Thousands Of New Jobs Are Being Created In Response To The Coronavirus

Thousands of new jobs are being created in response to the coronavirus

3/30/2020 6:58:00 AM

Thousands of new jobs are being created in response to the coronavirus

LinkedIn took a deep dive into determining which sectors are aggressively hiring.

to address growing demand due to the coronavirus. Dollar Tree will hire 25,000 workers and Dominos and Kroger plan on increasing their staff by 10,000 people.The news of hiring is encouraging. As Amazon, Walmart and Instacart enthusiastically hire, it may soak up the large number of people who have lost their jobs at shopping malls, airlines, hotels and restaurants.

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Nevertheless, there are some concerns. Outside of the tech sector, there hasn’t been a number of corporations saying that they are hiring white-collar, college-educated professionals with 10 to 20-plus years of experience. There are also antitrust matters to consider. The dominant players, such as Amazon, are swiftly crushing its smaller rivals—specifically those who depend on physical shopping locations. 

We also have to worry about the wealth gap growing even wider. The hiring looks like a barbell. On one side, you have all of the warehouse, shelf-stocker, forklift operator type of workers. On the other side, are the highly compensated tech engineers, coders and executives. Healthcare falls into this camp too. You have the higher-end physicians and surgeons and the lower-paid medical assistants. Before this gap widens any further, attention should be paid to how the new post-coronavirus economy and job market will take shape. 

It's good news that Walmart, Kroger and CVS are planning to hire, but we need to think about the future. A lot of the purchasing at the grocery stores and pharmacies is panic induced. Worries about disruption of the supply chain—causing empty shelves—has motivated people to stock up on food and toilet paper. Once we return to a semblance of normality, this initial rush may die down. The armies of workers won’t be needed any longer. We may then end up with a good portion of the people who were hired in March and April being laid off in the summertime.

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That's a great response already 👌 TLDR unless you work in the health industry, tech, online retail, and grocery store you’re SCREWED We'll pursue all those jobs like never before.. EarthTopNews As soon as this thing is over so will the jobs

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