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Three of the Four Famous (White) Chrises Are at It Again

Three of the Four Famous (White) Chrises Are at It Again

6/20/2021 4:33:00 PM

Three of the Four Famous (White) Chrises Are at It Again

Chris Hemsworth is trolling Chris Evans by saying he's Chris Pratt , but WHERE IS CHRIS PINE?

not? I’d like to turn my attention to the missing Chris in this equation,Chris Pine,who has intelligently (and handsomely) distanced himself from the other Chrises. Even though I think he has done so because he’s off doing other things, I’d like to think that he is relishing

Man Can Already See Difference In Body After Just One Week Of Starting To Decompose Liz Cheney creates a new challenge for House GOP leaders Signs Your Significant Other Might Be Cheating On You

his position as Jezebel’s Best White Chris and has been since 2017, when he won the title. Maybe he’s thinking about his participation in the lastWonder Womanmovie or lifting weights or oiling his triceps. Whatever he’s doing, I hope he’s happy.Anyway, happy birthday to Chris Evans, not pictured in the photo above. You are

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Unrecognizable stray dog that went viral gets storybook ending - CNN Video

A neglected dog that was so hairy he was unrecognizable gets adopted. Jeanne Moos reports on the hairiest dog finding a forever home.


Gwyneth Paltrow says she thinks of ex-husband Chris Martin as 'my brother'Gwyneth Paltrow Says She Thinks Of Ex-Husband Chris Martin As 'My Brother' (via Fox411) Fox411 Fox411 I'd like to conscienciously uncouple from having read this tweet. Fox411 creepy

Inside Chris Harrison’s Shocking Downfall as ‘The Bachelor’ Host — and a $9 Million Payout (EXCLUSIVE)On Feb. 9, everything changed for Chris Harrison. The affable, controversy-free host of “The Bachelor” sat down with former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay on “Extra.” When asked a simple questi… This was entirely overdone. Isn't 10 million dollars a significant eight figure payout? People in this country homeless and starving can't believe he even gets paid for such a stupid show. ABC help the homeless feed the hungry

Chris Hemsworth, Else Pataky Headed For Divorce After He's Spotted With Another Woman, According To ReportDoes Chris Hemsworth have a wandering eye and possible marriage probs on the horizon? His wife might not be happy with him after he was spotted with Australian super model Cheyenne Tozzi. 👀

Chris Cuomo Dragged After Challenging Critic to 'Name One' Example of Him Showing BiasTwitter had a field day with their grievances against the CNN host (via toofab) TooFab We’re always outraged TooFab THIS is ChrisCuomo ⬇️ {Entitled fake-tough bully} TooFab FREDO !! Time to go fishing

2-year-old killed, three others injured in two shootings on Detroit freewaysA 2-year-old was killed and three others — including a 9-year-old — were wounded in two separate shootings on freeways in Detroit on Thursday night, according to Michigan State Police. 👥👥👥 👥😟 👥 Compasiune. . Thoughts and prayers. Sorry that’s all I got anymore. Nothing will ever change. More guns. ITS OUR RIGHTS FROM AN OLD DOCUMENT THAT DOESNT PERTAIN TO TODAYS WORKD

Three weeks after a mass shooting, San Jose leaders unanimously pass new gun lawSan Jose passed a law requiring retailers to videotape all gun purchases. Mayor Sam Liccardo says it’s an effort to “crack down on straw purchasing,” when someone buys a gun for another person who is legally ineligible to buy one. That's a start but without compulsory Background check's it's not going to make a lot of difference , as for Texas where Gov Abbott made it easier to buy Gun's , I think every time a nut goes mad with a Gun the family of the Victims should Sue Gov Abbott as he's responsible . How about arresting and prosecuting anyone with an illegal gun to minimum 5 years 🙏🏻PLEASE LOOK INTO JAN 6TH ATTACK NEED TO FIND OUT WHO SUPPORTED, FUNDED 👉🏻INSTIGATED ATTACK ON CAPITOL ✅INDITE & CONVICT & JAIL ANYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED 🛑WHITE SUPREMACY & DOMESTIC TERRORISM INFECTS OUR COUNTRY & OUR GOVERNMENT NEED TO PROTECT DEMOCRACY & AMERICAN PEOPLE