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Tigray leader says Ethiopian offensive on regional capital of Mekelle has begun

Tigray leader says Ethiopian offensive on regional capital of Mekelle has begun

11/28/2020 4:10:00 PM

Tigray leader says Ethiopia n offensive on regional capital of Mekelle has begun

The leader of rebellious forces in Tigray region said on Saturday that Ethiopia n government forces had began an offensive to capture the regional capital, Mekelle .

Billene Seyoum, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s office, said that Ethiopian forces would not “bombard” civilian areas, adding “the safety of Ethiopians in Mekelle and Tigray region continues as priority for the federal government.”Debretsion also accused the military of the neighbouring nation of Eritrea of raiding refugee camps in Tigray to capture refugees who had fled Eritrea.

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Reuters was not immediately able to get comment from the Eritrean government.Claims from all sides are difficult to verify since phone and internet links to the region have been down and access tightly controlled since fighting began three weeks ago between forces of the government and the TPLF.

Reporting by Addis Ababa and Nairobi newsrooms; Editing by Frances Kerry Read more: Reuters Top News »

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Please Reuters don't miss Inform the international community and me be honest for your profession Mekele was the strategic city all this war was planned by TPLF leaders by attacking The national army who safferd a lot in peace keeping activity in the regions, Somali south Sudan , fortunately it will come to end with the victory of rule of low.

FYI Reuters has been kicked out of Ethiopia for trying to destabilize the government TPLF which a terrorist group their leaders must go to International Court for Crimes committed in the past 40 years and at most for the Crimes in the last 3 years. In Mai kadra alone more than 700 deaths. Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Ethio-Eritrean war created by the TPLF Junta. He deserves another Nobel Prize for this

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Close to the finish line liberating Ethiopia! Praying for wisdom and strength for the Ethiopian forces! Not giving any more money to Ethiopia.. If they can afford to fight a war they can afford feed their own people I don't know how federal countries are ever stable. TPLF is working with ISIS is must be surrender!

My people, this evaporating city is Mekele. The bones, blood and flesh of the innocent Tigrayans are evaporated with this smoke. Terrorist Abiy Ahmed is destroying the country and shedding innocent blood to please the dictator Isaiah Afewerki and the land grabbers. Mekelle the Capital of Tigrai is Under attack.antonioguterres EmmanuelMacron PaulKagame StateDept mfa_russia francediplo_EN SwissMFA NorwayMFA CommonsForeign SweMFA SpokespersonCHN UN_GP_RtoP AJEnglish BBCAfrica cnni EU_Commission UNHumanRights amnesty_norge

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