Thousands in Bahamas struggle to find work after Dorian

Jobs are scarce, savings are running low and money is barely trickling in. Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas worry they will be forced into deep poverty.


Jobs are scarce, savings are running low and money is barely trickling in. Hurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas worry they will be forced into deep poverty.

FREEPORT, Bahamas (AP) — Jobs are scarce, savings are running low and money is barely trickling in. As survivors of Hurricane Dorian enter week three of post-storm life, many in the...

“People say, ‘You’re going to be all right,’ but those are mere words,” said Edna Gelin, who was the manager of a natural hair store in Freeport on Grand Bahama island that has been closed since being badly damaged by the storm. “It’s going to be bad because a lot of businesses were destroyed.”

Carl Swann, an IT technician from Abaco, recently typed up his resume on his cellphone after hearing about several job leads in the capital, Nassau: assistant engineer, security guard and electronic salesman. However, he hasn’t secured any interviews yet and worries about his finances because he has nowhere to go and has been staying at a hotel for two weeks.

“That will be a big relief,” Labor Minister Dion Foulkes recently told reporters. “We’d like to stabilize as many families as we can as quick as possible.”

“We’ll be busy right straight through,” he said. “Just a little pushin’ to clear the road.”

“I have no money. That’s why we have to be in lines like these,” he said. “We’re wondering where our next meal is coming from.”

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So what about home insurance? I know it's a nightmare but surely some had it. 'Jobs are scarce' = The 2 pics in this article are people working jobs created by the hurricane..... Abandon the islands or build to cat 5 standards. No help from eh USA in the Age of MAGA for countries of POC Jobs? That place is demolished. There are rising questions about investing in areas that are always at risk of this. We cannot control nature. In my county if your riverfront property is destroyed it cannot be rebuilt. People were getting relief over and over again.

😢 They have every reason to be worried. The Bahamian Government cannot handle a disaster of this magnitude and have not asked for help. Next will come corruption Betcha they recover faster then Puerto Rico

Dorian forces Bahamas to find new schools for 10,000 displaced studentsBahamian education officials are scrambling to find classroom space for up to 10... KellyannePolls Great opportunity for the President to show his Humanistic side- 1. Offer Busing and 2 accept school vouchers from the Bahamian Gov.

There’s plenty of neighboring islands Construction should be good.

A tropical storm is likely to form soon near the Bahamas islands that Dorian ravagedA storm system is poised to hit the same northern Bahamian islands that Hurricane Dorian ravaged earlier this month -- and it may be a tropical storm when it does so. Ouch Thumberto visits Mar-a-lagos

Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is expected to hit the Bahamas islands slammed by Hurricane DorianA brewing storm system is posing a new threat to the northern islands of the Bahamas hit hard by Hurricane Dorian, and meteorologists say it could likely become a tropical storm over the weekend. Thank you VERY much 🤪 There is a new model, is called the presidential model realDonaldTrump , they use sharpies to trace the lines. Very ineffective but NOAA NOAA truly believe in it.

Bahamas, ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, brace for second hit as tropical storm approachesThe U.S. National Weather Service issued an advisory Thursday, less than two weeks after Dorian, warning of tropical storm conditions by late Friday. According to Trump, I guess they better make sure they save their passports through this if they want shelter in the states. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Potential Tropical Storm Humberto bringing wind, rain to Bahamas, Florida just after Hurricane DorianFortunately, the storm is not forecasted to create storm surges, which can be one of the deadliest parts of a tropical storm or hurricane. TRUMP Is my Weatherman......what does he say? Looks like it might hit Alabama. I understand that it may go as far west as Oklahoma. Trump is getting out his trusty sharpie!

Justin Timberlake, Tiger Woods & Hitco's Charles Goldstuck Team for Bahamas Hurricane Dorian Relief FundJustin Timberlake, Tiger Woods, veteran music industry executive Charles Goldstuck and more are partnering to support the Bahamas with a relief fund pledging at least $12 million to the beleaguered island nation. thats amazing 3 NewShit BBNaija

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