Thousands Crowd in Front of Supreme Court to Watch the Gutting of Abortion Rights

Thousands Crowd in Front of Supreme Court to Watch the Gutting of Abortion Rights

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12/2/2021 5:03:00 PM

Thousands Crowd in Front of Supreme Court to Watch the Gutting of Abortion Rights

The case before the Supreme Court could spell the end of legal abortion, leaving some in glee.

PhotoCaitlin CruzAdvertisementFrancine Tansey, 71, came all the way from Los Angeles. It was the second time in recent years she’d come to D.C. to be a part of a social justice protest. Most recently, she’d been arrested at the Senate building. Those hearings upset her, but attending

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Dobbswas essential to who she is.I wanted to talk to her because of the handwritten red shirt she was wearing. “2 Abortions (1 Illegal & I lived to tell about it!) and the other. Thank you ppl.”Her first abortion was in 1972 and the second one was 1975. She’s one of the people who understood how much danger was mitigated when

Roewas decided in 1973. “I was young at those two times and took a big risk the first time when it wasn’t legal,” Tansey said. “I was misdiagnosed by a doctor the second time.”She knew her body “like a clock” but the doctor kept denying she was pregnant until finally cementing the diagnosis at 13 weeks. By then it was too late for her to receive care at Kaiser Health, a hospital system in California. She went to the Planned Parenthood affiliate instead. “It was all fine. I’m here because every woman has a right to make that choice,” she told Jezebel. “It’s healthcare. You get to choose whether you have various procedures or various treatments. You get to choose whether you have a child at some point.”

Advertisement“Doesn’t this say it all?” Tansey told me, gesturing to the back of her shirt. “But if we don’t speak up, we’re gonna lose it.”COVID-19 (and even the breaking news of a new variant) wasn’t going to keep Julie Jenkins from D.C. I met her, as away from the crowds of people as you could get on Wednesday morning — standing in a crosswalk so maybe we could finally hear each other. Jenkins traveled from New Hampshire because as an abortion provider, it was critical to be here.

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Her step-father had provided abortions and she wanted to provide abortions, too. But Jenkins isn’t a doctor. She’s a nurse practitioners who provided abortions in California. But when she moved back to her home state of Maine in 2011, she couldn’t. The law only allowed doctors, despite the WHO and ACOG recognize advance practice clinicians (APCs) as professionally capable of providing abortions if properly trained. After her experience in California, Jenkins couldn’t go back, couldn’t take turning away patients who she knew she could help.

So in 2017, she became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit to challenge the Maine law that allowed only physicians to perform abortions. Eventually the law became moot because the legislature took up the issue,to include nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other medical professionals. Now, she works with Advanced Practice Clinician Cluster of the Reproductive Health Access Network to expand the type of medical professionals trained to provide abortion care.

Advertisement“I decided to come, committed to COVID precautions, because I felt this was an incredibly important moment,” the 48 year old told Jezebel. “I didn’t make it down for the Louisiana case and I had signed an amicus brief for this. This is such a seminal moment for abortion rights.”

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With every new person I talked to, the noise from the anti-abortion protesters side just seemed to get louder. Some pro-abortion activists described to me how police madethemmove to not cause a scene, giving the antis more space to yell obscenities at people demanding full autonomy.

“I don’t think people realize how critical this moment is,” she said.Jenkins andhave the same birth year. This might be last year that both Jenkins and

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Takeaways from the historic Supreme Court arguments on abortion rightsThe Supreme Court heard oral arguments on one of its most important cases in decades and considered the future of abortion rights in America. Here's what to know from a dramatic day in court. The POWER of WOMEN is an AWESOME thing! Ironically the GOP members of the Supreme Court may bring down this whole disgusting republican house of cards.

Supreme Court conservatives suggest Roe's days are numbered.MaddowBlog: Is the Supreme Court prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade? Republican-appointed justices seem ready to answer in ways reproductive rights advocates won't like. MaddowBlog To embrace murder in the womb is not a civil right. This is not 1973 when women were forced to keep their children. Medical advances today confirm that 15 weeks that fetus is full developed. Regardless of that we hear silly arguments about pro choice or pro life. Murder is Murder MaddowBlog There’s an answer Biden must assign more justices to save democracy MaddowBlog It’s toast

Democrats And Abortion Rights Leaders React To Supreme Court ArgumentsThe justices appeared primed to overturn Roe v. Wade. How is an unborn baby a women's body up until the third trimester? What makes it an unborn human then compared to a week earlier? Anyone who is surprised at this has not been paying attention for the last 25+ years. Conservatives have wanted to “put women back in their place” since the day the 19th Amendment was ratified. They’re just getting started. Next week: contraceptives. You’ve been warned. SCOTUS

The Most Sinister Argument of Today’s Supreme Court HearingWill the court survive this? Will our democracy survive this? That’s how big, how terrifying the implications of this decision are I hope both of them own very pointy coffee tables

Supreme Court conservatives appear willing to gut abortion rightsConservative U.S. Supreme Court justices on Wednesday signaled a willingness to dramatically curtail abortion rights in America and perhaps overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that legalized the procedure nationwide as they indicated they would uphold a restrictive Republican-backed Mississippi law. It's not about 15 weeks it's about women also having unalienable rights that include Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness. When men who created the Constitution let States own people it was immoral & it turned out to be disastrous. It's past time to let women own their bodies 1 rights dont have 'timelines' 2 womans right enshrined in liberty 3 states can't infringe on the peoples rights. Judge Roberts is a real republican, the other ones are culties....

Why two young women traveled far to protest outside Supreme CourtTwo women were among more than a thousand people who descended upon the nation's high court on Wednesday as it heard a historic abortion case.