TikTok Has A New Idea For Wearing Colorful Eyeshadow With Glasses

6/5/2022 4:00:00 PM

Solving the age-old makeup issue.

This TikToker has the internet convinced this is the new gold-standard way to do statement eyes under glasses.

Solving the age-old makeup issue.

tw Anyone that wears glasses knows that eye makeup can get lost and go unseen under them.say that the clips even hold up thick tresses with ease and that they're great for clipping up strands while they're straightening or curling their mane.Liam Payne 's ex-fiancée has appeared to throw shade at the singer on TikTok following their turbulent break-up.? What does this mean for average people, our friends, ourselves, who experience abuse? Advertisement Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the bartender pantomiming a bump of coke and laughing with their colleagues.

Depending on the shape and material of your frames, statement glasses often take the attention away from statement eyeshadow and eyeliner.To combat this, TikTok creator Roni, also known as @percievemepls , came up with an innovative solution that went viral on the app.Except, when I put it in a ponytail or bun, sometimes I'll get a headache from how tight it is.Drawing her eyeshadow to match the shape of her glasses perfectly, the video she posted showing the process this week has over 10 million views already (and counting).Social media personality Bryce Hall got involved when he tweeted "F**k it im [sic] down to fight Liam Payne" on Tuesday evening - allegedly as a joke.Roni said she was sick of her “eyeshadow being covered” by her glasses and so she decided to try the look in the shape of her glasses.They also make me feel like one of those effortless"cool girls" that you see on TikTok or Instagram, you know what I mean? They're huuuge and can hold all of my hair in place for hours.She then drew the shape of her glasses onto her face with a white eyeliner pencil, filling in the oval spaces with red eyeshadow and blue eyeliner.So-called lawyers giving their “professional” opinions.

The result was heavy eyeshadow falling below her eyes and reaching towards her eyebrows, something that looked dramatic without her glasses." —.Even the paparazzi team Bryce — on God!" A number of her followers took to the video hosting service to share their shocked opinions.At the request of thousands of viewers, she later shared a video of the look with her glasses on , which was far more subtle and glowy.Roni has clearly convinced the internet that this is the new gold-standard way to do statement eyes under glasses.“OMG Looks Even Better Than I Could’ve Imagined<3,” commented one user on the results video.Another said: "THE SHADEE as u [sic] should queen", while a fourth person commented: "Maya knows her worth".“Omg it makes the glasses look tinted,” wrote another.I can’t say for certain where that bartender found this particular conspiracy theory, but if I were a betting woman, I’d say it wasn’t from watching the trial live-feed in real time.

Other users swear she “started something” and “discovered something big,” meaning it’s only a matter of time before the viral videos become a full-blown trend.“If this shows up on a runway I’m coming back to the original,” someone else commented, predicting an editorial future."This is not me and it’s hard enough knowing this has happened without seeing it.Due to its undeniable popularity, Roni has since posted other eyeshadow inspiration videos..

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