To Fight Virus, Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines For 30 More Days

Trump had initially announced 15-day guidelines and said they would be reevaluated. The 15-day period was set to end Monday.

3/30/2020 1:44:00 AM

President Trump said on Sunday that federal guidelines urging Americans to social distance to slow the spread of coronavirus will remain in place for another month.

Trump had initially announced 15-day guidelines and said they would be reevaluated. The 15-day period was set to end Monday.

Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Imageshide captiontoggle captionJim Watson/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Trump speaks in the Rose Garden for the daily coronavirus briefing at the White House on Sunday.Jim Watson/AFP via Getty ImagesUpdated 8:13 p.m. ETPresident Trump said on Sunday that federal guidelines urging Americans to social distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus will remain in place for another month.

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"During this period, it's very important that everyone follow the guidelines," Trump said at a news conference in the Rose Garden."The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end."Trump had initially announced15-day guidelines

and said they would be reevaluated. The 15-day period was set to end Monday, and the president had suggested the recommendations could be relaxed. But on Sunday, Trump said the guidelines will continue to ask Americans to socially distance until April 30. Trump said the plans to prolong the social distancing guidelines will be formalized Tuesday.

Models of the virus' spread, Trump noted, suggest that the worst days of the pandemic could hit the country in two weeks.Trump had previously suggested he would like to see the country"reopen" for business on Easter, a notion that deeply unsettled infectious disease experts, who said such a move could exacerbate the crisis.

Asked if his optimistic assessment was a mistake, Trump said no."It was just an aspiration," Trump said on Sunday."That could be the peak number of deaths before it starts coming down," the president said of coronavirus cases around Easter, which is April 12.

Trump said he arrived at the decision following conversations with Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, two doctors and public health experts on the White House's coronavirus task force.Fauci and Birx pointed to leading coronavirus models, which they said show that, even with social distancing and other mitigation measures in place, millions of Americans are anticipated to become infected and

up to 200,000could die. If social distancing is not followed, the estimates are even more grim, Trump noted, saying the model suggested some 2.2 million Americans could have died in the U.S. if officials ended containment efforts."Now we're looking at numbers that are going to be much, much, much lower than that," Trump said."And it makes everything we're doing feel much better to me."

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The hope, Birx said, is that the model's estimates are overstating the likely case load and death toll."We can do better than what the predictions are," Birx said. Read more: NPR »

Thank you President Trump! We love and appreciate you! Trump 2020! Best president EVER! People don’t need to be social distancing. Now is the time for civil disobedience and joining together to stand up for our rights not keep separate in fear of a virus with a low mortality rate. As I start week 3 of Social Distancing / if we just bite the bullet on March 18th and had a National Shut Down. We would be at the end of this crisis. But now this shit is gonna last so much longer

We don’t want to watch him live BoycottTrumpPressConferences Finally. A smart decision. Idiot potus DonaldJTrumpJr SecPompeo vp PressSec KellyannePolls greggutfeld PLEASE no more items from other countries,especially China. ChinaVirus19 BringMfngBacktoUSA Great Men are made to handle great things. Love your optimism realDonaldTrump We are not going to get any from the media. They keep reporting the worst. Doom and Gloom all the way for them. A President should give his country hope. ❤🇺🇸

Can the government maybe take a step beyond 'urge'? Because let me tell ya, it ain't working where I live. Many people are politely declining the request for distance and still socializing as much as possible. We need stricter enforcement ASAP. He’ll change his mind by next week anyway, then deny what he said today, then claim fake news.

Did they move Easter? So what happened to April 12th? smh what about school Shut it down save lives!!! Someone wrote him a ‘speech’ and he read it. He gets no credit at all. But...maybe his dumba$$ followers will take it a bit more serious now and quit claiming it to be just a hoax to try to ruin him. He does that all on his own with his ignorance. They follow him like lemmings.

But, but, what about filling the churches on Easter? DaddieDes JFC, another month of Trump's nightly rallies for himself? My introverted ass is like “sweet, now the whole world gone be introverts” Folks this is going through June. Prepare yourself. Not up to him the goog gov. Took charge and took over, nobody is even listening to him ImpeachTrumpAgain

Not surprised since people won’t stay home! let's stop putting politics into this pandemic. argue this AFTER it is done. political fighting IS NOT going to help ANY AMERICANS I got this. Bring it on. 👍🏼😃 10-20 lbs heavier, but who’s counting. 😬 another30 Yay now all my savings get to go towards my bills, it's not like I needed to get back to work or anything great job guys....

