Timelapse: 10-story building goes up in nearly one day - CNN Video

This 10-story apartment building was built in just over a day

6/18/2021 12:17:00 AM

This 10-story apartment building was built in just over a day

Using a pre-fab, modular design, BROAD Group was able to construct a 10-story apartment building in 28 hours and 45 minutes in Changsha, China.

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The Bootleg Fire is now the third-largest fire in Oregon state history as firefighters try to limit its spread amid extremely dry conditions.

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Not in Miami Actually only built in place in over a day. It took far longer to build the components that make up the building So they're stacking pre-built blocks of houses? Can I play Jenga with it? Derjkovsky shaaggee ladi1lahanmi Read the room!

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While FidelDeathSantis pushes for even more deregulation. This post seems like bad timing 🤨 So the construction happened off site, and the assembly too 28hours45min Really good going Now let's pray it stands the test of time My mind is blown, America always does it best. Assembled perhaps is more apt justsaying

Here before the chenweihua retweet

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Delete this!😠 I know of another one that came down in less than 30 seconds. So, I'd probably stay out of this one. okay good, now solve homelessness Sure, if you don't count the time it took to manufacture the modules. YOU WILL LIVE IN THE POD What about plumbing, electrical and HVAC? Is it going to collapse like the one in Florida?

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And now all the engineers have to worry about where the parts the had leftover were supposed to go? Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to build Rome in a day. Unfortunately, as recent events have demonstrated, it is also possible for Rome to collapse in 10 seconds. So basically Lego housing is the way to go

~ bad timing for them. Don't get any ideas Miami It was prefab.. so it wasn’t built in just a day. CNN with fake news like always Buy yours here. _BOXABL Nope….. I don't know how I feel about this one That's a NO for me If this 10 story apartment bldg was built in a day, there's no excuse for homelessness in the USA. Capitalism is an economic system like feudalism. The gov't takes from the needy & gives tax breaks to the billionaires, who in turn, pay no taxes at all. But they're subsidized!!

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this is in China FYI, it's in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. the modular building remains very durable, earthquake resistant, and can be disassembled and moved when needed. And they believe that the strength of the core panels will remain solid even when stacked up to 200 layers, even taller than the world's No. 1 tower, the Burj Khalifa.

They sent three astronauts in space. This is nothing compare to that. It is only play of nut and bolts. Timing of this story is kinda awful🤦🏽‍♀️ Cheesy construction in Florida? Nah... visit this website to have a great healthy body bravo n congrats to d most ingenious planners, architects n engineers 反正比佛罗里达的牢固

ughadinjo Assembled by a Chinese Company .... Would have being a better headline!

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Try putting that in building up in California How would these prefab buildings fare under certain conditions or natural disasters? and it takes 1 sec to collapse As usual, when something impressive is done by Chinese, CNNs are as silent as dead. But there are times when they choose to or have to report, you'll find no indication of any Chinese element. Except for the Chinese people's faces.

Made in China? ... not build but assemble ... sorry. Australian Federal Government can't build a quarantine center in 18 months. More news about the greatness of China on cnn 🤔 By a Chinese engineering company. Too hard for you to put it in the headlines It actually was NOT built in a Day! But CNN ALWAYS LIES! It was Built with PREFAB Sections that were Built Months Before the Whole building was Constructed! The Sections COUNT Towards the TOTAL Construction Time! CNN LIES AGAIN!!

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A metaphor for covid vaccine What lovely looking prisons cells oh I mean “apartment units” for Chinese Citizens to live in with that old Communist style of total sameness and no hint of individual expression look even now comes with structural integrity issues with a lot of corruption money oh I mean”love”☠️

They saved money on cost but cheaper isn't better.. how's the safety regulations in that area.. a simple windy day!!! IsraeliTerrorism Stunning 😍 WOW This story was posted yesterday. I bet it fell over today. Called the 'Rome' Apartments...

i bet pre-fabrication took months.... they hv just assembled the blocks Only daredevils need apply for apt. Assembled, not built Owner of Brasil brasil support Bolsonaro, FAKE NEWS and cloroquina /// GloboNews JornalOGlobo cnni bbcbrasil BBCNews So good to be true Genocide watch issued a report on Ethiopia a few hours ago. After detailing that ethnic based attacks and war crimes have taken place in Benishangul, Oromia, Amhara, Tigray regions it listed nine recommendations.

We need MORE DV Interviews 2021DVAzerbaijan DV2021 SaveDiversityVisaAzerbaijan2021 SaveDVAzerbaijan2021 usingeo POTUS VP SecBlinken SecMayorkas StateDept chantaladasilva DHSgov AILANational CassSunstein RitchieTorres How can I download this video I would not want to live there. Would it be safe if there was an earthquake, for example, is there a sophisticated rescue operation for the population, just as a precaution?😁

how is it possible ? The building was assembled in just over a day This can be future of real estate if the sections are perfectly designed to withstand wind and seismic load... also depends on how the substructure is connected to the superstructure and the loads could transfer to the soil safely or not. Nice idea

No way I staying in such an apartment.... Inspired by ship containers. No, not built in day. It took weeks or months to build all of those components that were then assembled on site. Ffs. Can you guys get anything right? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I wonder what the load stresses on the building look like ? My friend built it - she says it was a year long project

Fun Fact: Its in China and the building will be used as a lab for covid 26 😜 Assembled in a day. How long to build the pre-fabricated units?

That doesn’t seem safe I mean, it was ASSEMBLED in a day, but I'm sure it took plenty of time to build the individual modules. Still cool use of engineering efficiency. I wouldn't feel even slightly safe living in that flat packed IKEA tower block. And the religion of peace will blow it up in 10 seconds!

THEN WHY SO MANY HOMELESS PEOPLE!? Like Lego blocks! It wasn’t built in a day, it was erected in a day. Ten story building without a elevator? Fire suppression system? Made in china. estou-me a passar SHABAZGIL ImranKhanPTI ImranRiazKhan PTIofficial

laisacaroline YEA? WHERE? You live in it! And how does one get from the bottom of that Jenga to the top floor? Real Lego houses huh damn that’s quick! And architecturally, it looks like it. 😒 *assembled*... How long did it take to construct the individual sections? Not in earthquake territory! I would not want to get anywhere near that building.

Can we do this for our homeless population? Must include social services and rehab It was assembled.... Wouldn't want to live there! How long do you think it took for China to compose the same building? Get ur shit together Hi cnn, the cruel zionist strike gaza again. Guess they forgot their occupation since 1967

Can they build our Texas highways? Literally takes a few years for a small stretch of road lol