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Tim McGraw: Five Reasons Business Professionals Should Make Exercise A Daily Habit

Tim McGraw’s new book contains valuable insights for today’s over-worked and over-stressed business professionals.


In Tim McGraw's new fitness and nutrition book, 'Grit & Grace,' he explains 5 reasons why it’s important to exercise every day

Tim McGraw’s new book contains valuable insights for today’s over-worked and over-stressed business professionals.

Ten years ago McGraw was sitting in a movie theater with one of his daughters when a trailer came on for a holiday movie he was in. He didn’t like what he saw on the 30-foot screen. It magnified the damage he had been doing to his body. He was forty-pounds heavier than is today, the result of excessive partying on the road—drinking his carbs in the form of beer, eating too much fast food and not getting enough sleep or exercise.

In one chapter of the book, McGraw explains five reasons why it’s important to move or exercise every day.

Exercise flushes out mental and emotional toxins, just as much as physical ones.

Exercise gave McGraw a renewed self-assurance on stage, a quality that will serve any business professional who has to present in front of audiences. Building strength and endurance will change the way you see yourself, the way you feel about yourself and, as a result, the person your audience sees. “As a performer, confidence makes or breaks you,” writes McGraw.

“When your body hits a rhythm by moving repetitively on a walk, run, or swim, the mind can fall into order and coherence. Instead of bombarding you with chatter, something else can enter, like flashes of insight or reflections about your life.”

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