Another month? I’m gonna need another $1200 The NY governor said it first for his state. Then he can pay my child support, along with GovWhitmer Hell nah Boy I sure could use a month off for my mentals This is a non-issue because some people are still out and about working, shopping, etc...there’s no such thing as a partial quarantine ffs...I’m required to continue are many as usual in my world 😐

The Easter bunny is not happy As the pandemic response team sits shoulder to shoulder after their face to face meeting. 90% ofthe country can’t do that but they do every day. 👍. I stand with the hypocratic oath takers n scientists. More like, (at least) another month. Is he gonna actually help the states’ hospitals now or continue to be a dick to the governors who call him out on his bullshit of doing nothing

No Easter ?😂 gemendiaz well looks like we are going to have to find something else to paint 🤣 I Feel Like I’m On House Arrest ... You didn't think you'd quarantined for the entire month of March, did you? AnD TrUmP is So sOrrY fOr SeNdInG 17.5 ToNs oF PpEs tO ChInA & rEdUcIng OuR SuPplY! yo how tf am i posed to go at least 7 months without seeing my school crush bc we not going back to school 😐

18 months people And what happens when it’s longer as UK contemplating closure until June and we are behind same! This was always inevitable. Question is, will the government use the month wisely, or waste it like it wasted most of the last two? realDonaldTrump so not Easter? Not going away in the spring?

Yep I recalled that idiot president said he wanted America back open on Easter. This is serious u cant put a timeline on coronavirus for your own personal gain Donald Trump. coronavirus Social distancing and quarantines aren’t working in other countries. Why do we think it will work here? So what about school?

This is why it's needed. Treasure Island, FL boats are to be 50ft apart and not groups of people. The water access needs to be shut down. Trump finally did the right thing and followed the science, follow CDC guidelinestill April30th. Thank you POTUS for doing this. I have never thanked him for anything untill now. There's always a first. Though, it may be the last. 🤷‍♀️

Duhh any progressive open minded person could see that, bet it stop before may though 🤫 Hey , although Trump’s still calling it “social” distancing, WHO isn’t because of the potential mental health damage that word combination may cause. Would you please spread the news about “physical” distancing instead?

Lol and you just get 1 payment. Sucks to be you if we're out of work longer. Come on... look at that picture! Everybody, go put these idiots who don’t stay home on social media n shame them! Get them on tape! Enough is enough! N not only get them on tape, confront them! We are strong America. We can do this.

Then why is the federal govt planning to open non essential high risk IRS offices in just ten days? I sure hope not...with stores running out of Food, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, etc, this ain't gonna work, chief. mikeg21_ NOOOOOO 😭😭😭😫😫😫 Hell I am $400 short on rent this month. I drive for Uber and we stuck on again? Then three weeks till the checks start coming. If corona don't get you stress will. Hell might as well try $bluminault

Sorry NPR, as much as I respect you, I won't subject myself to these lie and tantrum filled, self-aggrandizing rants any longer. BoycottTrumpPressConferences TrumpLiedPeopleDied So wait, does that mean the lockdown is on for another month? At least. Not everyone is adhering to the guidelines because they think they’re not sick or are immune. Never underestimate the power of stupid people.

Should’ve released the tigers and lions like Putin I’d say both April and May are long gone at this point, it’s sad but true. We need to have our sights set for ending this by June instead of forcing it earlier which could lead to even more delays (something our country can’t afford to do) Why do people still show up. He's repulsive.

until the Dow crashes on Monday. Then he will change his mind. I'm helping to flatten the curve by staying inside, but it's only been a week for me & I'm already feeling anxious & trapped. How are we all going to last a month? Not everyone has a job to go to, even for a few hours 😭 & it's not like I can waste $ on home repairs right now.

realDonaldTrump lost my vote with that statement. I can’t go on like this I’m going crazy from the boredom Only the national Guard trucks and police cars in every city patrolling streets might keep them inside more. Otherwise people aren't going to listen to reasoning. You have to make them... Other than watching more people die....

GOOD realDonaldTrump is a liar, realDonaldTrump is a liar, realDonaldTrump is a liar, realDonaldTrump is a liar, TrumpIsTheVirus they’re gonna keep adding months. I will literally commit suicide Hopefully relief for small businesses will be given. Would hate for my local businesses to close. realDonaldTrump

So I guess we’ll be moving Easter to May. National Public Radio is a privately and taxpayer funded American non-profit membership media organization. They are actually a leftwing tool. Do not give them one dime! Only one payment of $1200 by the way Who is going to grow and pack the food we need?! Also.. who is going to pay my bills? That check aint it BRUH.. drop cash at the banks to give to everyone.. its time to make money openly available. 5k with THUMB PRINT SCAN...or else riots...

BoycottTrumpPressConferences So you're saying I'm gonna have to beat my family in uno for another month? Trump is a living bruh moment So, to be clear... we are now NOT going to pack the churches on Easter... They better pay our bills or suspend ALL RENT! 🔥🦺🤬 I’m not gonna one no body more rent or bills for the last 2 months. You are out of your minds! realDonaldTrump rentstrike

Wow. Something intelligent fell outa his face. Never thought I'd see the day

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Cuomo orders non-essential workers to work from home through April 15During a press conference, Gov. Cuomo announced New York's 'Pause' executive order has been extended two more weeks, meaning non-essential workers will have to remain at home through April 15th. I am spreading faster in the US than your ability to test for me. Cuomo needs to go! GreedOverPandemic will rise the Covid_19 US worst case! 45's admin. sh. focus on SafetyFirst than endangering more lives! ProtectNurses ProtectAllPeople ! USA's pandemic is no.1 globally. realDonaldTrump SecPompeo VP GOP etc sh prioritise StayingHomeSavesLives MaskUp

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