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Tiger Woods was speeding before crashing SUV, sheriff says

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Tiger Woods was speeding when he crashed an SUV in Southern California less than two months ago, leaving the golf superstar seriously injured, authorities said...

4/7/2021 8:31:00 PM

BREAKING: Excessive speed caused Tiger Woods to crash his SUV near Los Angeles in February, leaving him seriously injured, sheriff says. The golfer was driving 84 to 87 mph on a downhill stretch of road that had a speed limit of 45 mph.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Tiger Woods was speeding when he crashed an SUV in Southern California less than two months ago, leaving the golf superstar seriously injured, authorities said...

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Tiger Woods was speeding when he crashed an SUV in Southern California less than two months ago, leaving the golf superstar seriously injured, authorities said Wednesday.Woods was driving 84 to 87 mph on a downhill stretch of road outside Los Angeles that had a speed limit of 45 mph, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wednesday.

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The stretch of road isknown for wrecksand drivers hitting speeds so high that there is an emergency exit for runaway vehicles just beyond where Woods crashed.Villanueva blamed the Feb. 23 crash solely on excessive speed and Woods’ loss of control behind the wheel. Sheriff’s Capt. James Powers said there was no evidence that the golfer braked throughout the wreck and that it’s believed Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal.

Detectives did not seek search warrants for the athlete’s blood samples, which could have been screened for drugs or alcohol, or his cellphone. Sheriff’s officials said Woods told deputies that he had not ingested medication or alcohol before the crash. headtopics.com

Authorities said there was no evidence of impairment or of distracted driving, so they didn’t have probable cause to get those warrants. Investigators, however, did search the SUV’s data recorder, known as ablack box.No traffic citations were issued. The sheriff said Woods gave permission for authorities to reveal details about the crash.

Documents showthat Woods told deputies he did not know how the crash occurred and did not remember driving. At the time of the wreck, Woods was recovering from a fifth back surgery, which took place two months earlier.Woods, who is originally from the Los Angeles area, had been back home to host his PGA tournament, the Genesis Invitational at Riviera Country Club, when the crash happened.

He was driving an SUV loaned to him by the tournament when he struck a raised median inRolling Hills Estates, just outside Los Angeles. The SUV crossed through two oncoming lanes and uprooted a tree.The athlete is in Florida recovering from multiple surgeries, including a lengthy procedure for shattered tibia and fibula bones in his lower right leg in multiple locations. Those were stabilized with a rod in his tibia. Additional injuries to the bones in his foot and ankle required screws and pins.

Woods, 45, has never gone an entire year without playing, dating back to his first PGA Tour event as a 16-year-old in high school. He had hoped to play this year in the Masters tournament, which begins Thursday.Rory McIlroy, a four-time major golf champion who lives near Woods in Florida, said he visited him on March 21. headtopics.com

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“Spent a couple hours with him, which was nice. It was good to see him,” McIlroy said Tuesday from the Masters. “It was good to see him in decent spirits. When you hear of these things and you look at the car and you see the crash, you think he’s going to be in a hospital bed for six months. But he was actually doing better than that.”

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It’s not his fault........his not responsible.......his a victim😳 Don’t you get a ticket for that? BruceCastorIsAJoke BadThingsHappenInPhilly Bababooey DiaperDonJr KellyLoefflerCampaignsWithklansman MassiveDump my guess was attempted suicide I still have my money on texting or looking at his phone.

One rule for the rich and another for everyone else. He sped at almost twice the speed limit, could have killed someone and won't be prosecuted, ok. I guess that explains why he wasn't charged? Don’t think a fine or an increase in his insurance premium will bother him! Ok. Can people stop feeling sorry for him now? One dumbass decision after another his whole adult life. What a dumbass.

Eventually we will learn he was high as fuuuuuuuuuck As I said when it happened, didn't he have a history of reckless driving? There's the big accident in 2009, the DUI in 2017, now this. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Might be time to take his license away. Another tree...🤷‍♂️ And to think they never tested his blood for alcohol or checked his phone for use during the crash... madness. Do you think this would have been the same he'd he not been a celebrity 😳

we don’t care Pendejo. All indications are that this was deliberate. How sad. 😢 I’ll probably get dragged for this, but sounds to me like there’s at least a 1% chance he drove off the road on purpose with the intent of harming, if not killing, himself. Tell me again why he’s not ticketed? So he stepped on the wrong pedal and when he realized it he couldn’t step on the right pedal

All this time and money spent on a single crash just because he is famous. 💩 So, guy with known history of pain med abuse and wrecking cars, and enough back surgeries for 4 lifetimes in the last 5 years, wrecks at double the speed limit and cops say, “must have stepped on the wrong pedal 🤷‍♂️”. Sure, that’s probably it.

