To a Lesser Degree—a new climate podcast from The Economist

How to tackle climate change | Podcasts

9/21/2021 5:43:00 PM

“This is not a podcast about wind turbines and solar panels. It’s about rebuilding’s about reimagining lives.” “To a Lesser Degree”, a new climate podcast from EconomistPods, launches next week. Listen to the trailer and subscribe today

How to tackle climate change | Podcasts

The Economist’s global network of correspondents, to report on the decisions that matter for the future of our planet.World leaders gather in November in Glasgow, Scotland, for a United Nations climate conference known as COP26. The goal is to agree on action to slow the heating of the Earth.

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It’s the most significant meeting since the 2015 Paris summit, when almost 200 countries agreed to keep the Earth’s temperature well below 2.0°C over pre-industrial levels and preferably no more than 1.5°C. The global average has already increased by roughly 1.1°C - 1.2°C and if dramatic action isn’t taken, it could hit 3°C—a catastrophe for the critical Earth systems upon which humanity relies.

In the run up to the conference, we’ll be asking:Can humanity slow the pace of global warming?How well can people adapt to climate change?Who will pay the price of a hotter planet?What innovations could counteract the damage done by climate change?The new podcast is hosted by Vijay Vaitheeswaran,

The Economist’s global energy & climate innovation editor, with Catherine Brahic, environment editor, and Oliver Morton, briefings editor.Together they ask expert guests whether and how the pace of global warming can be slowed and explore how everything - from finance to agriculture, transport to international policy - might need to change in order to do it.

The series will map out the path to tackling climate change with intelligent and informed analysis of the three key steps that need to happen: reducing emissions and removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere; adapting to climate change; and getting the politics right in Glasgow and beyond.

“To a Lesser Degree” is an eight-part special series, with new episodes published every Monday, starting 27th September 2021. Read more: The Economist »

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