Ticket Resale Companies to Pay $1.55 Million For Selling Tickets They Never Owned

Ticket resale companies to pay $1.55 million for selling tickets they never owned


Ticket resale companies to pay $1.55 million for selling tickets they never owned

New York Attorney General Letitia James has announced a $1.55 million settlement resolving a lawsuit against TicketNetwork, Ticket Galaxy and their owner Donald Vaccaro for misleading tens of thousands of customers into purchasing speculative tickets for concerts and other live events.

The settlement, which was announced on July 10, was revealed on the final day of Ticket Summit, a ticketing conference organized by TicketNetwork and ticket reseller DTI Management.

In addition, when Ticket Galaxy could not fulfill orders they misled consumers in effort to avoid admitting that they never owned the tickets. The NYAG explains that representatives from the company told complaining customers that they could not provide their tickets due to listing or technical errors or vague supplier issues, all of which were false claims.

The companies are also prohibited from misrepresenting the reason why purchased tickets were never actually available in the first place -- because the ticket reseller never had them in their possession.

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