‘To Leslie’ Director Michael Morris Talks Making One of 2022’s Best-Reviewed Films and Wrapping Up ‘Better Call Saul’

10/31/2022 10:22:00 PM

‘To Leslie’ Director Michael Morris Talks Making One of 2022’s Best-Reviewed Films and Wrapping Up ‘Better Call Saul’

‘To Leslie’ Director Michael Morris Talks Making One of 2022’s Best-Reviewed Films and Wrapping Up ‘Better Call Saul’

The filmmaker, who helmed memorable episodes on the final season of 'Saul,' was only able to make his new feature with the support of the 'Breaking Bad' family.

To Leslie , one of the best-reviewed films of the year.will be gracing the silver screen one last time.'s horror anthology's most provocative season yet.Les Moonves officially out at CBS According to the AG’s office, a Los Angeles Police Department captain provided CBS executives with a confidential sexual assault complaint against Moonves in 2017 — months before the allegations became public.

Currently, the Andrea Riseborough indie vehicle is certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, boasting a 98 percent score.The drama chronicles a former lottery winner named Leslie (Riseborough) whose alcoholism has cost her everything, forcing her to return home to West Texas and face the music..Morris, who cut his teeth as a theater director in England, immediately connected with Ryan Binaco’s script, and having contributed to existing worlds on TV for many years, he yearned to build something from square one again, similar to his early plays.] Mostly seen in scenes opposite Tovey as Patrick or Joe Mantello as Patrick's current partner and New York Native reporter, Gino Barelli, Grossman's character is a way into Patrick's conflicted nature.And as rewarding as television has been for him, he also wanted to move away from the conventions that come with the medium.Writer and director Tracy Pellegrino tells TMZ.Related Stories.AP “Hopefully we can kill media from PD.

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