Three dead, at least 10 wounded in mass shooting on South Street, Philadelphia police say

6/5/2022 8:17:00 AM

Police report t

Daily News | Multiple people shot on South Street, according to Philadelphia police

Police report t

Keep reading by creating a free.PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- At least 13 people were shot, and two of them were killed, after a mass shooting late Saturday night on South Street in Philadelphia.threats toward employees and said he would shoot.The thieves, she says, cared only about themselves, not the pain and suffering they've caused her.

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13 people shot, 2 dead, after gunfire erupts on South Street in PhiladelphiaSouth Street shooting: The victims were rushed to three different hospitals in the city. Two of the 13 victims were dead on arrival. Latest: Krasnerland…. So sad 😞

Man arrested at South Carolina Walmart after threatening to shootA man reportedly acting strange inside a Walmart in Orangeburg, South Carolina, was arrested Wednesday morning after making threats toward employees and saying he was going to shoot, authorities said. What makes u become a MAGA? 1) Hate public schools & paying taxes 2)Want to pollute the environment for $. Love guns 3) Anti-abortionist 4) Belief If it does not look like me, think like me, or believe like me it cannot be! What makes u a Democrat? 1) Not believing the above These people have to be prosecuted to the max. And the max must be raised. It's not a whim or a joke. It's life and death.

LGBTQ Community Rallies Around Beloved Street Vendor Whose Truck Was StolenIt was two weeks ago when Roselia Milagro Rosales Hill says she lost everything. you could at least link to the gofundme

Villanueva campaign event at Olvera Street ends abruptly after protesters shout down sheriffLos Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva abruptly ended a campaign appearance at Olvera Street in downtown L.A. on after being shouted down by protesters. The communities with the least amount of crime don't have the most cops. Let me guess. They're white. The sheriff's support in the surrounding neighborhood isn't short of banners and other yard posters.

Mercedes-AMG One will not be street-legal in the United StatesMercedes-AMG announced that the One will not be street-legal in America due to emissions-related concerns, though there are other ways to register it.

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