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Tokyo Games organisers report 16 new Games-related COVID-19 cases

Tokyo Games organisers report 16 new Games-related COVID-19 cases

7/26/2021 6:20:00 AM

Tokyo Games organisers report 16 new Games-related COVID -19 cases

Tokyo Oly mpics organisers on Monday reported 16 new Games-related COVID -19 cases, bringing the total number since July 1 to 148.

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Amid high security, small pro-Trump crowd rallies at U.S. Capitol

Police and media vastly outnumbered protesters around the U.S. Capitol on Saturday at a sparsely attended rally by supporters of the people who breached the building on Jan. 6, trying to overturn former President Donald Trump's election defeat.

Thank heavens the games are not in Sydney. They would call it off and lock all the athletes in jail good only 16? that's great news! excellent :)

Tokyo Olympics Day 2: US women's gymnastics stumble, COVID cases rise, skateboardingThe U.S. wins its first gold medal, U.S. women's gymnastic team finds itself in 2nd place and skateboarding makes debut. Here is what you missed from Day 2 of the Tokyo2020 summer games. Hmm

Japan Covid Cases Surge As Olympics Get Underway; Tokyo Officials Warn Healthcare System Crisis “Highly Possible”As the world’s athletes gather in Japan for the Summer Oly mpics the country is experiencing a fourth wave of Covid-19 infections. Country-wide, case numbers have risen 20% in the past week, w… Sending prayers Shocker

Laura Ingraham Has Olympics Freakout Over 'Woke' Athletes, COVID-19 Rules In TokyoThe Fox News personality just wants things to go back to how they were -- when Oly mpians couldn't protest. Poor button WhingeyWhinyWhiteNationalistTrashWoman? EffThatB! VichyGOPVermin! What is wrong with her?

For 1st time, Paralympian medalists will earn as much as Olympians in Tokyo GamesParalympic athletes will now receive as much as $37,500 per medal. And, then, in the US, they will get kicked off Medicaid for having too much income. Welcome to America. You won - now you are phucked. Its about time !!! Love this on principle SO much! Meanwhile, as others have mentioned, the big question is will the increase be enough to make up for a possible reduction in disability benefits (if those apply to any of the athletes)

Table Tennis-Syrian 12-year-old, Tokyo Games' youngest competitor, exits in first roundSyria's Hend Zaza, at 12 the youngest athlete competing at the Tokyo Oly mpics, exited the table tennis tournament in the opening round on Saturday, snapping a selfie with her Austrian opponent to remember the occasion. She got to the Olympics at 12. Puts her in the top 99 percentile... Awww :(

At Least 100 U.S. Athletes Unvaccinated As Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Kick OffAbout 100 athletes in the U.S. Oly mpic delegation have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to U.S. Oly mpic and Paralympic Committee’s chief medical officer Dr. Jonathan Finnoff, hours before the opening ceremony began in Tokyo. Cancel them The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of Brandonkaren11 I've been earning weekly I've never regretted this decision , They shouldn’t have been allowed to compete unvaccinated. It’s selfish, and unacceptable, to put others at risk.