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Heartwarming Gravy Donation Drive:

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Hurricane Ian nears Florida landfall with 155 mph winds

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (AP) — Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified as it neared landfall along Florida's southwest coast Wednesday morning, gaining top winds of 155 mph (250 kph), just shy of the most dangerous Category 5 status. Read more >>

TheDeepCut1 Are we just going to ignore how one lady spit out the gravy into a box? seriously, just put the Gracy in a some kind of food safe container. Give till it hurts.. That is disgusting What Anti Americanism is Like: 1USAlane gooner_wardy 🤣 i fucking love this account I was horrified until I realized this was The Onion...

Laughing out loud so hard my dogs ran into the room looking concerned. So damn funny even the moronic theme song. I'm calling the police. So, why do they put smash potatoes in the box? The video clearly says GRAVY ndsujerk Um, I have a few questions…

J-Pop Band evening cinema Talk Going Viral on TikTok, Songwriting Process & More: InterviewJ-pop band evening_cinema sat down with Billboard_JAPAN to elaborate on their inspirations, their songwriting style, the dynamics of the band and more in this new interview.

Hahaha This is so dumb. I love it. Not one of your best, Onion… we expect more from you… do better! Maybe there is hope for humanity 🥲 I CRIED 🥲 How irresponsible of them! ... to not even consider the potential issues with gluten!!! 😱😱😱 Is the Onion run by a team of woman cuz only can be this funny. Ya’ll are too good. Happy holidays

thanks i hate it Discusting!!!! Lol lol lol

TikTokA timeless question. Probably not Damn don't call me out

Finally some good content Paying it forward Are you sure that it’s gravy? Scribbledips this looks like a Tim and Eric skit val2623 ivyskye11 Thank you, this made me laugh out loud Wtf onion Yeah, I'm definitely crying told myself i wasn't going to cry, but I did.

TikTok duo who composed 'The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical' get Grammy nod'The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical' makes the transition from TikTok darling to Grammy-nominated album after receiving a nomination for Best Musical Theater Album. I love that they named the musical 'The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical'.

I wish people would do for me like that Be careful of gravy robbers. They’ll snatch that grâvey up Its ok, why not This is disgusting! unfollowed this nasty account Eeeeeeeeeewwwww! You guys are so funny! It’s a Festgivingus miracle! Nasty nasty nasty I'd still guzzle most of that gravy.

How TikTok Viral Moments Drive Diners to Bay Area RestaurantsHow TikTok viral moments drive diners to Bay Area restaurants

I wouldn't give up my gravy for anything. Cath_Cheer22 thisvideobot Tsudbury BenRogers Crying from laughter! You guys are going to kill me BUT at least I will die happy.🤣😂🦃Happy Thanksgiving! This is beautiful Onion you touch a lot of nerves but this time…this time you’ve truly crossed the line and I’m canceling my subscription

Is someone cutting onions in here 😭 We used to do this back in my hometown. Really gets the community together. 3 lmao

Cancel Culture Is Fake, TikTok Is Lame, and Her New Music Slaps: Azealia Banks Opens UpAzealia Banks isn’t even mad it took the world a decade to catch up with her. Good try. NO BODY CARES. She needs help !!! PERIOD. I guess killing that chicken really worked, cuz i got no idea how she clings to fame. KarlousM

Why Blonde Hair May Be 'Cheugy' Now, And Some Hair Trends You Can Expect To See In 2022 (According To TikTok)Where do YOU stand on the blonde cheugy discourse? Who made up this word?