Tiger Woods Driving 83 MPH in a 45 Zone at Time of Crash, Speed Was Cause

#UPDATE: Tiger Woods Driving 83 MPH in a 45 Zone at Time of Crash, Speed Was Cause

4/7/2021 6:23:00 PM

UPDATE : Tiger Woods Driving 83 MPH in a 45 Zone at Time of Crash, Speed Was Cause

Tiger Woods' car crash was caused by excessive speed, but there may be more to the story that we may never know ... TMZ has learned.

We're told the SUV's black box shows Tiger actually accelerated at the time of the crash. We're also told that just as Tiger lost control the SUV actually gained speed.There's more ... law enforcement sources tell us, the Sheriff's Dept. did not get a warrant to check Tiger's cell phone to determine if he was on a call or texting at the time of the crash. Our sources say the Dept. felt it did not have probable cause to get a warrant for cell phone records, although that is often done in accident investigations.

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Play video contentSCENE OF THE WRECKAGEFox 11Our sources say Tiger hit his head 3 to 4 times on something hard in the cabin.As we previously reported, the Sheriff had saidTiger was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, although authorities never tried to get a warrant to draw blood. They say they did not have the necessary probable cause.

We're told there will beor citations issued against Tiger.As you know by now, Tiger was on his way to an L.A. golf course whenhis Genesis GV80 SUV down the side of a hill in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.Play video contentFIRST ON THE SCENETMZ.com Read more: TMZ »

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Yea now i dont feel bad at all, idc how famous he is, play stupid games and these are the consequences Wow 87mph is 140km here in Canada. Most of are highways have a max speed limit of 110km. He was flying. But no action taken against him because he is Tiger Woods. Something of a double standard. I think we all could've guessed this as we were being subjugated by live coverage of this on every single news network. There's still a deadly famine in Yemen. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Come on people — are you really that stupid ? No braking, no steering wheel deviation, 87 mph. He was passed out on drugs and lucky to be alive. If it was Joe Public, we would have been cited, blood drawn, and arrested !!! Money and fame pay off !!! How many chances is this fool going to get in life Nothin to see here folks....

So where's the careless/reckless tickets. Definitely fell asleep behind the wheel lookner lookner doesn't sound like a full investigation Didn't he speed the last time? Maybe Tiger Woods should give his back a rest and drive for NASCAR. CygnusiaFan Give him his speeding ticket and move on. Some of y’all in the comments are way too angry. Go outside and have some fresh air.

It would so nice to have that kind of money. Half my damn family would be free from all the illegal shot they've done too. Are we sure he didn't do it on purpose while completely sober? Sounds like a suicide attempt. I don’t feel sorry for him at all Sooooo this is new why you guys must really be bored today lol. Hey guys that guy was SPEEDING. We've never sped before in our LIVES

Just when he seemed to have rebuilt his image. He was on his way to 'get some' when he crashed! Brother couldn't handle the power of the twin turbo 3.5T monster under the hood of the GenesisUSA GV80. I bet TigerWoods crashed faster than StraightPipers say 'horsepower and torque' GenesisMotorsCA ...'How to ruin your life...a biography.' I remember when Tiger Woods could do no wrong.

Did he not get charged with reckless driving ? Let me guess... he still has a license Now it went down to 83 first it was 87 🤣 bruh just say you don't want to cover him. Just say that. Stop lyin I call BULLSHIT After a one car accident they would have drawn anyone’s blood to make sure what ever they have him at the hospital didn’t kill him 😷 Celebrity Justice😷 Just like in Jupiter accident it was mere weeks after back surgery 🤣

I thought speed was an upper, not a pain killer Right... you’ll say anything just to save face. So now we all know that he crashed his car because of excessive speed. Apparently the dude can't drive 55. Funny I just posted yesterday if people were still checking on Tiger Woods or if his story was relevant to people anymore.

Dangerous driving? Get well soon Tiger... Rolled his SUV down a hill...in a subdivision called Rolling Hills. Shit I do that everyday Rich Privilege The suicide rumors in here seem odd. Seems like an unreasonable and messy way to try to off yourself. If he was drinking then he’s lucky he only hurt himself and not someone else. That regret would be much worse than whatever he feels now...which once again should be lucky.

It's a bit rubbish that LASDHQ didn't blood-test TigerWoods for drugs or alcohol when he smashed up his car at high speed on an empty road in good weather. Especially considering his DUI history. Different rules for the rich and/or famous. Suicide attempt. Don't buy it. Think he was run off the road...

