Three protesters arrested outside Mayor Garcetti's home after alleged assault on police

Protesters calling to cancel rents arrested outside Mayor Garcetti's home

8/2/2020 6:55:00 AM

Protesters calling to cancel rents arrested outside Mayor Garcetti's home

Three people were taken into custody and two were cited Saturday afternoon outside the Windsor Square home of Mayor Eric Garcetti, where protesters converged to demand the mayor cancel rents, according to an LAPD spokesman.

Threepeople were taken into custody and two were cited Saturday afternoon outside the Windsor Square home of Mayor Eric Garcetti, where hundreds of protesters converged to demand the mayor cancel rents, according to an LAPD spokesman.Joshua Rubenstein of the Los Angeles Police Department said two people were arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer and a third was arrested on suspicion of trying to free an arrestee. In addition, two others were cited and released for being a “pedestrian in a roadway,” Rubenstein said.

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Rubenstein said that toward the end of a largely peaceful demonstration, some people continued to block parts of the roadway, “creating a hazardous situation,” and officers began to enforce traffic laws after warnings.“When one of the traffic violators was stopped and advised he was going to be cited, a battery on a police officer occurred and the violator was taken into custody,” Rubenstein said in a statement. “Other suspects became aware of the detention by the officers and attempted to surround the officers and additional assaults were committed against additional officers.”

AdvertisementProtesters at the Saturday event said that one of the people detained was a teenager who was dangling a doughnut on a string in front of officers. Ian Carr, an organizer with the progressive group Ground Game LA, said that officers grabbed and handled the teenager roughly after he ran backwards from them, then held the youth down in the back of a vehicle.

“People were screaming that he was epileptic,” said Jordan Blakeman, a protester who writes for the website Knock, which is affiliated with Ground Game LA. “He was absolutely being hurt, from the pitch of his screaming.”Protester Devon Young said she and her friends began filming what was happening to the teenager before being detained. Young said that one of her friends was beaten with batons and that at one point an officer knelt on her neck, leaving her vomiting afterward. They were loaded into a van with a third friend before Young was released with a citation, she said.

Young said that her two friends who were taken into custody were not violent toward officers. “I have it all on film — and the only thing I have is police brutalizing them,” she said.AdvertisementRubenstein said in his statement that assaults on officers “caused the response of additional officers to bring the situation under control.” The people who were detained were taken to the LAPD’s Olympic Station, Rubenstein said.

A Garcetti spokesman did not immediately provide comment Saturday on the demonstration or the arrests.The Saturday demonstration was the latest in astring of protestsoutside Garcetti’s home. Demonstrators with the People’s City Council, which includes activists from groups such as the Los Angeles Tenants Union, Ktown for All and NOlympics LA, toted banners and signs and brought mariachi musicians to play outside the mayoral residence, demanding that the city impose a blanket ban on evictions, cancel rents and commandeer hotels for homeless people.

During the protest, activists posted a “3-Day Notice to Cancel Rent or Quit” on a gate outside the home. At one point, demonstrators blocked a nearby stretch of Wilshire Boulevard, according to videos of the event posted on Twitter.AdvertisementTenant rights activists have urged city leaders to take additional action to prevent people from losing their apartments and sliding into homelessness, fearing a

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as expanded unemployment benefits expire. The state court system is considering lifting its emergency restrictions on processing eviction cases later this month. Read more: Los Angeles Times »


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DefundThePolice ProsecuteKillerCops JackieLaceyMustGo PeoplesBudgetLA CareNotCops FuckGarcetti FireChiefMoore HomesNotZones CancelRent BlackLivesMatter GettyHouse HancockPark LosAngeles Garcetti needs to fucking leave town. AnnCoulter If Biden2020ToSaveAmerica wins Democrats can expect alot more of this. Republicans will be laughing

AnnCoulter With that energy-sucking, carbon-spewing home, is Garcetti one of the dupes who has swallowed and pimped the thoroughly debunked and discredited 'global warming' HOAX? AnnCoulter The govt cannot change private party contracts. And the landlord still has his mortgage and taxes to pay on the property. Are people this stupid?!

AnnCoulter Lol I guess protest aren’t ok if it happens to the masters. I agree with protesting st his house, just not for the tired old leftist BS AnnCoulter Landlords need the rents for their business financial obligations. Are they supposed to borrow money to pay their bills? mid_rangeJay AnnCoulter Is this the LA Mayor's official residence? I thought Eric Garcetti had built a house on a hill, with rain water recapture and other feel-good stuff that damages nature, not saves it.

