Tiffany Cross reacts to Megyn Kelly’s criticism of Naomi Osaka

Megyn Kelly accused Naomi Osaka of not being genuine when the tennis star appeared on the covers of multiple magazines after citing her mental health for pulling out of Wimbledon.

7/24/2021 8:44:00 PM

Tiffany Cross on Megyn Kelly: 'Kelly is really just trying to claw her way back into social relevance and into the hearts of Fox News viewers by regurgitating their favorite attacks, all while benefitting from the work that we do. We're quite used to it.'

Megyn Kelly accused Naomi Osaka of not being genuine when the tennis star appeared on the covers of multiple magazines after citing her mental health for pulling out of Wimbledon.

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TiffanyDCross Tiffany just slapped a senior citizen into another dimension without a single care for her white fragility 😂😂😂 TiffanyDCross Sit down be humble, sit down Mickey fickey be humble LOL love you sis TiffanyDCross Kelly can only gain ‘relevance’ by her provocateur behavior with empty, shallow pov. Unlike her female colleagues when at Fox, she choose to withhold evidence of conduct by Ailes and Co until she could monetize it in her book. Metoo indeed she’s not!

TiffanyDCross Considering Osaka just completely bombed, the timing of this tweet may not be so good. TiffanyDCross Megan Kelly is no news person. TiffanyDCross Scorched the abuser of kids Megyn Kelly with a powerful SMACKDOWN 🔥🔥🔥 TiffanyDCross She’s not wrong TiffanyDCross Damn. Cross got real the last 15 seconds.

TiffanyDCross Deplorable. TiffanyDCross MSNBC on the Left Fox on the right. Avoid them all, two sides, same coin TiffanyDCross

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Tiffany you're Really Getting on My Last Nerve. You were probably the loudest voice when Kelly Mentioned Black Face As A Child. News Flash! We All Tried it in 1950/60s. No Money For Costumes Thissssss 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 TiffanyDCross 66 year old white male here ... LOVE seeing you on my timeline .. keep speaking the truth please and I hope that America will one day TRULY be of the people, by the people, for the people. Thank you.

When I tell you this read was from the Gods TiffanyDCross 👏👏👏👏 BRAVO! Every news outlet and commercial will be African American get used to it we need to appease them CrossConnection Exactly. Love this. Perfect. Megyn Kelly is just awful. I was hoping when NBC fired her (obviously a horrible mistake in the first place) we'd never have to hear from her ever again.

CrossConnection Why hasn’t msnbc put CrossConnection TiffanyDCross on it’s app with the other shows so that we can watch previous episodes whenever we want? Can someone with connections fix this? We can increase viewers if you put the show in the app just like Morning_Joe thereidout Wooo Chal. TiffanyDCross to megynkelly’s attack on Naomi: it’s the “half her age, twice her intelligence” for the ace!!! Megyn is gonna need a burka, a veil, and a big summer hat to hide her face after TiffanyDCross LACED that blonde front of hers!!!

TiffanyDCross Bless you for this TiffanyDCross!!!

Kelly Ripa Just Dropped Huge Career News and Fans Will Be Shocked in the Best Way'Live With Kelly and Ryan' star Kelly Ripa announced she's releasing her first book in 2022 called 'Live Wire' that will detail her career, life with husband, Mark Consuelos, and more.

👏👏👏👏👏 TiffanyDCross That part 👆🏽, though I’ll add that her ClawBackToSocialRelevance may also have something to do with TheView’s upcoming vacancy. Great reminder of who megynkelly is, as kreativjen puts it… TiffanyDCross its amusing when someone as unknown and irrelevant as Cross accuses someone else of trying to be relevant...especially someone who is far more well-known and regarded than she is.

LeaBlackMiami Preach byegirl Burn!!! Megyn is trash. I’ve seen her interview people, I’ve heard her opinions. She’s a terrible “journalist” and a terrible personality. megynkelly The leftists and leftist media have been doing most of the false divisive attacks more then anyone not counting their day and night nonstop race card playing causing most of the division and unrest in the country

MeghanMarkle☝🏽 Kelly has always been pretty mouthy for someone who can't seem to hold down a job. Oh god, I love this. dam I love Tiffany

Machine Gun Kelly Seems to Slam Movie with Megan FoxFans think the rapper's subtweet was about 'Midnight in the Switchgrass.'

TiffanyDCross You got my follow after this amazing true bomb! Yes yes yes! Aww! She missed being a POS. So sad. TiffanyDCross Reason 2,000 why I LOVE me some Tiffany Cross!!! ❤️❤️The winner and still champion Tiffany Cross. TiffanyCross is a BOSS. megyn Kelly sit down somewhere. Your sheet is hanging.

TiffanyDCross Stop punching above your weight Honey.. you could go your whole career (a box msnbc needed to check) and still wouldn't be at MKs level. Facts are facts. I am extremely tired of people claiming to be traumatized by what others say. Just shows a lake of character and fortitude. Imagine how traumatized they are going to be when no one pays attention to them anymore and they are no longer the darlings of the media.

TiffanyDCross CrossConnection My favorite part of Tiffany's comment....'when it comes to us, sister, stop punching above your weight. You keep asking for smoke that you don't want.'

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R. Kelly Accused of Sexually Abusing Male Minor He Met at McDonald'sR. Kelly is accused of sexually abusing a boy he met at Mickey D's. I’m guessing he doesn’t discriminate Hmmmm... not the MO for him unless you'd a HO They throwing everything at this man 😭

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