This Wildly Popular Dance of the ’00s Is Back With Bad Bunny

It’s a TikTok challenge waiting to happen.


12/6/2021 8:22:00 PM

The 'Macarena' makes a comeback alongside spring 2022's most exciting collections with the VogueMacarena. Here, enjoy a visual feast of Y2K-minded clothing featuring top models and Bad Bunny, of course. Watch the full video here:

It’s a TikTok challenge waiting to happen.

.Before there were TikTok dances, there was the “Macarena.” It played at every school dance, Bar Mitzvah, graduation, and birthday in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Released in 1996, it spent over 14 weeks on the top 100 and has remained in our hearts ever since. While it has become a slightly nostalgic household name alongside The Hustle or The Electric Slide, there’s an argument to be made that the Macarena has never felt more now. It’s a blueprint to what makes a viral TikTok: a delicious earworm tune accompanied by an easy-to-remember dance. In

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Vogue’slatest spring 2022 collections video, the song makes a comeback, scoring a visual feast of Y2K-minded clothing featuring top models and Bad Bunny.In its original iteration, the “Macarena” is a flirtatious song, with lyrics like “they can’t have me/So they all come and dance beside me.” The music video shows a bevy of babes in the era’s fab fashions, along with the two original singers, Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruiz Perdigones of the group Los Del Rio. The hip-shaking ladies are in itty-bitty booty shorts, go-go boots, slick suits, and all-things midriff-revealing. Slice and dice it, and it could easily live on TikTok. “I feel like the Macarena ties more culturally to the TikTok dance trend phenomenon,” says the video director’s Bardia Zeinali. “The video has a lot of grids and a slot machine effect that is vertical.”

The-ified version delivers all of the goods butau courant,courtesy of stylist Jorden Bickham. Imaan Hammam sports a thimble-sized metallic skirt and glittering halter top from Versace. Paloma Elsesser shakes her hips in a cut-out lime green Coperni top and a pleated Collina Strada tennis skirt. Oyinda rocks a denim off-the-shoulder dress with a bold butterfly belt by Blumarine—aka the darling ’00s brand of now. Sherry Shi lip syncs in a glitzy top and baggy pants by Stella McCartney, along with Apple Airpods Max. Bad Bunny is a heartthrob as he grooves in a shiny lime green Bottega Veneta jacket and pants, and his own signature shades courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

The Macarena remake coincides with the early aughts frenzy in fashion. Bellies are becoming barer. Pants are dangerously low-slung. Tops are tighter. Colors are blindingly bright and prints are kaleidoscopic. Fashion has become a perpetual party of maximalist nostalgia, and TikTok is a great medium to showcase it. Besides, doing the Macarena sounds like the perfect challenge to show off your best, sauciest clothes.

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Directed: Bardia ZeinaliDirector of Photography: Chayse Irvin, ASC, CSCEditor: Will Town at Modern Post

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INTERESTING It was bad then, it's bad now. And NOT the good bad, either. no no no Trash 🗑 Macarena was mid-90’s, though… 🤢 I love that song Y Hii Hello ! I think this is very funny and a bit pointless also ! Then it is widely acknowledged for sure that twenty years after a trend, the trend comes back to fashion… Thank you for your great publications stream, Vogue ! All the best, Tim ❤️😇🦄💋

The models 😍

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1995 Biggest shit as song, no matter who sings it. Que guapo mi rey Que guapo! DescargarBot Wtf !!! Don’t touch the Macarena Badbuny ElisaOlguin4 1919Adrian1919 aquí lo vieron primero AAleafeon

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