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Time for RV Investors to Hit the Road

Heard on the Street: Shares of RV companies have accelerated over the last three months, but could soon run out of gas

7/5/2020 6:30:00 AM

Heard on the Street: Shares of RV companies have accelerated over the last three months, but could soon run out of gas

With coronavirus cases and hospitalizations now surging in many states, the recreational-vehicle industry may be running out of open road.

The recreational-vehicle industry is enjoying a nice ride, but investors shouldn’t park their money for long.With plane travel still largely grounded and the cruise industry temporarily docked, recreational vehicles offer owners the ability to turn shelter-in-place into an instant summer vacation. That has been a boon lately for RV stocks, after the industry was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic. Shares of RV-makers Winnebago Industries and Thor Industries have both more than doubled over the last three months, while...

SuperM Keeping It '100' On Upcoming Debut Album TikTok Stars Believe Trump Wants to Ban App as Revenge for Trolling Him What’s behind the push to get Kanye West on the presidential ballot in 2020? Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Another 1.2 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits last week

In recent weeks the recovery from America's jobs crisis seemed to have hit a roadblock, but last week's claims for first-time unemployment benefits fell more than expected.

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Amid Protests And Virus Fears, Firearm Background Checks Hit All-Time HighThe FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System set a record in June with 3.9 million background checks. The previous record of 3.7 million background checks was set in March. This should end well Ah yes, just in case anyone survives the virus. Imma get mine soon, the gun debate was over after the riots started.

It's Either a Good Time or the Worst Time to Rewatch The PurgeThe Purge, a franchise that’s spawned four films over the past seven years and a television series, is one of those completely outrageous concepts that seems like it could happen in the real world. Before it was a cultural phenomenon, though, it all began with 2013&39;s The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. Great documentary... Jeffree Star and Tati?

Put your RV or camping gear to work: You can rent them outThe COVID-19 pandemic has created a red-hot market for RVs and camping gear. This demand can provide a way to make some money when jobs are scarce. Rent a section of sidewalk in Venice, and pitch that tent....the sidewalks there are hosed off once a month.....better than a FLUSH..... Look You The only thing rdmurphy doesn't commit is “”,A criminal of no right who has thrown himself into the net, discredited the President, and recognizes the correctness and authority of the President, who has voluntarily accepted the severe punishment of realDonaldTrump

World Health Organization reports new coronavirus cases reach all-time highThe number of new Covid-19 cases has reached a new high at 212,326 cases in 24 hours, according to a July 4 report from the World Health Organization. Who Remembers Trump Calling COVID__19 a 'Hoax'? UnfitForOffice ETTD UNFIT They are useless. President Xi’s wife is on the board of WHO. Why we listen to them is beyond me Thank you for the report WHO. Is that what your global role is? To report? How does the media feel about the fact that the WHO gets funded billions to do the same thing that the media has to do with advertising dollars. Yes, WHO, I'm asking. What value do you add

U.S. new coronavirus cases hit all-time high of 57,497 — as COVID-19 surges in Florida, Arizona, California and TexasNew cases are up 43% in Florida over the past week, up 35% in Texas, and up 20% in California over the same period. CDC changed the way it counts cases, and some whistle blowers are pointing out that in some areas there are more 'positive cases' then actual tests available. Someone is faking the numbers. Yeah but....

Business As Usual During The Pandemic, This Time Through PlexiglassGlobal demand for clear plastic barriers has quadrupled since the new coronavirus began spreading, and now there's a six-month waiting list for new orders. It's revived what had become an unprofitable industry. cartalk! Plastic will be around even after all of the nuclear waste has decayed. Fuck the new normal.