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TikTok gets sued by actor behind text-to-speech feature

TikTok gets sued by actor behind text-to-speech feature

5/11/2021 2:39:00 PM

TikTok gets sued by actor behind text-to-speech feature

The actor only found out her voice was being used by TikTok when she was sent videos by her family and friends.

The TikTok app. A voice actor is suing TikTok for using her voice in the text-to-speech feature.Joel Saget/GettyHowever, Standing's friends, family, and colleagues sent her TikTok videos featuring her voice, with some featuring"foul and offensive language", causing Standing to feel"violated".

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Standing told the Telegraph:"I was dumbfounded when I first found out. I thought 'this is wild, I'm the voice of TikTok'. But that's not right, I'm not getting paid for it."She told the BBC:"When I realized you could get me to say anything you want... that's when I kind of got upset." She said the content on TikTok was against her brand and added:"I'm certainly hoping it doesn't affect my business in a negative way. Clients may stop hiring me because they recognize that voice."

Standing's website says she has worked for major brands including Revlon, Clarins, Hellman's, Olay, Kellogg, and more, and says that her voice can be heard on TV and radio ads, apps, YouTube videos, on-hold messaging, and more. Read more: Newsweek »

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