Tobey Maguire's Wife Jennifer Meyer Files for Divorce

Tobey Maguire's Wife Jennifer Meyer Files for Divorce

10/30/2020 11:40:00 PM

Tobey Maguire's Wife Jennifer Meyer Files for Divorce

Tobey Maguire's wife has filed for divorce 4 years after they split.

on their marriage.The couple got married in 2007 and they have 2 kids together -- a teenage daughter and an 11-year-old son.What's interesting here is there were rumors they were trying to work it out, as theylooked happy togetherin late 2017 at a launch party for her jewelry collection.

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But, later in 2018, Meyer was reportedly referring to Maguire as the"greatest ex-husband" ... so it seemed they had settled into the roles of coparenting exes. Read more: TMZ »

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What’s Wrong with people with Maguire When will these men learn... 🤦‍♂️ Lmaooooo after 4 years. What tf Dude’s in love with MJ what do you expect..... He was caught in a web of lies. I don't see the point in people getting married anymore. It's just extra work to break up. why is this news? Every moron in Hollywood gets a divorce at least 3 or 4 times.. No one cares

Bathong Spiderman She just wanted the money The war begins‼️ When we don't hear from toby for while this is what we come back to Tobey gonna be going back to his emo look starting today. They broke up four years ago. 4 yearrssssssssss ago. Tobey after she takes half of his income She gonna get that Spiderman money

Edgy spider man back at it again.... She has the Juice now. Once you go black... Tobey, if you read this, come take me instead 🥺💗 I hope he's got a good prenup 😳 This will help stop the spread and allow people to live Went from 'go get em tiger' to I'm taking da kids She was like: if u ain’t Spider-Man who are you? If u ain’t Spider-Man u ain’t sh*****t!

this is old Leave her she is ugly amandagabr1elle go strike now! This is your opportunity! Tobey is taking Into the Spiderverse too seriously (Peter B Parker). *YOULL GET YOUR DIVORCE WHEN YOU FIX THIS DAMN DOOR His Spidey money They divorced in 2017. Tobey Maguire is living happily with his new gf. Wtf are you on, TMZ, lmao.

⬇️ Always wishing peace of mind to all Stay_Cruel found out about MJ. She finally saw Spider-Man?! She just realized he’s a nerd! I know there are a lot of jokes to be made here but 2020 sucks. A pandemic, quarantine, and divorce on top of that? It's too much to bear and I hope it's an amicable split. amandagabr1elle

Oof i saw it coming. Aku siap jd sugar baby nya Spiderman🙏 She's escaping from the web. She was tired of his web of lies singlelife Another big, fat, nobody gives a shit, Hollywood divorce... There's a Spiderman joke in here somewhere. Tobey, my love, I am here for youuuuu Who is she getting divorced from ?

Hes a beautiful person,will not be alone too long Petit retweet... pour un vent plus léger.... Living up to the Peter Parker image 100%. Hope they can find peace ☮️ 1st he lost Uncle Ben now his wife 2020 has no chill Ouch 🤕 Watch when that spider man moeny come in Hay esperanza. F 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Now spider verse would make sense!

live action miles morales looks good here His divorce senses weren’t tingling? aw poor spidey Time to do Spider-Man 3 along with Holland & Garfield. She wanted Spiderman ended up with Spiderboy. Not Spider-Man The Spiderman check run out huh Sad :( He's married? That’s sucks but why do we care? I thought they were already divorced

Spider-Man 3 casting confirmed Gold-digger supreme yo yo yo yo Spider-Man money ran out? 🤔 Husband NO MORE lorcangsd pizza time They been separated for years .. no surprise No way wow You’ll get your divorce when you fix this DAMN DOOR! Well he was kind of a dick in Mollys Game Will always be my Spider-Man 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

He was behind it She found out he's actually KD Lang. Who are these people and who cares Somewhere in the Multiverse they are still together. my guy is a free man Simma down nah! When did he get married? Sad news...bit he can be spider man again was she not calling him tugboat or whatever that was? Parker luck strikes again.

Now he's free to marry Molly Bloom 😉 You never know what's really going on with the person behind closed doors but I tell you what this guy seemed to self-destruct. She can do better Wait, didn’t they get a divorce 3 years ago? This news is really old Shouldn't have slept with that Jamaican woman called Eileen should ya tobee

Time to take off the black spidey outfit! BUT HE LOOKS SO FRIENDLY i thought they divorced years ago Mans is about to put on the venom suit again ...She wasn’t his Mary Jane 😔 Sorry Spider-Man They’ve been split for years, what took so long Tobey’s first night out with DiCaprio as a single guy again... Only because He's Really Not Spider man.

Ig she seen the venom in him Damnnit he put the venom suit on again do spierman flip :) he put on the black Spiderman suit again didn't he?.. too soon? sorry....

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