Hello everyone.. I can help you resolve or retrieve any of the following: Instagram hack Twitter Hack Recover Twitter Shadow ban Twitter Hack gmail Recover gmail WhatsApp spy Just send me a direct message for quick support if interested Something change stripes something something. ...He tried to kill himself. Make it look like an accident.

Obviously gremlins Did anybody check for brake failure? He had to be depressing the brakes so hard to recieve this much damage on his right ankle and right legs. He has major reconstruction surgery on his ankles and will likely never play competitive golf again. I have no sympathy for him but get real.... you are worried if he got a speeding ticket?

Suspend his license. That’s ridiculous. Operator error? Golly, what a surprise. Not. Wow! Ground shattering info. I can see why they held this earth shaker back. Was Tiger able to get all of his shit in order before the big release. Glad he's okay. Death wish perhaps? Late for a tee time. Damn! Hey I love TigerWoods and all he has accomplished but how can the LASDHQ say they’ve finished the investigation but never checked his cell phone records to see if was texting, or even take a post-accident blood test! tigergotapass

only reason for this speed... That’s.....fast! 🚗💨😬🙏🏽 TigerWoods Former police dispatcher here. Was he ticketed This was 4 or 5 miles over the limit!!!! He’s lucky to be alive - and not to have killed someone else. And not even getting a citation. “...after his deputies show of the investigation photos at the local bars, of course.”

We knew it from the start He is lucky to be Alive ❤😂 'For him to say he does not remember. MutchJessica Hmmm 🤔 excessive speed; coming off a back injury; hit the gas instead of the brakes, PLUS a history of impairment....if it looks and quacks like a duck.....🦆🤷🏼 It's a very steep downhill. 🤔😕 Must be nice to not have your blood tested or your phone checked. Privilege

40 over par? 🐯 This is a lot of investigation for a one-car crash. That’s insane or impaired. Pretty much confirms he was driving the safest car ever built And not even a speeding ticket. Had it been a non-celebrity driver, they would have been charged with speeding, reckless operation of a vehicle and failure to maintain control. Don't tell me we don't have a 2 tier justice system.

What was written on the side of the car? CordellTraffic 'James Powers said there was no evidence that the golfer braked throughout the wreck and that it’s believed Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal' Thought it was being kept under wraps. I lost interest. Don't want to know.

famousandyhall amaoker Kristen56Rose If you or I were involved in this accident, driving 90 mph, accelerating at 99% during impact, not recalling any of the incident, that a blood alcohol level would NOT be taken? Given TigerWoods history of DUI and drug use? Preferential treatment much?! Shame on LASDHQ 🤬

speeding is dangerous?! I hate to say this, but Tiger is kinda dumb, right? What we really want to know is: was there a flux capacitor in the back? 87 mph in a 45 mph zone? What if there had been a kid on a bike? Sorry, but no 'poor Tiger' on this one. I see he has enough money to not be cited. Niggas was doing the dash

I don't even drive 80 mph on the highway Did anyone drive the speed limit on that road? Bullshit. Tiger said Oh shit, he could have killed someone. I hope he gets charged for that! And loses his license. Duh. Rich people need higher fines for speeding. He could have killed others. Tool Entitled is he? CancelTiger

umm thats not excessive speed And why is he not being charged with reckless driving? 8th irony Don't drive reckless people Otro ídolo de barro. Can’t afford a driver? No pun intended. Oops Racist speed limit. Bon soirée France , Bon soirée toutes les pays du monde et Bon soirée toutes des amis Take your medicine, man. Better you than some innocent who WASN’T driving like an asshole.

Rich people don’t have to obey the law Absolutely should be no surprise to anyone. City driver. Tiger should have used a driver. He hit the tree at a speed of 75 mph 😞