To Slow Virus, China Bars Entry by Almost All Foreigners

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China has announced that it is suspending practically all entry to the country by foreigners, even those with Chinese residency or visas

Coronavirus, Covıd-19


China has announced that it is suspending practically all entry to the country by foreigners, even those with Chinese residency or visas

Beijing halted most international flights, making it hard for citizens to return. And it blocked even foreigners with Chinese residency or visas from entering.

March 26, 2020, 3:36 p.m. ET BEIJING — Worried that international travelers might trigger a second wave of coronavirus infections, China announced late Thursday night that it was suspending practically all entry to the country by foreigners and was halting almost all international passenger flights as well. The announcement came after official Chinese data indicated that the country had almost completely halted domestic transmission of the virus but was struggling to handle a growing number of people who were infected overseas. Foreign residents of China and foreigners with previously issued visas will no longer be allowed to enter the country as of midnight Friday, China’s foreign ministry declared late Thursday. The announcement represents one of the most comprehensive international travel bans imposed anywhere in the world, as governments try to slow the spread of the coronavirus that has already infected more than a half million people and killed more than 22,000. Other leaders who have imposed travel bans, including President Trump, have tended to allow long-term residents from other countries to keep coming and going, even as they restricted most other arrivals. President Trump’s on Jan. 31 also exempted immediate family members of American citizens. China’s more stringent travel ban has only a handful of exceptions, notably for diplomats. The foreign ministry suggested that others who still need to travel to China should apply for new visas at Chinese embassies or consulates elsewhere. New visas would be considered “for necessary economic, trade, scientific or technological activities or out of emergency humanitarian needs,” the ministry said. “The suspension is a temporary measure that China is compelled to take in light of the outbreak situation and the practices of other countries,” the ministry added. The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a separate announcement ordering that each domestic or foreign airline only operate a single passenger flight into China each week until further notice. Fully 90 percent of the people now coming to China are returning Chinese citizens, Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhaohui told reporters in Beijing earlier on Thursday, and the sharp reduction in flights will make it much harder for them to go home. Even before the latest measures, Beijing had tried in recent days to discourage overseas Chinese from coming back. The government has done so through measures like insisting that recent arrivals would have to pay for their hotel rooms during mandatory 14-day quarantines. Beijing has also threatened that the country’s labyrinth of government-run health insurance systems might not cover coronavirus infections acquired overseas. The halt to almost all international passenger flights in and out of China will make it even harder for other countries to import N95 respirators, disposable surgical masks and other personal protection gear from China for their own doctors and nurses. About half the world’s airfreight typically moves in the bellies of passenger aircraft, while the rest travels aboard air freighters. Previous, large-scale cancellations of passenger air services to China have already created an acute shortage of air cargo capacity over the past two weeks. Most Chinese factories have reopened. Businesses around the world have been rushing to book space on the available air freighters so as to quickly refill supply chains that usually rely on ships. Many of these supply chains had emptied during the four to six weeks that much of the manufacturing in China was shuttered as Beijing clamped down on economic activity to control the virus. The effectiveness of international travel bans is contentious. President Trump said on Wednesday that while many of his health advisers had opposed his ban affecting most travel from China, “if we didn’t do that, thousands and thousands of people would have died.” Mr. Trump’s travel ban on China had been strenuously opposed through February by senior Chinese officials, who called repeatedly for it to be removed. Many affluent or politically connected Chinese families send their children to the United States for university, and sometimes for high school as well. The travel ban disrupted their educations. But flights back to China have been jammed over the past week as the epidemic has mushroomed in the United States and has started to spread beyond cities that receive a lot of international travelers, including New York, Seattle and San Francisco. Mr. Luo said that 40 percent of the Chinese passport holders coming back in recent days were returning students. China’s National Health Commission said earlier on Thursday that all 67 new coronavirus cases officially reported across the country on Wednesday were people who had been infected overseas, as were all 47 reported the previous day. Advertisement Read more: The New York Times

Great. After they spread it to the rest of the world. Too bad our governments were too chicken to close the borders to China in January. Why “even”? Any foreigner can get in without a visa before? What do you mean even? US shut the entering of Chinese in the very first beginning It makes sense Finally! stop the TRUMP VIRUS from coming in. Most provinces in China has announced the opening of schools in April. PITY you guys who have a government that care little about citizen’s lives.

do you know why western people are so easily brain washed? because they don't speak Chinese Ianguage. and do you know why most Chinese like to stay in China? because most Chinese can read much English shit news. we need to do the same. This is the reason why one country should not be the sole manufacture of goods.