Let’s just wait and see if this is a career ending injury. I bet his legal team will be suing the city and county for billions markmywords I've been on that same road before. EVERYONE flies down that street. Maybe not 83mph but easily 70+mph on the regular If he was an O’fay Half of the O’fays on this comment thread would not even comment The thing those people are commenting.

Did they check his blood for mariwanna? It is a halogen and can make you see things in the road that cause you to swerve and crash just like this. Speed as in amphetamines? No special treatment but I call BS. No charges?!? WTF?!? MustBeNice. Here’s what that would look like for me. 1. Speeding. 2. Exhibition of speed 3. Careless driving 3. Reckless driving 4. Felony charges for 20 over the speed limit 5. Immediate jail time 6. Loss of license.

DugginsFred The result of when she says her parents aren’t home. His respect for the rules of the road parallels his respect for those of golf. Never understood by rich people don’t just hire drivers. Especially if you’re going to be zooted 24/7 on prescription pills. Nutjob. We’re you late for your photo shoot with Brees that you had to drive reckless?

did Tiger give permission to allow story told? Sometimes you just got to go fast to make your tee time Well DUH!!!! They wasted tax payers money to further investigate what everyone knew 🤔 GTFOH It could have been the display was in kph which is used in foreign vehicles and he thought he was doing the speed limit. I got a ticket doing that in an Audi, I thought I was going the speed limit, I was actually going 109 in a 55 MILES per hour.

Oh ok so driving like a fucking asshole Bro you're a billionaire, get a chauffeur or if you want to drive fast go rent a race track If this is true, it's nuts! I was born & raised near there, and you cannot go that fast in Rolling Hills w/o risking serious injury/death. I wouldn't even do 45. 😟 I bet my dad you would release this crap the week of The Masters. You serve the world of hate. Its WAS.

No tiger slander please. 🥱 glad everybody is ok Who cares?!? He hurt himself, no one else. And don’t come at me with “well it could have happened “ no, we don’t live life that way. It either happened or it didn’t. What about toxicology reports? Come on, that's racist.. I know white people that drive at lesser speed without having any accident.. Something's fishy here!

Interesting twist diidlake That man needs a driver, not the kind he hits his ball with either. He reckless 🤨 Are we sure it was caused by speed, not alcohol or cocaine? Didn't attempt to brake. Hit the accelerator. Does Tiger have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts? Tiger Woods was doing 104 MPH

Great advertising for the Genesis SUV that basically kept him from dying that day. For real he would have died if he was in a convertible sports car. 😳 Where I live that's wreck driving, wreckless endangerment and 1st thing BLOOD WOULD HAD BN DRAWN ON THE SCENE. He was messed up the day before at the golf game. Would had bn DUI.Celebrities get away with things though and most political leaders. Shame.

Please stay out of my neighborhood ....you should be arrested for not caring about others who may have been on that road. Obviously LASDHQ conveniently forgot to check Tiger Woods blood alcohol level at the scene of the crime. They didn’t want another OJ Simpson fiasco. Why do we need a press conference for this .. no fatalities , tiger ain't in a coma

The day before the masters? How convenient. Woods' 83 mph in 45 mph area known for crashes, injuries, fatalities. Not an accident. That's reckless driving - and - fault of LA DOT for not making + enforcing lower speed limit. judyfss lousav760 DannyHarris_TA NYC_SafeStreets GeorgeHappens HankMiller DroptheAword

The roads in CA are too smooth Wow. 83? Shame on u Tiger. U should’ve known better. Tiger Woods Just stop TMZ! Police said “he did nothing wrong “ so it’s a private matter!! I love Tiger for the excitement he brought to the game of golf.He had personal issues but don't we all.We just get to carry ours in private.The price of being famous is sometimes too much.

drugs.....don't me with questions....there are none Maybe he can use his money to get some driving lessons Why, just why? My kids live down the road from there, and we have traveled that area many times. The last thing you want to do is speed through there especially at 80+mph. What possible reason does anyone have for going that fast through there?

Those of us in the mental illness and recovery community can guess why because we've been there or watched others go through it. I just hope he gets the help he needs. People like Tiger think they can do whatever they want. This is how he’s lived his life. Ya don't say. he was driving fast? Youdon'tsay! Excellent journalistic work, TMZ!

