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Tired All the Time? Here Are New Ways to Recharge as the Pandemic Drags On

After months of stress and frustration, many are searching yet again for a reset—let’s call it the fourth wind.

10/26/2020 1:00:00 AM

After months of stress and frustration, new approaches are needed for taking care of ourselves. Here’s advice from people who specialize in resilience.

After months of stress and frustration, many are searching yet again for a reset—let’s call it the fourth wind.

Looking yet again for an energy boost as the pandemic wears on? You’re not alone.For many, a deep sense of weariness is setting in, caused by months of pent-up stress and the dread that winter and rising cases of COVID-19 will bring more disruption. Frustration and anxiety come from many sources, including economic hardship, conflicting attitudes toward social distancing and mask-wearing, difficulty balancing work and online schooling, breaks in rituals and traditions, and uncertainty over when a sense of normalcy will return....

Trump urges state legislatures and courts to ‘flip’ results Trump's election fight includes over 30 lawsuits. It's not going well. Pope Francis hosts NBA players after season defined by social justice activism Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

NASA Updates TV Coverage for First Commercial Crew Rotation Flight

NASA and SpaceX are now targeting 7:27 p.m. EST Sunday, Nov. 15, for liftoff of the agency’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida with astronauts to the International Space Station.

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Gross! Se trata de la capacidad de soportar situaciones difíciles

Japan mulls $95.5 billion extra budget to counter coronavirus: mediaJapan's government is considering compiling an extra budget worth around $95.5 billion to offset the economic drag caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Mainichi newspaper reported on Saturday. Japan apparently didn't get affected by covid 19 lol Is that a lot? I honestly can’t tell anymore- these numbers become so meaningless

Why You Might Have Trouble Getting the Refrigerator, Can of Paint or Car You WantA couple eager for a kitchen upgrade sold their existing refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, planning to replace them immediately. They were shocked to find out new appliances would be out of stock for months. Not to be weird or anything but who sells anything essential before making sure they have a replacement?

'I am a bat scientist working to prevent the next pandemic'I have worked with bats in disease hotspots in Southeast Asia, Western Asia, and Eastern Africa. These hotspots can facilitate the transmission of a pathogen into humans, potentially sparking the next pandemic. What next pandemic 🤔 Yuck 🤢

Halloween trees are a boo-tiful way to get in the holiday spirit amid COVID-19With health experts warning against traditional trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween with large groups of people amid the coronavirus pandemic, people are finding new ways to get into the holiday spirit. How about a candy hunt for kids at home? Like easter. You really have to be into Halloween to put up a spooky tree! Having our own Halloween party. We haven't been locked down like so many others, been open since May. So excited to make this year extra special like we did 4th of July. Too much crazy been going on & we have decided to ignore it to live our life. Candy, food, fun- here we go!

Rising vacancies, declining rents squeezing apartment REITsThe pandemic and recession are squeezing big apartment building owners, with a surge in vacancies leading to a decline in rent growth for the first time in years oh no!! not a decline in rent growth!!!! I did not receive my NJ LWA $300 additional benefits, I am eligible! I am out of work due to COVID-19. Unemployment never contacted me to attest. I happened to see it by chance. When I tried to attest, The box did nothing at all! Please give the people another chance to attest! Rent should be on a decline! It's time for the rent to match the size of these tiny ass apartments they keep building. 🤷

What to do about Ahav?What to do about Ahav? A mother’s fight to save a Black, mentally ill 11-year-old boy in a time of a pandemic and rising racial unrest This story is heartbreaking. Can we start a GoFundMe to get Ahav his psych eval for the residential treatment? This poor mother in drowning!