Ticked-Off Florida Seniors Turn On Trump In Scathing CNN Segment: 'He Blew It'

Some Florida Republicans say they've had it with the president.

7/3/2020 11:50:00 AM

Some Florida Republicans say they've had it with the president.

Some Florida Republicans say they've had it with the president.

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Kudlow defends Trump's coronavirus executive actions against accusations they are ineffective

White House National Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

Trump says the virus pandemic is under control. That means it's killing our seniors in Florida exactly as planned. Time to Dump Trump. The death numbers are a lie. Infected numbers are too Ok , act on that , don’t just talk about it . There is nothing surer than Mr Trump will ruin your country for you, & the people around the world that like america . His actions clearly show he has ABSOLUTELY NO respect or care for the people’s of America . It’s ALL about him.

Ticked off? How the F do you think I feel cuz i didn’t vote for him. You voted for the same man he is today a charlatan, a con man, a snake oil salesman. What did you expect? Grrrrrrr Trump is a loser. He tries to act smart, but when he opens his mouth, the truth comes out. so many assholes in the US Remember 2008 thru 2016 they promised change! Well the change left all our pockets, taxes went thru the ceiling on income and everything we used, interest too high to borrow do you want this again, the LEFT is NUTS, period ... all of them !

Took them long enough I wish there was another Republican to vote for! Cut off your nose to spite your face has always proven to be an excellent strategy!! What did they expect? The man is a 100 % LOSER. A bad bet all the way. Putin to trump:”and tell me its yummy too” Is that what he does for putin? only took 130k dead SENIORS to realize this?

20,000 cases in two days !!! Do they even have fucking soap in Florida ? The more he talks, the more they walk. He's sinking his own ships, as sociopaths always do. Let's just hope it's not too late to repair this broken nation. Only some? Wow. It's 1 thing to have patience, another to have patience + no spine! We thought all of 'em would be fed up N say and do something to stop this deranged man we have as president. Republicans, after this you NEVER get to stay anything about veterans and soldiers.

I know I have. NotMyGOP 95% approval among Republicans. What are you talking about? They need to be done with the rest of the republican klan, as well, or nothing is going to change. bout Fin time Some Republicans? As we get close to November, more and more Republicans will bail so they can say 'it wasn't me'.

Fictional narratives..seriously sidetrack our individual and collective well being from the task at hand..surviving this viral contagion. We will be better served to move to higher ground..11.3.2020. 🌿🎯🦋 Please And so it begins. Bye bye Bunker Dumpster Donny! They should be more concerned with do nothing DuhSantis

Media are idiots Can't wait till that asshole loses in November Don't believe that shit. Live and learn. Can't trust a liar. Fake News Vive trump I see you're still trying to convince us that we want a child-groping, scandal ridden PERVERT-in-Chief, even though large crowds greet realDonaldTrump everywhere he goes & JoeBiden can't even fill a high school gym or speak coherently. RIP MockingbirdMedia! Trump2020 KAG

The photo that will give people nightmares No problem. I know tons of union people switching to Trump. This is the ugly fat face of the most Incredibly Stupid Human alive in the US. Americans are dying on a massive scale and Trump continues to lie and make false claims about COVID-19 being under control. Trump cannot fix US problems now and certainly won’t in another 4 years.

Yeah and 4 years Dems will have had enough of Biden if he’s elected, it’s all effed Bad The reason why is Trump's attacks on mail-in voting. Mail-in voting is exactly why the GOP dominates Florida the way it does. They use it to get insanely high turnout rates in the state for their voters and win elections, while being at a registration disadvantage.

Some? Guess the dead can’t vote. if they had any intelligence they would have never supported him in the first place. Bit slow on the uptake are we? Republicans have a choice at this point. They can stand up for America or go down in flames with Trump. Finally? Lmao mecwone So many pissed off at Trump ! Perhaps they would prosper by having a little, tiny look at some real scumbags right there in Florida. We won't name any names. Will we ? TEP

Impeachment was the time to choose... TRE45ON = GOP Yawn. More anti-Trump biased HuffPost BS excuse for real news. Trump is about 97% favored by the GOP base, seems reasonable that worthless RINOs (Rubio) hate Trump cause they can't weasel their way up to POTUS And? CNN huh? then its 100 %inaccurate

Florida's Miami-Dade County implements curfew to help fight rising virus casesJUST IN: Florida's Miami-Dade County imposes nightly curfew to try and slow the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the region. The announcement comes the same day that health officials reported more than 10,000 new cases statewide. Because covid only comes out after midnight Or maybe, just maybe wear a mask... and not go in large crowds. How many people will survive

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Swing state voters give Trump dismal marks as coronavirus cases spike, CNBC/Change Research poll findsTrump gets poor marks for his handling of the coronavirus in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. ChangePolls I call bs ChangePolls Yeah we believe you ChangePolls I’ve seen this before.. I can’t remember where

A Florida sheriff said he will deputize lawful gun owners if protests turn violentA Florida sheriff issued a strongly-worded warning to anyone who may be considering violently protesting in his county, saying he would 'deputize' the county's lawful gun owners for help. The problem is....they kill non-violent protesters. It's Law Enforcement that's lawless. And the term Law Enforcement really needs to be changed. They aren't lawyers/court/judge, yet they pronounce sentencing on the spot, including death sentence for many non-violent crimes. It's boogaloo time. I've been waiting to be given lawful permission to protect my country from these marxist antifa mobs. So, how about the protesters who are also lawful gun owners? This could get complicated...

It's a little late for Team Trump to complain about intel leaksIf National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien is outraged by leaks, perhaps he ought to take that up with his boss. MaddowBlog ❤😍 MaddowBlog When approved channels are removed (whistleblower) what should be expected? MaddowBlog Yes it is