He applauds peaceful protests except in front of his house ! Cancel rent? Maybe colleges should start requiring basic economic classes so people understand what cancelling rent would do to the building owners and the economy. AnnCoulter Real 'Peaceful Protesters' in front of Mayor's house are arrested; violent ( 'peaceful protesters'), destroying, burning & looting properties cannot be arrested in the opinion of the MSM! Double standard

The mayor doesn't have power to cancel rent? Landlords have to pay the mortgage to the bank. Start protesting the federal government to cancel mortgage payments since they bailed out the banks years ago. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ MayorOfLA Way to “re-imagine public safety”. Clearly you still don’t get it. Thanks for wasting my tax dollars protecting a gate you don’t even pay for

Didn't everyone get an extra 600 a week if they lost their jobs? Why wasn't rent paid? AnnCoulter Protesting at peoples home’s is bullish!t It’s just domestic terrorism and intimidation He doesn't care he has his rent money AnnCoulter L a mayor is living in Getty oil two families house 🏡 who is left wingers sugar daddy for newsom spreading c 19

What? Why are they not allowed to peacefully protest at that location? Nice house for a dictator. How does the rest of LA live? AnnCoulter Location 😃 Location Location. BLM has put The Mark of Cain on Garcetti now. As the Left consumes its own, pandering moral midgets like Garcetti are too easily fed to the mob. And the idiot lefty mayors of the world are just starting to realize this.

So Garcetti had his Democrat supporters arrested? Oh no, now their brother and sisters will burn the city again AnnCoulter The defunded police responded? Shame on them AnnCoulter Just move in with Garcetti. Cancel the police. Problem solved. (Do it Peacefully) How come these guys get arrested and legitimate GangStalkers dispensing ChemicalWeapons are roaming around freely? SantaMonicaPD LAPDChiefMoore MayorOfLA FBILosAngeles TheJusticeDept DNI_Ratcliffe DHSgov NSAGov 🆘 BradleyCongress AGBecerra LAcrimes RichardGrenell 🆘

AnnCoulter Try canceling your property taxes. County will seize your place in about three weeks. Arrested? For what? Exercising their first amendment rights? alexdatig I’m sorry, wut? 231 businesses just in Santa Monica alone, burned, looted and robbed and they arrest them in front of HIS house? F This tax evader.

So you can loot, destroy and burn down businesses in Los Angeles and not get arrested but protest in front of the Mayor's house..... At least he’s living large. Let them charges stick and give them the maximum penalty. Liberal double standard. 'Cancel rents'.... you signed a contract.... the people who own the building have to pay property taxes.... you're not going to be squatting rent free. Maybe protection from eviction? But no.... you don't get to live somewhere for free. Times are hard.... but you can't have it

Good. Can't cancel rent until you offer a mortgage forgiveness package. reality is Garcetti has his hands tied with corporate interest rather then citizens. don't be shocked or alarmed. Police dept in the nation are funded heavily by big oil and other corporations under 'private police foundations'. industry groups designated as non-profit.

AnnCoulter God fights for us. Storm coming to Florida tear up their houses of smart ass office jerks who won’t do AC or provide medicine for Covid to prisoners. AnnCoulter like always, if it affects a democrat leader, then the 'protesters' get arrested, otherwise, they are peaceful and causing no harm

AnnCoulter Standing in a roadway after being told to move by police not peaceful Resisting arrest not peaceful. Trying to break a arrestee from police not peaceful they will learn sooner or later takes this generation a little longer lead in the water maybe. AnnCoulter Why? Why weren't they allowed to burn the house down like the mayor allowed them to burn and loot private businesses?

AnnCoulter Can’t handle the heat...... AnnCoulter Prison is rent free! TuckerCarlson The Mayor is such a weasel. AnnCoulter Tigers eat their young🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ AnnCoulter Garcetti gets tax payer funded home and rents his personal home for $5000 a month Getty House belongs to the people of Los Angeles NOT the pampered princeling currently squatting there. CancelRent EvictGarcetti

It’s all fun and games till you disturb their sleep Arrest by who? I thought police are defunded RitaPanahi AnnCoulter Harassing anyone but the mayor. AnnCoulter OMG MayorOfLA had peaceful protestors arrested at his house? Horrible. That's right it is a no-bail state so they are let go. Were they any of the 18,000 criminals just released?

AnnCoulter Well Isn't he special AnnCoulter What about Newsome's Multi-million dollar ranch? AnnCoulter How about demanding the MayorOfLA let LA go back to work, not free rent We know personal responsibility, we know masks work (they keep telling us that anyway) He doesn’t follow science...he follows political whims. Riot - good! Damage Business - Good! Open Business - Bad!

So wht the mayor gifted him a new home 😀😀 Garcetti had peaceful protestors arrested! Imagine thinking a mayor could do anything about real estate ownership. Well at least they're protesting for something worthy rather than a 3 letter gimmick. Our Mayor is a chickenshit. You should see the video of the overkill but truly dickless display of a wall of cops 'defending' our poor widdle Mayor from the People... Absolutely ridiculous.

Good. What a bunch of dumbasses. Cancel rent? Let's just give every person $1 million a year! That's just as realistic. These people are a special kind of stupid. Not surprising some of these morons were indoctrinated at Leftist universities. Is that a gate I see? Interesting . . . Comes down to your landlord

Cancel debt with China too while we’re at it. Now they have to pay rent and bail 🤦‍♂️ Mayor lives rent free

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