To Counter Anti-Lgbtq Protesters At Atlanta Pride, An Artist Created Giant, Sound-Muffling Panels. He Calls Them 'Hate Shields' - Cnn

To Counter Anti-Lgbtq Protesters At Atlanta Pride, An Artist Created Giant

To counter anti-LGBTQ protesters at Atlanta Pride, an artist created giant, sound-muffling panels. He calls them 'hate shields'

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10/13/2019 4:30:00 AM

Atlanta-based artist Matthew Terrell created The Hate Shields, meant to muffle noise from megaphones used by anti-LGBTQ protesters at Pride events

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😆😅😂🤣 I know what all the other letters stand for, but I'm still confused about the Q. I thought the G was the Q. What is the Q, and what are they proud of?🤔 ExposeCnn ExposeCNN Nice. But can't the city pass a local law prohibiting the use of megaphones or other extreme sound pollution devices in public places as a safety measure? Allowing people to make potentially deafening noise in a public place sounds like a public safety issue to me!

Those are kinda gay Ok libtard ExposeCNN Another LGBTQ story on CNN. Remember the LGBTQ community is only 4.5% of the USA population. CNN seems to target this small community in daily news coverage. Guess other communities aren't worthy. What's the connection between the CNN writers, producers and LGBTQ

I have a better idea... Ironically, it’ll muffle the “hate” from the other side as well... Pathetic. exposecnn

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