It’s American virus Italian virus Spanish virus. How does it sound? it's good political Its too late after they spread the virus like wild fire. Follow the tough steps taken by our Prime Minister Hon. Bainimarama. God willing we will stop the virus from spreading with every ones sincere co operation. Most important the Opposition Members of the Parliament.

China Is Open for Business, but the Postcoronavirus Reboot Looks Slow and RockyWith few new coronavirus cases, Chinese factories are reopening and restrictions are easing, yet the prospects for growth have never been worse China is open for business WITH GUARANTEED healthy people only. That’s not wide open folks. Health is gone, Wealth is null. then, now is the time to help other countries by manufacturing medical/personnel protective equipment for others SO they can go back buying your Made In China 🇨🇳 stuff.

Please do not use Chinese masks, it may contains virus. Leave them to me Means banning their citizens back to China ?! No one else is going to China! 😂😂 wierdduk Ongenadig hard, je zal daar maar wonen. Dan ben je dus per direct dakloos. Dit terwijl zij haar eigen mensen wel binnen laat. Daar moet de internationale gemeenschap toch gewoon op reageren. China wil zelf overal ongestoort toegang....en andersom?

Don't be like that. We have a beautiful gift for you We should suspend all entry to China,including those with Chinese passport, residency and visa realDonaldTrump look at what “Chyna” is doing. Ils ont peut-être honte après que le monde entier est vu qu’ils vivaient comme au moyen-âge dans certaines de leurs régions

No one would wait for death. They just do something right to keep those idiots from other countries away. In fect, the United States is the largest affected country. Sorry, use a normal colour photo, okay? It's not smart to a media. Who want to go there Isn't that racist?

China Is Open for Business, But the Post-Coronavirus Reboot Looks Slow and RockyChinese factories are back, stores are opening, but demand has crashed as buyers world-wide take a pause and wait for the pandemic to end. in your dream It's not that we don't want it.... I want wigs and inexpensive clothes and house trinkets but they are not necessities right now that we are dealing with the virus in my country :/ The “demand” countries are 3 months behind.

They do what the rest of the world should have done in January. But we thought: boohoo, what about enonomic? What about freedom? Now we have no economic and no freedom. Just to keep in mind for the next pandemic. 'To slow virus'. Is that what they told you? How many times will it take for you to wake up?

What is behind this move. I thought they had coronavirus under control? Why now-this should have been the case at the outbreak of the virus. China is really doing everything they can to avoid more infections and to protect people’s health or what? u want china to shutdown all factories again? then this time there will be definitely no enough marks and ventilators or even life essentials for other parts of world. u covidiots just forgot last time when people afraid there'll be no enough toilet paper?

well, good luck Americans, since you have a coronavirus employee for presidency.. realDonaldTrump trish_regan FoxNews IvankaTrump — Does US follow same path? Shut to fix the system, stop the pandemic The USA needs to BAN all Chinese from entering the USA for the next 2 years!!! Don't blame them! We should have done the same thing in January!

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I guess the news wouldn’t mention that the Chinese residency permit (not allowed to enter soon as the news mentioned) is not permanent residence. It is like a work or student visa last for 6 month to several years Well, it is not true U.S. should have done that a long time ago. We had a 2 week head start before the virus came here, and stalled until the last second. Now, we have no other option but to destroy our economy and watch as the virus takes over this country

Xenophobia? If the shoe fits Why? It came from there. No one wants this.China has to do this in a bid to prevent the second outbreak of COVID-19, so the world factory could manufacture more masks and ventilators.Think of that what if China's factories were shutted down again. Hey that's racist!!! The latest image of the virus,, 😆

realDonaldTrump if you do this, you’ll be criminalized JustinTrudeau sounds racist to me

New York Gov. Cuomo says social distancing efforts are working to slow coronavirusSocial distancing efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus in New York, the epicenter of the American outbreak, are showing signs of working, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday. Hope he's right!