First paragraph: the 'casual' factors or the 'causal' factors? Surprise surprise. No one really cares this much about the story Khj0609Kim Doesn’t matter everyone will turn a blind eye. Above the law if you’re a GOAT. bitches run fast DanWetzel why didnt they ever do a tox report for a guy with known issues?

Driving criminally fast to play the slowest game on earth. 🤔 TigerWoods Sure would be nice if you or I could get this kind of deference from the Police/Sheriff's Dept when we drive 83 in a 45 zone, wreck our car...not even a speeding ticket, no alcohol/drug test, etc. Would be niiiiiice! Villanueva is clearly Tiger's Bro🤙🏽

Now he'll get to suffer for the rest of his life from the injuries he sustained while driving like the arrogant jerk that he is. Not surprising, most roll over crashes are caused by to much speed, I'd guess Tiger Woods was thinking 'It can't happen to me.' DanWetzel ChrisTannehill When will everyone realize Tiger Woods is a piece of shit?

Will he get a ticket ? Atleast Tiger Woods is still alive. Positive. While the rest of you wanna talk trash. Negative. 🥱 don't worry. he's a celebrity, so like politicians he will get off without any penalties Speed? Recklessness. Negligence. Carelessness. He's very lucky he's rich and famous. The rest of us would be arrested for reckless driving and have our cell records and blood checked to see if they can tack on more charges.

Duh. gematriaeffect 83 mph, wild anyone who drives that stretch of road will tell you it's the norm to drive that fast there... not at all a surprise... He's very lucky to be alive. that’s typical in california Wtf. No wonder 🤔🤨 Gee ya think Yep confirms my day it happened opinion.... Homie was cashing it in had that feeling of I can't win like I use to, this all I know, it's all I've been I'm better off Dead

Ask anyone who lives nearby.. He was agitated and driving like a maniac. Good thing he didn't kill anyone else. U think You sure he didn’t have a passenger? Just speed, nothing in his system, nothing to see here everybody! Duh! 🙄 Boy is a sex attack,that morning wood what Tiger was trying to take care of,be in the book one day.

No charges That’s reckless operation. At the very least there should be a simple ticket issued for that. 👀 No surprise. So the Hyundai couldn't handle the 'G's'....Got it. Why doesn't everyone see the obvious. That this was an attempted suicide. He's admitted to having major bouts of depression in his past. The throttle reading was at 68% open. The steering wheel did not move more than +3° - -3° L/R of center. He did a 'Toonces' plain n simple.

I'm going to take the positive side at this. We need to raise the speed limit because cars are safer then they were in the 70's. Point proven by Tiger. You will survive an 84 MPH accident & rollover. adamcarolla That’s not even fast. Poor tiger Good, sometimes we don't need to know all the details. Stay in your lane TMZ!

This lil fella is Joshua Townsend, he was recently diagnosed with *Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia*—blood cancer. Joshua’s family needs help to cover his treatment costs. Please donate, share, read and retweet. Support baby Joshua’s fight to beat Leukemia. So what you’re saying is he was driving at normal speed ?

Love how they wouldn’t release that info until they had Tiger’s ok...what the fuck? So, are we getting all law breakers approvals before releasing info from police departments What a crock of shit! I hate famous people privilege Speeding, but no citation issued. No cell phone records checked. No blood drawn for drug or alcohol screening. All perfectly fair and normal 🤷🏻‍♀️

Who was chasing him? HELLO!!! 😳 Everyone who lives here knows that’s normal and aren’t surprised lol He’ll a driver on the course, but not so good on the road. Maybe time for a personal driver! He was running late for a meeting , wow , who on here has not done this , end of story ! lookner It’s PV what else would it be?!

Why can't they just say Dude went for a drive and decided driving down that road was a good time to take a snooze. Shitty Ass Hyundai, look like a Bentley feel like a Bentley but it ain’t a Bentley I’ve been down that hill a few thousand times as I used to live in Palos Verdes. I remember going down that hill the first two times in a car and being frightened because it was so steep and speed was important. I got a ticket for going 60 once and THAT was fast. 83 MPH? 😳😳

he should be banned from driving this cover up is a disgrace. does he have to hit a school bus before he's banned or charged? Last time he was charged he had 5 drugs in his body. This time they didnt even test him! Crazy smh he fell asleep No need to try and defame my man the day before the Masters. Some petty shit.

Uh- O