 4,058 people tested positive for COVID-19 , marking the highest its been since the pandemic first began.

On Saturday, city officials said at least 4,058 people tested positive for COVID-19 , marking the highest its been since the pandemic first began.

Olympics.To prevent the virus from spreading across the Games, Olympic athletes and staff members are getting tested for the coronavirus every day. On Saturday, 21 people working at the Olympics, but no athletes, tested positive for the virus. In total, there have been 241 positive tests reported within the Games, 23 of which were athletes, according to the

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Associated Press.Earlier this week, Mark Adams, a spokesman for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), described the Games as the"most tested community almost anywhere in the world," and said that there is no evidence to suggest that athletes or anyone from the Olympics have spread the virus to the general public in Tokyo,

Thereported.Nonetheless, COVID-19 cases in the host city have not stopped rising despite government restrictions and a lack of spectators allowed inside the Olympic venues. Only 1,359 cases were recorded in the city when the Games first started on July 31, a number that has nearly increased three-fold in just over one week.

Now that cases continue to set new daily records, local health authorities reportedly anticipate virus case tallies to peak in first week of August, before the Games are set to end on August 8.A man wearing a face mask stands before the Olympic rings from an observation point in Tokyo's Odaiba district on March 25, 2020, the day after the historic decision to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games until 2021.

Behrouz MEHRI/ AFP/Getty ImagesThe Games have long been a controversial topic, as critics have said that Tokyo should cancel or postpone the event as virus cases continue to rise around the world. On opening day,took to the streets to protest the games, accusing Tokyo of being"greedy" and"selfish" for hosting the event at this time.

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