And no one did it to them because of racism. They pulled a Trump Yet tourists r still travelling the world. 50000 Americans out of country. I never thought about that before. Would that America could have responded to COVID 19 like China. President Trump looks like an alderman compared to his buddy, Xi.

but but.. i thought borders were racist. China said it was racist to ban Chinese from coming to US.. ChineseVirus The Chinese wuhanvirus that they started spreading and encouraging countries to keep visiting, is now time to shut their borders. Another virus is coming, the world is looking at them. Wicked fellows!

Racist WHO? ChineseVirus19 coronavirus

Coronavirus Doesn’t Slow Trump’s Regulatory RollbacksAs the U.S. battles the coronavirus outbreak, President Trump is pushing ahead with major reversals of environmental regulations, including a restriction on scientific research that some doctors worry would complicate future pandemic controls Get him out of the WH!! Nov can’t come soon enough. This week has already felt like a year, so it’s going to be an agonizing wait. We will fix it ! VOTEBLUE Right! EnemyOfThePeople

China has to hide the growing extent threat of Wuhan Virus in their country. Kick out foreign journalists. Stop everyone from coming in. Inundate Chinese with propaganda. Stop testing to gaslight the world to think the China has beat the virus. Beginning of the Second wave....Enough of Anti Malaria, Anti HIV Drugs...Now for some basic stuff:

早该这样了 If only they did the same for 'all exits' early on. Unless chinese change their food habits, this type of deadly virus attack will happen time and again. Do you imagine poisonous sank and insects could be the menu of a normal human being? Nasty. The bastards should have put a travel ban in place when it first broke out.

China objected at the start when some countries were banning their flights to China .. now hypocrites doing the same !! ChinaLiedPeopleDied why wait until now what didn't they do this in the beginning, You got kick out of China for lying Meanwhile America won’t build a wall! Thanks for the wuhan virus china

Airlines cut in-flight food and drinks to slow coronavirus' spreadSouthwest and American Airlines cut back on food and drinks on flights Not to save money, but for the people. Cause that’s what airlines are known for... Were they lacing it before hand? Not the peanuts, man!

I think all should be required to do this. We have the entitled feeling they can go anywhere anytime. Good, we’re pretty much done with moving forward anyway Racist Good. Once-upon a atime China was disappointed cancellation of Chinese Visa in India. Bit India have no ulternative for prevention of Corona. Now China realised.

AlfredPamnjoe Until Easter, then it’ll be gone. It’s warm at Easter. 😎 Who Says It’s Not Safe to Travel to China? The coronavirus travel ban is unjust and doesn’t work anyway. NYT on Feb. 5. Have we changed our view since then - seems like China has now come to same conclusion as US did. There are loopholes in this measure, and now Chinese citizens are allowed to enter, everyone should be banned, after all, the coronavirus does not matter which country you are from.

China CCP the most pathetic ignorant idiots and “pain in wherever” of the world! They supplies the world with their virus WuhanVirus and now disowned them ? Shame ! China won’t get away with it ! Suggest realDonaldTrump SecPompeo UN EUparliament AbeShinzo organizing probe

CCP accuses USA ban the overseas entry at the first time, now they are doing the same! That hilarious Since China is back to normal, it's time for China to start thinking how will it payback the world. ChineseVirus19 COVID2019 CoronaVillains MakeChinaPay Chinese are racist They are blocking their entries No one is saying that now? We should have be racist from the start and do not let any Chinese go to italy, usa, us, Australia, Spain, Portugal, russia etc Being racist would have save a lot of lives and jobs.

China is Evil ChinaLies Why they are doing that, to hide more things that we don’t know yet?! 🧐🤯 just learn from the US. Who are the racist ones. First he infects the whole world and now this. Virus origin, judge for yourself should be the other way around but that's never going to happen smh So xenophobic

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